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Dragonfly Glass Pipes - with Swarovski Crystal eyes

Amazing glass pipes with a REAL dragonfly electroformed with the most amazing colors. This glass spoon by Cherry Glass is a piece of art made for smoking with the mission to give bugs a second life as art.

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  • Product Details

    Dragonfly Glass Pipe Includes

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    • 1 Dragonfly Glass Spoon Pipe by Cherry Glass

    Dragonfly Glass Pipe Details

    • Artist / Glass Blower: Hand blown, American made by Cherry Glass out of Northern Minnesota
    • Pipe Design: features a once-living Dragonfly that has been electroformed to the pipe for a second chance at life in the form of art.
    • BONUS info: A Dragonfly's life span is only 7 months on average - it now lives forever through this piece!
    • Real Dragonfly includes real Swarovski Crystal Eyes
    • Artistic Clock electroformed and set to 4:20 on bowl head
    • Bowl Head Size: 1-5/8 inches height. Large bowl for very sizeable herb packings
    • Length: 5.5 inches long
    • Width at the widest point from bowl head to mouthpiece: 2-1/8 inches, huge airway space for massive hits
    • Conveniently placed Carb Hole