Glass Spoon Pipes

The glass spoon pipe is a classic in every sense of the word. We offer high-quality glass spoon pipes in a HUGE selection of sizes, unique designs, and color combinations. Whether you are looking for a glass piece that stands out or is more low profile, NYVapeShop has what you are looking for. Shop around our store now to receive FREE shipping on all U.S. orders! No worries, we have you covered with our standard discreet packaging too!

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How to Choose the Best Glass Spoon Pipe

Glass spoon pipes have long been a favorite for smoking dry herbs. They are simple, easy to use and convenient to carry with you. Most glass spoon pipes are colorful or have color changing glass that develops as you use them. There are different sizes of glass spoon smoking pipes but otherwise they are all fairly similar in design. We want to make sure you find the best glasspipe for your needs.

Types of Glass Spoon Pipes

Glass spoon pipes are of course all made of glass and are the shape of a spoon so they mostly vary in color design and size. You can find these pipes in all different color schemes and some have color changing glass. This glass develops beautiful patterns as the pipe is used. Glass spoon smoking pipes can be small one hitters or mini pipes that fit within a palm or they can get up to about eight inches in length. Longer pipes usually have larger ‘party’ bowls as well.

Sizes of Glass Spoon Pipes

You can find small glass spoon smoking pipes that are only two to three inches long. These usually hold one to five pulls depending on the size of the wide bowl and the size of your hits. You can find these pipes in all increments of length up to about eight inches. Small glass spoon pipes are perfect to take with you on a walk or on the golf course. Larger spoon pipes are better for using at home with friends.

Glass Spoon Pipe Features

Most glass spoon smoking pipes have beautiful color patterns or color changing glass. Almost all glass spoon smoking pipes have a carburetor. This is a small hole on the side of the bowl that regulates airflow. You cover the hole while you light the bowl, generating smoke and then let air in to ‘clear’ the smoke from the stem.

Glass Spoon Pipes vs Bubblers

Glass spoon pipes are an old time favorite and are super convenient. Bubblers can actually be used without water just like a spoon smoking pipe so they are often just as convenient to carry around. However, bubblers are not always as durable as spoon pipes. Most bubblers are filled with water through the bowl and the bowl has a built-in downstem to filter the smoke through a small reservoir of water below the bowl. This provides a similar water filtration system like a water pipe but in a handheld pipe.

Types of Glass Spoon Pipes

While glass spoon pipes do not have a lot of variation, we will outline some key differences between them. This should help you find the best glass spoon smoking pipe.

One Hitter Glass Spoon Pipes

These are the smallest glass spoon pipes. The bowl sizes on these are about the same as a small glass chillum but still the shape of a spoon pipe and you get . One hitter spoon smoking pipes may or may not have a carburetor as it is not really necessary on a pipe with such a short stem.

Chameleon Color Changing Glass Spoon Pipes

Color changing glass is really popular in spoon pipes. When you buy a pipe with color changing glass, it looks mostly clear, with some streaks of color. As the pipe is heated and used, the color spreads and builds into beautiful patterns. You can clean these pipes just like any other glass pipe or bong.

Themed Glass Spoon smoking Pipes

Some glass spoon smoking pipes may have a color or animal features that matches a theme. For example, you can find rasta themed glass spoon pipes. You might also find a glass spoon pipe themed after your favorite movie or TV show. The Elephant Glass Pipe is very popular as are the octopus chillum pipes plus others.

Custom Glass Spoon Pipes

Many glass spoon pipes are hand blown and this means it is possible to get custom designs. Of course, any hand-blown pipe is one of a kind but if you can order one straight from a local artist, they may be able to design something special just for you.

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