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DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer

The MIQRO portable vaporizer by DaVinci is another great product by this company. The design offers some of the best vaping experiences from the controls to how the vapor flows from chamber to mouthpiece.

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  • Product Details

    Important Note about the Davinci MIQRO

    The MIQRO has been discontinued. Davinci made some upgrades and launched a new vaporizer called the MIQRO-C vaporizer.

    DaVinci Miqro Vape kit includes

    • DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer
    • Carry Can
    • Glove
    • Grinder Card
    • 2x 18350 900 mah battery
    • Extended Mouthpiece
    • USB Cable
    • Packing Tool
    • Cleaning Swabs
    • Pearl Post
    • Pearl Gasket
    • Mouthpiece Gasket
    • Carry Case
    • Owners Manual

    MIQRO Vaporizer Details

    • Dry Herb Vaporizer
    • 33% Smaller than the Davinci IQ 
    • Adjustable Heating chamber size 
    • Power Boost Mode
    • Smart Path Technology 
    • Precision Temperature Control 
    • Removable / Rechargeable 18350 Battery 
    • Zirconium Ceramic Vapor Path
    • Built-in packing tool
    • 5 Year Warranty 
  • User Manual

    How to use the MIQRO Vaporizer

    Below we take you through the steps to start vaping with the MIQRO. Continue reading through the steps to find out other information like checking battery life, going into stealth mode and more.

      1. Fill Heating Chamber - Open the lid at the bottom of the vape and load the dry herbs, packing them in somewhat tightly, but not too tight. Also make sure to use herbs that have been through an herb grinder. Dense little nugs do not work well.
      2. Turning the unit on - Press the power button 5 times quickly in a row and the MIQRO will power on and be in Smart Path Mode. To switch modes, click the power button once, or click it 5 times quickly to turn it off.
      3. Adjusting the temperature - Use the up/down buttons to change smart paths or temperature, depending on the set mode.
      4. Smart Path Mode - The MIQRO features 4 Smart Heating Paths that offer a range of unique vaporizer experiences. Switch between Smart Paths by pressing up or down while in Smart Path Mode.
      5. Precision aka Normal Heat Mode - If in Smart Path Mode, press the power button once to give yourself full control over the temperature. Just adjust up and down and the vaporizer will heat or cool to that temperature you have set. When the set temperature is reached the vape will vibrate.
      6. Boost Mode - If you want to really rip the vape just press and hold the power button and the heating chamber will heat to the highest temperature and remain there. Release the button to engage standby mode which will stop the heating allowing the vape to cool. After 2 minutes if you do not operate the vape it will shut down.
      7. Stealth Mode - This mode is for discretion and when you engage the lights on the display screen will appear more dim than usual. To engage, click the Control and Down Buttons at the same time. To adjust back up to full brightness, press the Control and Up Buttons at the same time.
      8. Temperature Display Options - To toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, click all 3 buttons on the vape at once. The MIQRO will remember your selection for going forward.
      9. Checking Battery Life - Press the Up and Down Buttons at the same time to check the amount of battery life still left. When only 10% battery life is remaining, the MIQRO will vibrate.
      10. Factory Reset - If you want to reset all settings back to the factory settings, press and hold all 3 buttons for 10 seconds.

    Charging the MIQRO Vaporizer

    • While the battery is still in the unit, use the provided USB cable to charge. The MIQRO is equipped with pass through charging, so you can use the vape while it is charging.
    • Charge Time - 90 Minutes
    • You can also opt to charge the 18650 battery separate from the vaporizer with an external charger. Charge time for that is anywhere from 60-120 minutes.

    MIQRO Vape Kit Accessories Explained

      1. Pearl aka zirconium insulating spacer - Increases vapor density by allowing the chamber to be decreased by up to 40% when turning the Pearl counterclockwise to your desired level. This is best for when you do not want to pack the chamber fully.
      2. Removable Vapor Path - The vapor path, made from zirconium is removable for easy cleaning or replacing. It is important to have a clear vapor path or it can become difficult to take a pull.
      3. Interchangeable Mouthpieces - Use a flat mouthpiece for discreet vaping. Use the extended mouthpiece for a slightly cooler vapor hit or to attach a water accessory.

    Cleaning the MIQRO Vaporizer

    • To keep the MIQRO performing as best as possible, and to maintain the best flavor possible, we recommend that all areas which come in contact with the vapor be cleaned regularly. All removable parts can be disassembled and soaked in rubbing alcohol which cleans things pretty quickly. Do not use alcohol on non-removable parts such as the vape itself or the batteries. Nothing electronic should come near the alcohol.
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