CBD for Dogs

Even seasoned users of CBD products may be surprised to hear that there is a growing market of CBD products for dogs! They usually come in CBD tinctures or CBD-infused dog treats and are used to treat anxiety, hyperactivity, and even seizures. It is a great all-natural option for pet owners who have tried traditional treatment with either no effect or intolerable side-effects.
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How to Choose CBD For Dogs
CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are an ideal method of dosing your dog with CBD. The consumable oil can be placed on a treat or dropped onto food, making it easy for them to eat it. The dropper also allows for precision dosing for those seeking a regular CBD regimen. One of the most popular methods for treating dogs because it is simply one of the easiest methods for regularly dosing your dogs with CBD. A great place to start if you are treating your dog for the first time.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats are another easy option for your dogs. They are essentially edibles made for dogs and come in a wide variety of brands and flavors. There are some treats targeted at different ailments. For example, Honest Paws has several different kinds of CBD dog treats, but infuse one with Omega fatty acids to help treat dry skin in addition to applying the benefits of CBD. Take your time shopping and find the perfect treat that will help treat exactly what your dog is struggling with!

CBD Dosage for Dogs

As with CBD products meant for human consumption, CBD products for dogs come in a variety of dosage strengths. However, a primary difference you will find is that the dosage is generally far less than what you would otherwise see. The dosage can also vary depending on the brand purchased. Dosage is chosen based on how strong you need treatment to be. Also, CBD dog products will almost always be CBD-isolates, as dogs are extremely sensitive to even trace amounts of THC.

CBD For Dogs is CBD For Other Animals Too

CBD products are not just for dogs, either! Cats can take advantage of the anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD, helping treat arthritis pain and other inflammatory disorders. Early research has also shown that CBD may help suppress seizures in both cats and dogs. Most livestock, horses, and even rabbits can benefit from the calming, pain-relieving effects of CBD. We always recommend consulting with a CBD-friendly veterinarian before beginning a regular regimen of CBD dosage on any pets.

CBD for Dogs FAQ
What is CBD For Dogs?

CBD for dogs is simply CBD products made with the intention of canine consumption. Generally, this means that the CBD dosage is smaller, the products will almost always be CBD isolates, and the edibles will be CBD infused dog treats as opposed to human snacks. Dogs (as well as cats, rabbits, and livestock like cows and goats) take CBD for a variety of reasons. It can help manage anxiety, increase appetite for pets or animals that need to put on weight, and may even help treat dogs and cats that suffer from seizures. CBD is a great option if you want an all-natural treatment to avoid harsh side-effects or have had little to no success with traditional treatment.

How to Use CBD For Dogs and Other Animals?

There are several ways that you can administer CBD to your dogs or other pets. The most common and easiest way is to procure a CBD tincture and drop CBD in the food of your pet. The dropper allows for precise dosage and the flavor is generally mild enough that it will not be noticed by pets. CBD infused treats are also widely available if you do not like the idea of regularly measuring and dosing a tincture. For particularly stubborn or picky pets, you can also drop CBD tincture directly into their mouths, though this is a good way to waste CBD oil and should only be used if other options fail.

Is CBD Safe For Dogs?

Absolutely. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of your pet in similar ways as it does with your own and does not produce any kind of danger for them. Over-dosing may cause sedation (just like it can with humans), so be sure to start dosage low and work your way up as needed. If using a tincture, the delivery oil is important to note, as some oils may cause gastric distress in dogs or cats. You should always buy from a reputable retailer to ensure that your CBD product is in fact pure CBD and not tainted with other endocannabinoids or unlisted impurities.

CBD For Dogs VS CBD For Humans

There are slight differences in CBD products for dogs and humans, which is why you should always make sure that dogs take products intended for dogs, and humans take products intended for humans. Humans can choose between CBD isolates or full-spectrum CBD products (research has shown that full-spectrum CBD may provide more potent pain-relieving effects in humans). However, these products contain trace amounts of THC, which should never be administered to dogs. Dogs are very sensitive to THC, even in trace amounts, and its intoxicating effects can last for days. Their health will be fine, but you should never cause that kind of distress on a dog. Pure CBD isolate products only for your furry friends!

FAQ Continued
What are the Benefits of CBD for Dogs?

Though research is still relatively early in discovering the full extent of the canine benefits of CBD, the preliminary findings are promising. As in humans, CBD can help manage pain in dogs, especially older dogs suffering from inflammatory disorders like arthritis. And, just like in humans again, CBD can help manage anxiety disorders that cause behavioral problems in dogs. Research has also suggested that CBD can help treat seizures in dogs, which is especially promising given the extremely harsh side-effects of traditional seizure medication. The benefits of CBD in dogs align very closely with the benefits of CBD in humans, so consider treating your pet with the same care you treat yourself!

Where Can I Buy CBD For Dogs or Other Animals?

CBD is derived from hemp, which was recently made legal in the 2018 Farm Bill. Since then, CBD products have been to sprout up all over the place, but it is extremely important you do not give human CBD products to dogs. Though common, CBD for dogs is a little harder to find, but can still be found in most vape shops, dedicated CBD retailers, and online retailers. If you want to be sure that the quality of CBD you buy is guaranteed, online is frequently the easiest way to tap into a reputable store. Here at nyvapeshopcbd.com, not only do we guarantee quality, but also always provide free shipping. Happy shopping for your furry friends.