Yocan Torch Review - Electric Dab Nail for Dab Rigs

The Yocan Torch is a portable e nail for use with dab rigs and wax concentrates. In this post we break down all there is to know about this e nail and included important information for you to know.

by: Lindsey C. | 10/29/18 1:30PM


The Yocan Torch is an easy to use, portable, domeless e-nail that gives you an alternative way to dab, without having to use a blow torch every time. It can be used for with all sorts of wax concentrates and is easily one of the most popular E Nails for wax. A premium piece without a premium price tag, it makes dabbing mess-free and extremely easy to use. It comes with with simple pieces. One chamber holds a dual quart atomizer with a carb at the top to allow for custom airflow, while the other side holds a removable 1100mAh battery.

This E Nail is very versatile. The Yocan Torch can fit in 10mm, 14mm, 18mm ground joints. In addition, the plastic adapter on the Yocan Torch can be flipped over, allowing the unit to become both a male and female, adaptable downstem. The Yocan Torch follows a similar model as many other Yocan wax pens and comes with a Quartz Dual Coil, helping to bring a pure, smooth vapor experience each time.

The design of the Yocan Torch is fairly unique. It has a forked-type design and is available in both black and silver. While the attachments to fit snugly and securely on most dab rigs, when you are using it, you might find you need to hold it tightly to the rig to keep the device together. There are two different caps that come with this e-nail. If you use the glass cap, you can see the vapor created, but the solid glass cap has better airflow.



Features of the Yocan Torch

The basic kit comes with:

2x Quartz dual coil rod atomizer


Wax tool

USB line

Male/female attachment

Airflow button

Fit for 10mm, 14mm or 18mm ground joins

Can use either the airflow tube or glass tube


How To Use the Yocan Torch

If you have used a dab rig and its attachments before, then switching over to the Yocan Torch shouldn’t be a problem. The adapter fits any 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm downstem. After everything is attached, it is extremely simple to use; just load, click, and draw. The power button is located at the top of the battery. Once pressed, the 15-second heating cycle begins. If you have a transparent cap, you can see the cloud building under the glass cap almost instantly after starting the heating cycle.

Before you turn on the Yocan Torch, you should take off the airflow tube, unscrew the coil cap, and load your chosen concentrate. After the concentrates are loaded, screw on the coil cap and put on the airflow tube or glass tube. Personally, we recommend using the airflow tube. Next, ensure you place your Yocan Torch on any dab rig or water pipe. Luckily, the domeless e-nail can fit with almost all dab rigs. After it is connected, you simply have to press the power button five times, and the button will lock, so you don’t have to keep holding the button down. The dual quartz rod coil begins to start heating immediately, and you can take your first hit. When you see vapor build up in the dab rig, you can just press down the airflow button and inhale the entire dab hit. The airflow button will also function like a carb cap. You can pause the heat at any time by clicking the power button, or it will automatically shut down after 15 seconds. Of course, the more you use the Yocan Torch, the more comfortable you get with the timing and find the method that works for you.

When cleaning your device, the only thing you will have to clean is the dual quartz rod coil. You shouldn’t use any rubbing alcohol or harsh substances when cleaning the coil. Keeping the heating chamber on is recommended to help burn off any remaining residue. Once you don’t see any more smoke or vapor, that is when all the residue will be burned off. Because you are using oily and waxy materials for the domeless e-nail, you will have to replace the vape coils eventually.

Temperature Flexibility

One of the biggest downsides to the Torch is the lack of temperature flexibility. There is no specific temperature gauge, just a guarantee that it is in the range of 482F to 536F. The lack of flexibility is something that may be off-putting to some, but frankly, it gets the job done in just about perfect formation.

Vapor Quality

If you want a device that gives you big vapor clouds, then the Yocan Torch is a great option. Thanks to the range of temperature, you can get a fair amount of cloudiness without it feeling overly harsh on your throat.

The E Nail can be used together with another metal tube that includes an airflow adjustment tool so you can alter the air intake during your vaping sessions. While the airflow attachment tool might seem to be small and insignificant, it will affect how you dab your concentrates because the amount of air the Yocan Torch takes will change the overall quality of the vapor output.

If you draw with a tighter airflow it will often be more flavorful but will yield thinner vapor clouds. A looser airflow will produce draws with higher vapor volume and increase density and visibility with decent flavor. Loose draws will be cooler because the air will have to travel through the chambers as it decreases the taste of your vape because the heating element has less time to absorb the flavor. On the other side, a tight draw will have more flavor as well as more warm vapors because the air will travel slowing, giving the heating element more time to extract flavor.

However, one of the best features of the Torch is its ability to deliver high-quality vapor, regardless of the draw size. To get really huge vapor clouds, you can try to tap the button once it stops heating to keep it going for a more extended period of time.

Battery Life

The battery has a capacity of 1100 mAH. The device allows for 15 seconds of continuous heat each puff. A fully charged battery will support 45 puffs, which should allow for a full day of heavy use. It generally takes a little more than two hours to charge, so make sure that you are planning ahead. The Yocan Torch can be charged through the USB port and can be plugged into a computer or wall socket.



While the Yocan Torch is small and portable itself, to use the device you will need a dab rig along with the wax tools, so it is not particularly the best portable device when compared to a wax vape pen. Dabbing from a rig in general is not something that is usually done on the go. However, get yourself the Torch and a silicone dab rig and you are as portable as you will get in terms of E Nails and Dab Rigs.

The Yocan Torch isn’t very discreet either. In general, e-nails are not the smallest devices, and again, given the accessories you need, not very discreet. The parts can be taken apart and stored away quite quickly and inconspicuously, but it is not very portable. You also have to carry around a dab rig which is not exactly recommended to be used on the go.

If your friend has a cool new glass piece, you can definitely bring the Torch over easily take it their house. One of the biggest advantages of the Yocan Torch is its versatility. However, if you want a device you can use while you are out and about discreetly, then you should consider a wax vape pen.

Ease of Use

The Yocan torch comes with a few components, but it is fairly easy to take apart and put together if you need to. The pieces are well-designed and stay in place securely.

When loading the Torch, you have to be careful not to put in too much wax when loading the device. Otherwise, it might leak in the section where the air is supposed to come out.


Is the Yocan Torch Right For Me?

If you already have your own glass dab rig and are looking for a new Domeless nail, then E Nails are a great option to consider. And with that, the Yocan Torch could can be a good option as it delivers smooth dab hits very well. The price is reasonable and the ease of use is even better.

Another cool highlight of the Yocan Torch is that it has a built-in connector for both male or female, and for any size stem. Therefore, it is a great device to show off to your friends, especially if they have a cool dab rig to use.

The device is extremely easy to use. Because it just has one button to turn on and off the device, it is straightforward to use. You can quickly put the Yocan Torch into any rig, therefore you will never have to buy any extra accessories just to make your device work properly. However, if you are looking for something that is very portable, then you may want to consider a wax vape pen.

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