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Portability & precision are the hallmarks of Davinci Vaporizers. For all your dry herb vaping needs, you cannot go wrong with a Davinci! Optimized for the best dry herb vaping experience, you will only find top quality vaporizers, grinders, & accessories here at NYVapeShop! With guaranteed satisfaction on every single product, we always offer FREE shipping within the US, and DISCREET delivery on every order!

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How to Choose the Best DaVinci Vaporizer

Like the name suggests, you will find only intelligent design with a DaVinci Vaporizer. Specifically made for dry herb material, DaVinci Vaporizers is known for their high-end vapes being the top quality that money can buy. For the vaping connoisseur that chooses a full flavor profile in every hit, there are a few choices to pick from with DaVinci. The best vaporizer will always come down to a matter of individual choice, as all DaVinci Vaporizers are known for their efficiency.

Types of DaVinci Vaporizers

Despite the fact that DaVinci specializes in dry herb vapes, there is a variety of devices to choose from with an assortment of resourceful accessories. From adapters, battery & car chargers, to kits that allow for your favorite concentrates, DaVinci Vaporizers has a device fit to suit your needs. High class & conveniently portable, these vape pens are hardy & reliable when it comes to quality. We will be exploring the options of the many efficient models available to determine the best fit for your lifestyle.

DaVinci Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Other Dry Herb Vaporizers

If quality & reliability are paramount during vaping sessions, then you will find a DaVinci to be your new go-to device. What makes this brand stand out from the rest is their commitment in one specialty, which happens to be dry herbs. Instead of a jack-of-all-trades but master of none approach, DaVinci Vaporizers understands connoisseur quality, purity, and that vaping the entire plant is the safest & most effective means of consuming herbal essence. While other brands may use cheap materials to build their devices, DaVinci Vapes stand by their high-expectations name with an innovative approach.

Dry Herb Vaping vs Wax and Oil Vaping

While it is certainly true that wax & oil remain the stronger concentrates in terms of feeling medicinal effects, one cannot discount the fact that other essential components are actually missing from the final product. DaVinci Vaporizers believes that the synergy created by incorporating the entire plant in its natural state contributes to the overall experience, therefore completing the intentions of nature. Terpenes & precious oils are altered and otherwise taken out of the final product which can deter not only flavor, but effects that are much more calming or soothing. All in all, it is simply a matter of preference.

About DaVinci Vaporizers

An innovative company that caters to true vaping connoisseurs, the simplicity in their designs are matched only by the efficiency of their devices. Top quality creations that preserve nature’s intentions of providing a healing experience is the sole purpose of DaVinci Vape Pens. To incorporate herbs in their natural state as the main method of consumption is a great way to introduce the concept of vaping to beginners. By offering a healthy alternative over conventional smoking methods, DaVinci remains dedicated to providing the vaping community with pure vaping products.

Types of DaVinci Vaporizers

Even though DaVinci is committed to providing vapers with a dry herb concept, some devices are also capable of incorporating the use of concentrates through dosage pods. Units like the IQ2 are able to make use of concentrates such as oils & wax. Though all of these are meant to make the most of your dry herb material, keeping up with the times is not out of reach for a company that specializes in one modality. We can look at the different devices and their uses.

DaVinci IQ

Ceramic airpaths & precision temperature control are the hallmarks of this herbal vaporizer. A USB charging cable for the replaceable 18650 battery means vaping on the go has never been easier! 1.5 hours of continuous usage gives users an experience that can be extended by simply swapping out the battery. Tailoring your vaping sessions has never been more simplified with 4 preset temperature settings and 3 different functional modes, such as Smart Path mode, Precision mode, and Boost mode. An advanced vape, the IQ is also Bluetooth compatible with an app, giving you more control than ever before!


The smallest & most discreet unit offered by DaVinci Vaporizers, the MIQRO packs a punch at just over 3 inches in length! Like the IQ, the MIQRO uses an all ceramic airpath for the purest hits that maximize flavor. Precision temperature controls come in 3 convenient options, with the same type of removable battery found in the IQ. The oven pearl attached to the lid packs down your herbs within the chamber to ensure optimal heating. This feature can also be customized to use up to 50% less material by extending the pearl!

DaVinci IQ2

All the features that made the IQ popular now comes in a device that can also vape your favorite concentrates! The IQ2 is the most advanced unit from DaVinci, made for the true vaping connoisseur. No metal or plastics ever come close to your vaping material, making this the purest portable vaping experience that money can buy. The innovative dosage control feature within the unit can track how much potency you draw in with every hit & session through the app. A truly unique & resourceful vaping device, the IQ2 is the definition of top quality.

DaVinci Ascent

An all glass airpath with ceramic bowl makes this vape a versatile unit capable of dry herbs & oil concentrates. With 2 rechargeable batteries, the Ascent can give continuous usage for 3+ hours, making this great for groups & extended sessions. Sleek & stylish, the Ascent can heat up to a temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you total control over your vaping experience. The digital display gives users an accurate showing of battery life & temperature control, making this unit a superior vaping device without breaking the bank.

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