How to Use an Oil Vape Pen - Tutorial & Instructions

Oils such as E Liquids and more are all the rage nowadays. There are many options for vaping so continue reading while we break down the popular oil vape pens available in vape shops everywhere.

by: Greg H. | 01/29/18 2:30PM


Using an Oil Vape Intro

Oil vape pens are still a relatively new trend, so it makes sense if you are not sure how to use one correctly or where to start when looking to switch to one. People of all ages are switching to vape pens due to the portability and discrete nature of using them. Whether you want to completely switch to a vape pen or just compliment your normal routine, we can help you find the ideal products you are looking for. Before looking into this, it is important to know the basics.

There are many different types of vapes for oil, so exactly how to use one will depend on exactly what your preferences are and what type of oil or wax you want to use. In general, these pens are designed with coils that heat some sort of oil or concentrate to a very high temperature and turn it into vapor. This process helps make it much easier on your lungs and also removes a lot of the harsh chemicals created by lower heat combustion. The pens can be large, small, have variable voltage, and carry a lot of unique characteristics. The size and features of your vape pen depend on your tastes, but most are about the size of a pen and operate with concentrate vape cartridges.


Oil Vape Intro

Vape Batteries for skinny, 510 oil cartridges

Pre-filled oil cartridges are a very popular option recently, with plug-and-play functionality making it easier and more convenient to enjoy your favorite flavors wherever you go. The discrete nature of these pens and the potent quality of the oil concentrate make them great picks for both novices and the more experienced crowd.

All you need to begin using cartridges is a vape pen.

These pens are just vape batteries with the 510 oil cartridge adapter. Many of these vape pens have very long lasting vape batteries and let you worry less about your charge and more about your daily life.

Variable Voltage Oil Vapes

As the popularity of these vape pens has grown, so has the innovation and cool products that are now available to the public. Basic batteries can now also be found with watt/temp control for those who want to get the temperature just right for every new oil concentrate they pick up. To use the temp controls, simply twist the knob that alters temp or press the arrows on the screen of your digital interface. Either way, adjusting the temperature and voltage of your pen is now easier than ever with some of the newer breakout products form our favorite brands.


Box Mods

Box mods are a more advanced and customizable option for vaping oil cartridges. These high-tech batteries are more popular with those who vape e-juices, and these users have also found that their devices can not only be used for the skinny oil cartridges, but also larger atomizers for e liquid, wax and herbs too. With a different 510 atomizer attachment you can simply vape your all of your favorites. Smok and SteamCloud are two great companies that have box mod vapes in their arsenal.

Whether the traditional plug-and-play format with a pre-filled oil cartridge, or an atomizer that first needs to be loaded, make sure to properly connect to the box mod. When filling an oil tank, users simply drip the oils and e juices onto their coils. Fill the tank with the proper amount and don’t overfill. A very simple and easy process, having a box mod lets you enjoy all of the vibrant flavors and vapor because with the push of a button you can adjust the coil heat up and down. Learn all about improving your vape session in this great article about vaping.

Box mods have many advantages including customizable voltage, compatibility with e-juices as well as compatibility with concentrate and herb atomizers. Box mod vape are simply used by setting the desired voltage and temperature and holding the power button down, just like a smaller vape pen. If you are looking for a new box mod make sure that you buy it only from the best online vape shop.

Choosing the right temperature for your oil vape

The average oil vape just heats at one setting, and this is normally around 3.5V. But, if you have variable voltage battery or a box mod, the right setting will depend on the type of oil being used and what kind of hits you enjoy. It also depends on the exact cartridge in question too. It is smartest to always start at the lowest temperature setting and work your way up to the most comfortable-but-efficient temperature you can reach.

Temperature is a very subjective thing, as most users have historically just used pens that sit at one setting. However, some oils and e liquids are now being made in new and better ways, and these can sometimes require unique temperatures. If you are a regular concentrate enthusiast and want the most out of the various cartridges you use, then a variable temperature pen will allow you to find the perfect temperature each time.


Maintenance plus Cleaning the Vape

Oil vapes typically don’t require much cleaning at all besides a general wipe down of the exterior. When the coils burn the cartridges, the oil is transferred instantly to vapor and does not leave behind sticky oil or residue. Oil pens usually burn cartridges cleanly, however, after prolonged use, slight signs of residue may become apparent, but it is normally easily wiped away. I t is wise to routinely wipe it down with a dry cloth as to avoid build ups. A key thing to remember is to not use water to clean it, as this can damage the electronics inside as well the coil that heats the concentrate.


Important Information for using Pre-Filled Oil Cartridges

Concentrate cartridges you get from dispensaries and smoke shops don’t usually require a very high voltage. This is why most oil vape pens are set to around 3.6V, the most common and widely used temperature to burn various kinds of oil concentrates. When you heat oil cartridges at too high a temperature, you can burn a lot of the flavor and aromas away. Plus too much power puts the oil cartridge at risk of damage. So, if using a box mod or variable watt battery, make sure to start at the lowest temperature or watt setting for more flavorful hits that bring out the best in the oil you are using. 3-5 watts is typically the industry standard and any more than 6-7 increases risk of burning out the cartridge before the oil is gone, which leads to lost oil and a damaged coil. Obviously this is much different for e liquid vape tanks that sometimes can take over 70 watts, however, we don’t recommend it.

Charging the Vape Battery

There are only a couple different kinds of chargers that come standard with vape pens. These include the android-type, Micro usb charger ends that plug into your battery somewhere on its body. In addition to this, there are also screw-on charger formats that simply screw onto your vape pen battery where the cartridges normally screw in. Both of these formats are common and neither present any significant drawbacks, it simply relies on your preference and both follow a typical charging protocol. It is important to not overcharge or let your battery die too often, as this will decrease the lifespan of the battery in the long run.

Find more info about Vape Pens plus More

If you have more questions about oil vape pens or would just like to get more information about trends and tips surrounding them, check out our blog section and get involved in the comments and ask us anything. We also have a vape shop dictionary that can help get you more accustomed to all of the lingo that surrounds the use of these modern-day gadgets. We pride ourselves in giving our customers and anyone interested on vapes the best customer, so ask us anything and we will try our best to help!

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