Dr. Dabber Overview & Vape Reviews


With a name like Dr. Dabber, you are sure to receive more than just a novelty product! In fact, Dr. Dabber is committed to providing the vaping industry with truly innovative and award-winning devices. Customer satisfaction has always been their number one goal. As a prominent company with many novel concepts, Dr. Dabber has been around since 2013 with a goal to come up with the world’s finest vaporizer. Specializing in convenient portable vapes, Dr. Dabber creates products that are stylish enough to use anywhere, yet stealthy enough to keep a low profile.


Dr. Dabber offers many vapes. From slim dab pens to sophisticated electrical dab rigs, their product line hosts a unique collection of top-quality vaping devices for the modern user. A broad selection means Dr. Dabber focuses on their name brand production line without all the hype that accompanies other brands.

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

With over 150 uses on just a single charge, no other vaporizer on the market comes close to what the Switch can do. This vape truly is in a league of its own! As their main claim to fame, the Switch vaporizer is their pride & joy. Capable of vaping both dry herb & oil concentrates, the Switch is aptly named for its ability to alternate when required. Patent pending induction heating technology allows the device to heat to the best target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time, roughly 4 seconds depending on the temperature setting.


Dr. Dabber Ghost

No electric or scorched flavor here, only pure, smooth draws with a rich flavor profile. Sleek, stylish, and totally discreet, the Ghost lives up to its name by being an inconspicuous piece of high-quality vaping technology. The original low heat vape pen for maximizing flavor on all oil & wax concentrates, the Ghost utilizes Titanium Technology to heat up your material to the optimum setting, instead of burning it up on contact. This is their best portable dab pen that will be your next go to vape for all your travel sessions.

Dr. Dabber Light

Designed for those who want to highlight their privacy without compromising on flavor or efficiency, the Light is the answer for those wishing to vape on the go. Considered to be the compact version of the Ghost, the Light packs the same punch as it utilizes Titanium Technology to create a low-temperature vaping experience. If you thought the Ghost was slim & sleek, you have not yet tried the Light which is even more compact & discreet.


Dr. Dabber Aurora

A three click variable heat setting customizes your session for big flavor, big clouds, or the happy medium in the middle. With a clog free ceramic fluted mouthpiece, the Aurora is designed for maximum performance. Another great concept from Dr. Dabber, the Aurora is a lovely vape pen with options for dual quartz heating rods, dual ceramic heating rods, and an atomizer ceramic halo. The difference in these depends on what material you can vape, making this a versatile little pen for all your concentrates.


Dr. Dabber Boost

Utilizing a water percolator, this vape is designed to trap heat inside the glass for a safe & enjoyable experience. With the Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig, you have the option of using either a titanium nail, ceramic or quartz nail. This is a top quality, versatile electric dab rig by Dr. Dabber! Presented as the world’s first portable battery powered dab rig for oils & concentrates, employing a dab nail much like what you would see in traditional glass dab rig setups, the Boost is the next generation of e-rigs the world over!


While vaporizing remains an ever growing and popular means of consuming wax concentrates, there are still questions that pop up from time to time on the ins & outs of these types of vaporizers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Dr. Dabber vapes:


While any reputable head shop or vape shop that carries vaping products will undoubtedly carry the latest models of vapes, you can also shop online from the convenience of your own home by browsing our Dr. Dabber product line right here at the Online NY Vape Shop!


When it comes to your own individual needs & wants, the vaporizer you choose will be the best one for you. Every vape is designed to fit your own unique style, so choosing the one that is right for your own personal preferences will be the way to gauge what is best for you. These electric dab rigs are convenient & highly efficient, with an ergonomic design to ensure you will have a comfortable experience every time. These dab pens are made to maximize your vaping sessions by providing the latest in vaping technology. They are all exceptional vapes!


Temperature adjustment is a rather easy & straightforward process with any Dr. Dabber vape. Having simplified the feature to offer preset heating options, you can be sure that the setting you choose will vape to the perfect temperature without the hassle of having to guess which temperature to set your device at. Depending on your device, you will want to either have your material preloaded and ready to go, such as with any vape pen, or have the heat setting ready to go in advance by choosing your option and waiting a mere 4 seconds to heat up, such as with the Switch. As with any other dab rig, you will apply your wax only after the desired temperature has been reached.



Like any other high-quality dab rig or vape pen on the market, the loading process is easy & simple on this vape pen , no matter which one you choose. For a dab rig like the Switch, simply load your wax concentrates onto the nail once the appropriate temperature is reached, which is about 4 seconds! If you are using dry herbs, simply load them into the Switch before heating up the unit. Preloading your dab pens in advance is just as easy. Just load them up and vape away to heart’s content!


When you consider the innovative technology that is put forth with their product line to provide unique devices with cutting edge technology, you have vapes that are iconic, versatile, practical, and highly efficient. If those are not reasons to consider investing your money in this vape, then you would be hard pressed to find a device that will top that. No other company is as unique in their products. It is worth the time & money to look into getting your next vape from this great company!


Once your unit is indicative of a charge, just plug in the unit to the USB cable that came with your vape and simply plug it into a wall outlet. It really is that simple! You will have a high-quality device that will inform you that your unit is due for a charge, at which point you can simply charge your unit without having to wait too long (1 hour or less!) before your next session with a fully charged vaporizer. Whether it is a dab rig or dab pen, the charging process is all the same.


For a device like the Switch, you will first want to determine if you will be vaping dry herb or oil concentrates. For dry herbs you can attach the appropriate adapter to accommodate your dry herbs, and then simply load the chamber. Heat up to your desired temperature and then proceed to vape. With oil concentrates you will first want to have the appropriate adapter and then heat up your unit. Once the device is heated up you can then proceed to load it and vape the same way you would with any other dab rig. The best part? No torches! You can switch easily between vape materials, hence the name Switch. These dab pens are just as easy to use, by simply preloading the pens and then vaping at the push of a button.


Taking care of your vape is paramount to ensuring the long-term integrity of your vaporization unit. You will ideally wish to clean the device after every use to prevent build up from collecting along the unit. This will not only enhance flavor with every session but will also maintain the life of the vape for years to come. Just gently wipe down the inside of your Switch after using dry herbs to remove any leftover pieces that may have been left behind. Oils can be routinely wiped away with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. As with dab pens, the same can be done without touching the coils.