What is a Silicone Bong

Quick definition

Gravity? Roor? Percolator?

What is today’s daily smoker supposed to use for a reliable daily consumption device? The answer is simple, a silicone bong, but what is it?

While silicone bongs are relatively new to the market, they fast are becoming the go-to for smokers such as the daily cannabis user, aka medical cannabis patients. By and large, the best silicone bongs have become so popular because you can’t break them. Cannabis is legal in more than half the states, and likely will become legal nationwide someday soon. People want to travel with their bong. You don’t use fine china every day. Expensive glass bongs, with all their gorgeous designs and memories, shatter far too easily.

So, save the pretty glass for special occassions and get something really cool and attractive for daily use. Strong silicone Skull bongs like those carried at NyVapeShop.com are fast becoming trendy. Their detachable ice catchers have become wildly popular, adding an even cooler hit to the water pipe bong.

How to clean a silicone bong

The same salt and alcohol solution you use for a glass bong can be used on a silicone bong. But you won’t need nearly as much as you do for glass bongs. Simply soak, scrub, and repeat until you are satisfied. Remember, the surface of this bad boy is naturally non stick.

In fact, in the case of silicone bongs, some of the gentle, easy to use, pleasant-smelling bong sanitizing products on the market may be a good choice too. Even the cleaners used for glass pipes can be used, but always, always thoroughly rinse a silicone bong after cleaning it.

Bong cleaning products and tips will continue to evolve with the bong, as well as with the habits of the millions of Americans turning to the device for peace, every day.

Dishwasher Safe

Your dishwasher will not destroy your bong and there is no risk like what you would experience with a nice glass bong. However, be sensible, if the bong is really gross, you may not want to throw it in with the dishes. Put it in by itself, on gentle cycle. This baby is going to clean up really easy anyway. And that equates with sanitation satisfaction when it comes to matters of daily water pipe use.

How to use Silicone Bongs

There are a variety of silicone tobacco water pipes ranging in features and price. From small, 7-inch bongs to larger, 14-inch options – even a Badass Bong with ice catcher – we’ve got the perfect silicone bong for you.

Using a bong made of rubber aka strong silicone, is just like using a bong made of glass, except you don’t have to be as gentle. But in terms of the loading, lighting and smoking, the functions are more or less the same. But in the silicone world, you will find some cool designs and exactly how they function can be read below.


Badass Skull Bong

This cool as heck bong comes apart into three pieces - the top tube part with an ice catcher, the bottom bubble that holds the water and the stem. The detachable parts makes cleaning a wondrous breeze. When you get your bong, you will instinctively have it sparked up less than two minutes out of the box. Fill the bottom half of the skull head (below the eyes) with eyes. Put the top part back on, insert stem, load bowl, and prepare. Prepare for the coolest, smooth bong hit you might ever have taken.

Sturdy One-piece Water Bong

the traditional bong, but of non-stick sturdy-ware. If you have purchased a Sturdy One-piece Water Bong as your beginner bong, congratulations! You made the right choice for the modern cannabis era. Well, a bong isn’t hard to use. Simply load the bong bowl and spark it up. Place your mouth over the top of the bong and inhale that smooth smoke. Don’t overdo it if you’re new to using a bong. Hold in a little bit of smoke and enjoy.

Mini Bong

This little piece will serve you well on any adventure, from backpacking through Europe to hiking through the Appalachians. The most portable bong ever. This bong is two-pieces and simple to use. Just connect the 2 pieces, fill with some water and load the bowl piece. The little metal bowl piece will sit right in the top of the stem. Place some buds in the bowl, light and enjoy this Mini Bong!


Silicone bongs vs Glass bongs: How are they similar, how are they different?


Glass water pipe bongs and silicone bongs have an important commonality; The centuries-old concept of what made the water pipe famous remains unchanged. And whether silicone, glass or plastic, they are used for the same reason and the ultimate function is the same.

While the history is rich, with roots in Africa, the idea behind the tobacco water pipe, or bong, as it has come to be known, is simply filtering smoke through water. It’s a process that has been refined to no end, particularly in recent times.

A la, the silicone bong. How are silicone “bongs” different from traditional water pipes?

To start, they are far less pricey. They are not cheap silicone bongs in the sense that they are bad quality, but these babies are cheap in terms of price when you compare them to other glass options.

Old-school bong connoisseurs may notice a slight taste difference with a silicone bong particularly in the first few sessions. With glass, there is no taste other than what you are smoking. A newbie using a small silicone bong never would never notice the difference, however.

And of course, the biggest difference, the unbreakable silicone bong - you could drop your water bong off a five-story tower and it wouldn’t break. Entertainer David Letterman used to do this – drop items off five-story towers -- during a segment for his popular, late-night variety show. Do this will glass and well, you know what will happen.

Ice Catchers in Bongs – Why are They Used?

For the seasoned smoker, the ice catcher feature is cause to light up – quite literally. The venerable bong has been a mainstay in cultures worldwide for centuries. That’s because it’s genius is simple – smoke gets filtered through water, making it less harsh

Now, imagine that smoke filtered through really cold water.

That’s what the ice catcher is for. Simply drop a few ice cubes in through the top of the tube and they will fall onto the ice catcher – usually positioned a few inches below the mouthpiece. With ice, cold water, hit the bong for the coolest hit you’ll ever have.

Silicone Bongs Trailblazing with Sizzling New Styles

While we all love the inherent magic and skill associated with gorgeous, glass-blown bongs, today’s Silicone Bongs are inspiring new designs on this new medium. Buy a silicone pipe or bong and find masterful designs of all sorts. These bongs offer another new twist on the colorful, creative designs that companies are always brainstorming.

That “cool new piece” is what has kept head shops in business for years. Innovation during the greening of America will continue to evolve not only in the functionality of products, but also their striking designs.