What is an Ice Bong

All about Ice Bongs

Recent advancements in technology and preference have made vape pens and oils commonplace in any cannabinoid lover's arsenal of products. However, it is hard imagining a world where the tried-and-true methods of smoking are not widespread, and out of all of these methods, none are more popular than the Ice Bong.

It is easy to explain why many smokers love bongs in general. They are durable, reliable, convenient, and taste better than other methods of inhalation when contrasted to a standard glass pipe or similar product. The ice bong is the next step in the progression of the standard bong and quickly rose in demand for a good reason.

There are two types of Ice Bongs. The first style is a traditional bong with a built-in ice catcher. This catcher allows the user to store ice cubes that help with the cooling and filtration process. The second form of Ice Bong is a literal bong made out of ice. These bongs are created by filling a mold with water and placing it into the freezer. The mold is most commonly made from silicon, and when you remove the mold after freezing it, you are left with a cool bong made of ice.

Ice Bongs in General

We will discuss how this all works later, but it is important to note that the ice held within a catcher of a bong helps take the standard filtration system to the next level. When someone begins to smoke, they place the flower in the bowl and heat it to the point of combustion using a lighter or other flame. Combustion creates smoke that contains many carcinogens that can often hurt and burn as they enter the smoker's lungs. The ice works in tandem with the bong's water chamber to not only filter out some of these chemicals, but also to bring the burning smoke down to a more desirable temperature. The cooling power provided by just a few ice cubes is often enough to have a considerable impact on the smoking experience.

The overall design of such a product is kept reasonably simple and straightforward. There are typically three notches or protruding nubs that hold the ice suspended in the shaft of the bong. You can either let the ice melt into the water chamber when you are finished or remove the ice by hand. Ice catchers may have these protrusions in different colors or shapes, but they all work to accomplish the same purpose.

Ice bongs and percolator bongs come in a wide range of styles and sizes, which means there are many options when finding the perfect ice bong for you. For anyone from a casual smoker to an avid enthusiast, you woulf fully enjoy a 14-inch 2-Piece bong made of silicone. Its unique makeup will mean that it never breaks and will last forever, meaning you will never have to purchase another ice bong again. Unless of course, you want to!

Ice Bong Molds

Another option would be to smoke from a bong made from ice. Silicone molds get filled with water, and after placing them in a freezer, the smoker waits roughly twelve hours until the water inside freezes over. These styles of bongs can chill smoke down to a level unheard of by almost any other process. Some even report temperatures as low as -2 degrees Celcius. This method of smoking is clean, fresh, and safe. The user does not have to worry about broken glass or any other such hazards associated with typical bong use.

Regular bongs can often require much maintenance to make sure they are working as intended. Steps such as switching out the water or cleaning the glass must be made to ensure a clean and comfortable toke. Ice bongs such as this help sidestep much of these maintenance issues and is essentially a brand new bong every time you take it out of the freezer.

Benefits of Ice Bongs

It will not take you long to begin to recognize the many benefits of smoking from an ice bong. The cooling nature gives the user a much more pleasing toke and will help prevent coughing and wheezing that may come after particularly more extensive tokes. The ice will help get the best possible filtration when you are inhaling flower, which is why it is commonly the most preferred method of smoking for many members of the community. Remember that it does not take much, just a few ice cubes should be enough to make a dramatic impact on your experience.

Another added benefit is that the ice works as another safeguard against unwanted snacks from the bong water. It is all too common to inhale some of the bong's water while inhaling accidentally. This is so frequent in standard bongs that it is a significant deterrent for people when deciding on the proper pipe for them. The ice acts as an added layer of defense against this by trapping undesirable ash or other bits from getting into your mouth or lungs.

How to Make an Ice Bong...without the molds

However, the most explicit benefit of a bong made entirely of ice is just how easy it can be to make at home. Numerous videos and tutorials online will show you just how a few simple household belongings can come together to create a perfect mold for a DIY ice bong. Frequently you will only need a couple of bowls from around the kitchen, some duct tape, the flower, and a freezer (or a blizzard as used by the popular news outlet Vice News).

Start by taking two medium-sized kitchen bowls and filling them with water. It is essential that these two bowls are roughly the same size. Suspend a smaller bowl in each of the more giant bowls to create the chamber of your bong once the water freezes. Keep these smaller bowls in place by securing them down with duct tape, fastening strips across the more giant containers to create a T-formation. Set these aside to use in a moment.

Finding a frozen shot glass mold will likely be the trickiest part, but a necessary component when making a frozen neck for your ice bong. Fill the shot glass molds with water to freeze alongside the bowls mentioned above. Once the water in the shot-glass tray has frozen over, melt just the bottom of the shot glasses by holding them on to a hot frying pan. This will create a frozen cylindrical shape with smooth edges that will fuse to create the stem.

Let these pieces sit until they are completely frozen over before moving on to the next step of attaching these pieces.

Start by removing the two smaller bowls from the larger ones. It will help to run some warm water over the shapes to help detach the pieces from each other. Bring the two dome-shaped pieces together to create a sphere which will act as the main body of our DIY ice bong. Use an ordinary spray bottle to mist the areas where the two halves conjoin. The spray should freeze instantly, creating an air-tight seam. Repeat this same process with the cylinders we made from the shot-glass molds to make the shaft of the ice bong.

I am sure at this point, you can begin to see the bong coming together, but the piece still lacks ways for air to come and go out of the device. Create areas for the stem, the bowl, and others by heating a metal device, such as a screwdriver or socket wrench, and using that to melt holes in the ice. This part is the most time-consuming part of the process, but once it is complete, it is all smooth sailing until the end!

Repeat this process twice. The first time will be a larger hole directly at the top for the shaft to attach. The second hole will be used to attach the bowl and stem piece, so make sure that this hole is much smaller and built at a forty-five-degree angle as to prevent the flower from falling out of the bowl when it is time to enjoy. Repeat the spray bottle technique to create an air-tight seal as you connect these auxiliary pieces to the shaft to your main ice-made chamber.

How to Use an Ice Bong

Many will find that using an ice bong isn't any different from using a the standard bongs here, and that it merely comes with added comfort and accessibility due to the chilled-filtration system.

Place a few medium-sized ice cubes in the shaft of the bong. You will notice that the ice catchers if they are working as intended, will trap the ice in the shaft to help chill the smoke as it moves from the chamber and into your lungs. The ice will melt down into the chamber, so be cautious how often you are replacing the ice and the filtration water. They will likely need to be changed out more frequently than usual.

Ice Bong Attachments

Smoking from an ice bong or an ice catcher bong will require many of the same tools as a standard bong. Common bits like stems and bowls work just as well for both ice bongs and standard pieces.

When it comes to the smaller bits such as these, a little investment can pay off dividends down the road. Quality bowl pieces should be as durable as they are pleasing to look at. Check out our entire line of hand-blown glass bong pieces to find the perfect one for you.

If you are using your hand-made bong of ice, it will need more than just a simple stem. The glass-blown bowls will struggle to reach into the chamber and will be unable to filter through the water properly. That is where a downstem will come in handy. Silicone is the recommended material when buying a new downstem, as it is durable and not apt to crack or break under extreme conditions. We offer a full line of colors on our website, so purchase one or two for your next frozen-bong venture.

Water Bong vs Ice Bong

There is little actual difference between an ice bong and a water bong. The physical makeup of the different pieces is where you will see the most significant differences between the two. Where a standard bong will have a clean and clear tube leading down into the water chamber, an ice bong will have small bulges throughout to help catch the ice.

It will all come down to personal preference when deciding if an ice bong or a water bong is right for you. The article about an ice bong vs a regular bong may help, but many people attest that the added benefits of an ice bong. They enjoy the comforts provided by the chilled smoke of an ice bong. Other smokers believe that an ice bong brings about to many hurdles that need to be overcome. These smokers will opt for the simple, convenient, and effective methods of a water bong. Choose whatever process is right for you, as there is no wrong way to enjoy our favorite stuff.

Silicone Bong vs Ice Bong Mold

It is essential to note the difference between a silicone bong and a silicone bong mold, as they are completely different.

Recent advancements in technology have made silicone a popular material when crafting bongs and pipes. The durability of the material has proven its worth and saved many smokers hundreds of dollars when it comes to replacing brittle and broken glass pieces. Our full line of silicone bongs are popular as ever, and it is easy to find a color or style that you love.

When purchasing your next silicone bong, you will have many options, even ones shaped like a skull! Silicone is a popular material for ice bong molds, as they provide the shape needed without being made of a brittle material such as glass or plastic. This makes them ideal for frames when you are freezing ice inside them. Just make sure you are not purchasing a standard water bong made out of silicone when looking for your next ice bong mold.

Purchasing Your Next Piece Online

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