Yocan Magneto Vape Pen Review

The Yocan Magneto Vape Pen boasts amazing features that have improved the wax vaping experience. Read this Magneto vape review to learn everything about this cool, portable wax pen.

by: Nathaniel C. | 05/06/19 1:30PM


Wax and other concentrates are getting more popular as the vaping industry grows. Before wax vapes came along, these concentrates were consumed using dab rigs. While dab rigs work great for wax, they are not super portable or convenient. Wax vaporizers, or dab pens were then introduced to the market. Wax vapes are convenient, portable and create a smooth, cool vapor from wax, shatter and other concentrates. Yocan has always been a innovator in high quality dab pens and its newest addition to the wax vape line does not fail to impress. Always innovating and improving on past technology, Yocan brings us the ultimate ceramic coil concentrate vape with the Yocan Magneto.


What’s in the Kit?

The Yocan Magneto comes with everything you need built-in. There is a silicone dab jar that attaches to the base of the pen and a pick tool built-in to the magnetic coil cap. This pen comes with a micro-USB charging cable but you can use any micro-USB cable to charge it. The Magneto includes an 1100 mAh built-in battery and one ceramic coil atomizer. There is also an instruction card included in the box.


Top Attributes

When looking for a wax vape, there are several key qualities we look for. First, we want to look at how heavy a vapor can the vape can produce. Equally important, we determine the quality of taste the vaporizer makes. Most quality wax vapes use either ceramic or quartz coils. Both of these materials provide excellent flavor from wax concentrates. Next, we take a look at battery life. While this may not be as important as the quality of vapor, many users want a wax vape that lasts a full day of dabbing. Finally, we look at the portability and ease of use of each vape. We also like to see what makes one vape stand out among the crowd.

Flavor and Vapor Quality

Yocan created a wax coil like none other in the Magneto. There are several wax vapes that use ceramic coils, but the Yocan Magneto features a two layer system to deliver the ultimate vapor. The first layer melts the concentrate where it can then drip down to the second layer where it is atomized. Not missing any detail, Yocan put a hole on the side of the atomizer to speed up the vaporization process. The Yocan Magneto not only delivers the best flavor, but also creates thick, smooth vapor in a matter of seconds.

Magnetic Coil Cap and Pick Tool

The next feature that sets the pen apart from the crowd is its magnetic coil cap and pick tool. Other Yocan wax vapes feature a smart coil cap that prevents leaks, but the Magneto is the only one that is magnetic. Wax vapes must be refilled often and being able to quickly remove and replace the smart coil cap is an added convenience. This was not a necessary modification, but we really appreciate Yocan’s attention to detail to bring us the ultimate wax vape.

Attached to the inside of the smart coil cap is a small pick tool. This makes grabbing wax and repacking easier than ever. It also means you don’t have to carry around (read: find) a dab tool or pick. This is such a small design change, but it makes a huge difference.

Discreet, Compact and Easy to Use

At only 4.3 inches long and pen-shaped, the Yocan Magneto easily fits in the palm of your hand. Despite its small size, the Magneto still packs in a powerful 1100 mAh lithium ion battery. The power button is conveniently placed and ergonomically designed. Its single button design makes this dab pen easy to use. It also comes in five unique colors so you can vape in style

Built-in Silicone Dab Jar

One of our favorite features of many Yocan wax vaporizers is the built-in dab jar. There is nothing better than having your stash attached to your pen. The Magneto has a single 2 ml compartment that fits up to about 2 grams of wax, more than enough storage for even heavy users. The dab jar is made of silicone so wax can easily be peeled off without leaving a residue. Additionally, this silicone dab jar is smell-proof making the Yocan Magneto that much more discreet.


How to Use the Yocan Magneto Wax Vape

The Yocan Magneto wax vape is a simple, yet perfect design. Both the mouthpiece and smart coil cap are magnetic making loading and using this pen easier than ever. Pop off the mouthpiece and then the smart coil cap. Use the pick tool on the bottom of the cap to grab a dab of wax from the convenient silicone jar that detaches from the bottom of the pen. Replace the coil cap and mouthpiece. If the pen isn’t already on, press the power button five times quickly to activate it. Then just hold down the power button to start vaping. If you just loaded the pen, you may want to preheat the wax for a few seconds before taking a rip but this is up to you.

Make sure to keep the Magneto upright after use so any leftover wax does not drip out of the atomizer. Even though the smart coil cap prevents leaks, it is better not to coat the inside of the coil chamber with wax. Once you finish all the concentrate and allow any residue to harden, it is okay to put it on its side in a bag but try not to do this with liquid wax still in the atomizer.

To charge the Magneto, use the included micro USB cable or any micro USB cable and charger. A full charge takes about 1 ½ hours and will last a couple days under normal use.



Maintaining and Cleaning the Yocan Magneto Wax Vape

Coils will last a month or two under regular use and are easy to replace. Order extra coils before you run out so you are not left high (or not) and dry. If the vapor starts to taste a bit off, we recommend you change the coils as built-up residue can deteriorate flavor. This often happens if you vape a lower quality wax or concentrate.

Cleaning the Yocan Magneto wax vape is simple. To clean the coils, just burn off the concentrate completely each session. At the bare minimum, do this if you do not plan on using your vape for a few days. To clean the exterior of the vape and mouthpiece, wipe them with a towel dipped in isopropyl alcohol and then wipe them with warm water to remove the alcohol.


How the Yocan Magneto Wax Vape Compares to Other Wax Vapes

There are plenty of great wax vapes to choose from around the same price point. The Yocan Magneto wax vape is unique in many ways. Its dual layer ceramic coil melts wax and other concentrates perfectly, creating a smooth but thick, flavorful vapor. It also features magnetic connections on the mouthpiece and coil cap making packing and using it faster than ever. If this wasn’t enough, thee Magneto has a built in dab jar and pick tool so there is no need to carry around additional accessories. It is an all-in-one portable dab rig that fits in the palm of your hand.

However, Yocan makes many more quality wax vapes. Yocan has four other great wax vapes: the Yocan Pandon, Evolve, Evolve Plus, and Evolve Plus XL. The Pandon and Evolve Plus XL are heavy hitters, each boasting four quartz coils.

The Evolve and Evolve Plus feature dual quartz coils. These still provide a nice tasting vapor, but quartz coils do not provide as even heat as ceramic. You can get nice tasting hits from either ceramic or quartz but quartz tends to heat up a bit faster so you can overdo it easily if you are not careful. All the Yocan pens have a smart coil cap that seals the atomizer, preventing leaks. The Evolve Plus and Plus XL have an attached silicone dab jar on the base of the pen just like the Magneto. This makes these pens perfect for travel.

If you are looking for something super compact, the Saber vape is an excellent quality single quartz or ceramic coil vape. It features all magnetic connections just like the Magneto making it easy to swap atomizers which is perfect since you can use either quartz or ceramic coils.


Is the Yocan Magneto Wax Vape for Me?

The Yocan Magneto wax vape is perfect for wax connoisseurs. Its dual layer ceramic coil is designed to get the best vapor out of wax and similar concentrates. While both quartz and ceramic coils provide excellent flavor, some connoisseurs argue ceramic coils provide slightly better flavor and smoother vapor.

This wax pen is designed as an all-in-one dab pen so there is no need to carry around additional accessories like dab tools and containers. That makes the Yocan Magneto an excellent travel pen or for anyone who is always on the go.

It also fits in the palm of your hand and is ergonomically designed to make discreet dabbing easy. While you may not get as massive rips as a dab rig or a quad coil dab pen, the Yocan Magneto can definitely hold its own. It produces thick, smooth wax vapor with flavor that will impress any wax connoisseur. If you love vaping wax, the Yocan Magneto is definitely for you.

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