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Eleaf iCare Flask Vape Kit
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How to Choose the Best ELeaf Product

Eleaf has been continued to prove themselves a vaping industry leader who produces high-quality, compact, and portable vape products that are designed to exclusively vaporize e-liquids. A commonality between all Eleaf products is their ergonomic design and affordability. This is an optimal brand for those looking to get into vaping and seasoned veterans alike. In order to meet the needs of multiple customers Eleaf has built a wide range of vaporizers that can fit all kinds of lifestyles and personal preferences. Choosing the perfect Eleaf vaporizer is a matter of personal preference and will greatly depend on what you are looking to get out of a vaporizer.

Eleaf E-Liquid Vaporizer

As we discussed in the section above, Eleaf designs their vaporizers for e-liquids instead of things like wax concentrates and dry herbs. Perhaps one day we will see an Eleaf dry herb vaporizer but right now Eleaf’s bread and butter is e-liquids aka oils or vape juice. Finding the right Eleaf vaporizer can be a bit tricky since there are so many on offer at Eleaf making it all a little daunting. For one, Eleaf has multiple models within a certain vaporizer line — the iStick series for example. The details and features will change as you look at different vapes within the same line. For example, the base iStick may only come in a certain set of colors while the iStick MIX has an entirely different set of colors to choose from. Other factors like battery capacity, max wattage, and atomizer compatibility can also change. To clarify things a bit we have listed a few of the different Eleaf product lines below and discuss some of the standout models within each line.

Types of Eleaf Products

One major plus with Eleaf is that they have such a diverse range of products to meet the needs of most users. Due to such diversity choosing an Eleaf product might seem a bit daunting at first. Do not fret however, there is one commonality across Eleaf’s vape pen product line — there are multiple models within each series of vaporizer. Finding the best Eleaf product line will be determined by personal preference as always. For example, the iCare line has increased portability and a unique design but may have lower overall battery power. There is always a trade off when it comes to these vaporizers. Below we will discuss a few of the product lines that stand out and what makes them different.

Eleaf iStick

The Eleaf iStick series boasts a wide range of portable vaporizers that are designed to provide a smooth, hassle-free vaping experience. When shopping around the iStick line there are a few things to keep in mind — battery power, shape, display screens, and etc. will vary greatly between each unit within this product line. To take an example, the iStick Basic is considered to be the starter vaporizer for this line. The iStick Basic has a powerful 2300mAh battery capped at 30W and boasts a magnetic connector for all compatible 510 thread and eGo atomizers. There are other cool features like a sleek e-liquid level window which allows you to easily see when you need to fill the vaporizer up. In comparison to the iStick Basic, the iStick Amnis 2 is equally compact but has less battery capacity at 1100mAh. The capped wattage for the Amnis 2 is 23w and users can cycle between five different wattage presets instead of having full variable control. Ultimately, choosing the right iStick model will be a matter of preference and may take a little research.

Eleaf iCare

Designed to be the ultimate starter vaporizer, the iCare series is incredibly compact and does away with a lot of the features associated with box mods. In comparison to the iStick, the iCare product line is perfect for those looking to get a vaporizer that is super easy to use and does not require swapping out of batteries. All models across the iCare line are charged via USB and can be refilled in a matter of seconds. The standard iCare has a 15W battery and auto draw making buttons a thing of the past. For something a little more unique the iCare flask has the same portability but with a unique look. The iCare Flask uses a standard 510 thread and boasts a 520mAh battery making it powerful enough to meet most needs. This product line is fantastic for those looking to have maximum portability and just enough power.

Eleaf iJust

The Eleaf iJust series should be the go-to for anyone looking to get their hands on a solid, highly compact, and powerful pen vaporizer. This series starts with the iJust basic which has a 1300mAh battery, button firing mechanism, and adjustable airflow ports. Like most other Eleaf products the iJust basic uses a 510 thread for atomizers. A few steps up from the iJust Basic is the iJust Pro 3 which has variable wattage control and a 3000 mAh battery capacity. Going with a more advanced unit like the Pro 3 is optimal for those looking to get bigger clouds and more overall power but still want the shape of a vape pen. Regardless of your choice, the iJust line is arguable one of the best places to start when it comes to vaping.

Eleaf iPower

A box mod vape at its finest — the iPower line is going to be the best choice for those wanting a box mod that has high power capacity, variable settings, and the ability to create massive clouds. The iPower series is obviously going to be a bit more bulky and hands on in comparison to the more beginner friend models like the iJust or iCare. That being said, the iPower line has all of the power once could need coming in at 5000mAh and an 80w max with the base model. These vaporizers are build friendly and will be compatible with any 510 thread atomizer. A great choice for any collection.

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