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How to Choose the Best CCELL Vape

Another revolutionary brand engineered towards the high-end market for the latest in vaping technology, CCELL steps beyond the boundaries to provide truly unique & inspiring products for the vaping community. Choosing the best vape from CCELL depends on what your preferences are. Dedicated towards the oil concentrate market, choosing the right vape is easy when the company you are looking to buy from has a reputation for excellence!

Types of CCELL Vapes

With an assortment of high quality vape pens and handheld minis, the type of vape you ultimately choose will be a matter of personal preference. Each vape is made with the best quality standards that have made CCELL a reliable & trusted brand name. Every model of vaporizer is designed to work with a specialized pod or cartridge. While other brands make every vaporizer possible to appease a mass market, CCELL specializes in one vaping modality, making them experts in the field.

CCELL vs Other Brands

It is no secret that other brands within the vape market produce products that encompass the realm of all vaping methods, though what makes some of them fall short is the fact that they create their products for the sake of turning a profit only. What distinguishes CCELL from the rest is their dedication to high quality standards which shows in their products. They set the bar very high in order to create the very best for their market. CCELL is a name you can trust within the industry.

CCELL’s Specialty

If vaping oil is your thing, then CCELL is your brand! Many will say no other company comes close to providing you with the best oil vapes on the market specifically made just for vaping oils. Whether in cartridges or pods, CCELL specializes in one vaping modality, which is the vaporization of oil concentrates. Their technology is geared specifically towards the perfect temperatures & materials to maximize the oil vaping experience. CCELL believes every vaping session should be made for those who are serious about their vaping methods, and oil concentrates are some of the strongest materials to vape!


With 12 years of expertise within the field of vaporization methods, CCELL is a worldwide innovator & pioneer leading the vaporization movement towards perfection. By creating high quality products, CCELL stands by their name brand & employs over ten thousand people over a combined 24.7 acres of land! Their advanced vaping technology utilizes only ceramic heating elements to ensure only the best flavor profiles are implemented in every unit of their product lines. CCELL’s vision is to create a world class leading vaporization platform for the community.

Types of CCELL Vapes

Whether you want something that is akin to the standard aesthetic model of classic vape pen, or an innovative & stealthy handheld model that only CCELL can produce, the type of vape you choose will undoubtedly be your next favorite go to! All are made for your favorite oil concentrates, with each vape being able to handle different viscosity in your oils. What you choose will depend on your individual style.


Like the name suggests, the Palm literally fits into the palm of your hand! A simple yet elegant design, the Palm is made to vape your favorite oil concentrates discreetly & effortlessly. Unlike other mini devices, the Palm is made by one of the most trusted names in the vaping world. Coming in the standard 510 thread, the Palm is activated once you take in your first draw. Designed to provide 250+ puffs, this little unit sure packs a punch!

CCELL Cartridges

Made for some of your favorite CCELL vapes, the cartridges feature some of the best classics like the TH2 with a ceramic mouthpiece. Other pods are made to fit with some of the newer models, which makes for a versatile selection in personal preference. Certain cartridges like the M6T use revolutionary ceramic heating elements to create massive clouds of vapor with the maximum flavor profile. No matter what you choose as a cartridge, using them with your favorite CCELL vape will always be a winning combination.


Another handheld powerhouse made for those looking to vape on the go, the Silo is engineered for maximum output with a button free mechanism. Simply inhale when you are ready for a hit, and the Silo goes to work providing you with the best draws for a smooth & flavorful vaping session. With the standard 510 threading, you will be hard pressed to find any difficulty in using your vape as your new favorite go to. The Silo is also ergonomic & symmetrical, making it one of the best vapes on the market.


Hailing from the Aquarius series of vape from CCELL, the Dart is the first pod system with revolutionary ceramic heating elements. Another inhale activated vape, the design is a full grip ergonomic design for the palm of your hand. Robust & pocket sized, the Dart can generate over 210+ puffs after every charge. One of the most reliable & hardy little vaporizers, the Dart is a favorite among those who favor a pod style mechanism for their vapes.


A lovely design for a classic vape pen, the M3 is built with a stainless steel housing and is also activated by simply drawing in your breath. No more hassles with buttons, just draw in and enjoy. With a standard 510 threading, the M3 will quickly become your new favorite oil pen for your vape sessions. With great capacity and a high performance, the M3 remains one of the most popular models offered by CCELL. Come see why the M3 is rated as one of the best among oil vapers in the community!

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