Gandalf Pipes

A type of hand pipe — the Gandalf pipe has a longer stem with a shallow but deep bowl. The longer stems gives the user a better view of their bowl when smoking with a unique aesthetic to boot. We offer Gandalf pipes in a WIDE selection of colors, materials, and sizes for your smoking needs! NYVapeShop is your go-to for all vaping and smoking products! Shop with us now for FREE shipping on all U.S. orders and discreet packaging for your items!

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How to Choose the Best Gandalf Pipe

The ultimate Lord of the Rings Gandalf smoking pipes are popular among Tolkien fans and others looking for a wizardry pipe. Gandalf smoking pipes have a long stem and deep bowl like the iconic pipe Gandalf uses in Lord of the Rings. You can find wooden Gandalf pipes, glass, and even silicone gandalf pips that come in a variety of sizes. Keep reading for a breakdown on how to choose the best pipe.

Types of Gandalf Pipes

Gandalf pipes are homogenous in that they all have a long stem and deep bowl but they can vary quite a bit. Traditional Gandalf pipes are made of wood, but Gandalf glass pipes are very popular too. You can also find silicone gandalf pipes, and in either case, they all can be found in varying lengths. A wooden Gandalf pipe is usually a traditional wood color scheme, but glass and silicone gandalfs come in a variety of cool color options.

Gandalf Pipe Materials

Traditional Gandalf pipes are wooden, and this is the best choice if you are looking for a true wizard pipe. Glass gandalf pipes offer the clean taste of glass and cool color options. These may also come in more artistic designs as glass can be blown to any shape. Recently, silicone has become a popular material for all types of pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. Silicone pipes are ultra durable and usually have a glass bowl.

Gandalf Pipe Sizes

While Gandalf’s pipe was just over 13”, Gandalf-style pipes usually vary from about 8 to 14” in stem length. Although, we have even seen some as long as two feet. The best length depends on your personal preference. A shorter pipe is easier to use, but the long pipes are definitely cooler!

Gandalf Pipes vs Glass Spoon Pipes

Gandalf pipes are definitely a cool novelty pipe but probably are not the most convenient or efficient. Glass spoon pipes are designed for smoking dry herbs and usually have a carburetor which helps clear the smoke from the stem at the end of a hit. While some glass Gandalf pipes have a carburetor, most pipes do not. If you are buying your first pipe and want something convenient, easy to use and efficient, a glass spoon pipe is a solid choice but if you are looking for a cool novelty pipe, a Gandalf pipe is a great addition to your smoking quiver.

Types of Gandalf Pipes

There are many variations on the traditional Gandalf smoking pipe. From wooden to glass gandalf pipes, below we list some different types of Gandalf pipes and the features of each one.

Gandalf Glass Pipes

Gandalf glass pipes have long been a favorite for dry herb connoisseurs. They offer great taste and can be cleaned easily. Additionally, Gandalf glass pipes can be blown in artistic ways and offer all sorts of color options. You can get rasta-colored pipes, other cool patterns and even color changing pipes that develop colors as you use them.

Wood Gandalf Pipes

These are the most traditional, the true Lord of the Rings wooden Gandalf pipe. They can vary in quality and length. Fine wooden gandalf pipes could last a lifetime and vary from around 8 - 14 inches in stem length, some even longer. Shorter wooden Gandalf pipes are easier to use and more convenient for travel. However, a longer pipe makes a unique gift for a Lord of the Rings fan!

Silicone Gandalf Pipes

Silicone pipes, bongs and dab rigs have become very popular in recent years. Silicone Gandalf pipes are durable and easy to clean. Furthermore, silicone Gandalfs come in all sorts of colors. Most silicone Gandalf smoking pipes have a glass bowl to maximize flavor and avoid having direct contact between flame and silicone.

Unique Gandalf Pipes

A Gandalf smoking pipe is unique, but there are different color and shape designs that can make them even more unique. You can even get a local glass blower to make you a custom Gandalf glass pipe that is just right for you. We will warn you that this could come with a steep price tag.

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