Yocan 94F Dry Herb Atomizer Review

The Yocan 94F dry herb atomizer will attach to any box mod vape and most other 510 batteries. The 510 thread atomizer is built from high quality parts and was made specifically for dry herbs.

by: John Winston | 05/30/17 1:30PM


In our new continuing series of vaporizer reviews, vape/dry herb connoisseur John Winston tests out various vapes one by one so that you can understand the different options available in the marketplace.

With all the vape pens flooding the market these days, it can be hard to figure out which one will be the most satisfying to you whether you are looking for something lightweight, cheap or advanced, or something specifically designed to last for more than a short period of time. It may also seem overwhelming to understand what vape pens are customizable enough so that they suit most if not all of the needs of a consumer. Given how picky consumers tend to be -- I know I am -- it is always great when a vape is able to check all of the major boxes regarding what a user is seeking in a vaporizers.

94f atomizer attachment specifications

Explanation of the 94F

Perhaps the most important thing to know about the Yocan 94F -- hereafter referred to as the Yocan or 94F -- is that it is exclusively for dry herbs; it does not vape any other substances, such as waxes, oils, and concentrates.

That is perhaps one of the only drawbacks to the 94F over other vaporizers. Some other vapes out there are able to effectively merge all substances under one umbrella but that often comes at a price -- either in terms of money or quality -- but it’s a feature that many vape lovers may prefer in their vaporizer.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that those who prefer a diverse array of substances have to feel limited by the Yocan: It is still an attachment after all, meaning that there are other attachments that will be able to cater to the user’s needs. The 94F is the atomizer/heating chamber part of a vaporizer and it works with all sorts of 510 vape batteries and box mod vapes.

Another important aspect of the Yocan is that it features a combustion coil, however, if you would like, with the glass screens, you will achieve True Vaporization. Truly vaporizing the dry herb via a convection oven is the healthier way to vape according to this article. Convection can be achieved with the Yocan 94F when you place the glass screen over the coil.


But this atomizer attachment is versatile, so if you feel like combustion, leave out the glass screen and the coil will now burn the herb, producing smoke. Many users prefer “True” vaporization because it is easier on the lungs and makes for a smoother smoke session but you have options here.

Personally, I go back and forth on this one: While hits from a convection vaporizer may make for a smoother hit, they are often more prone to breakage and take longer to heat up. For an impatient dry herb consumer like myself, these are issues that rise to the level of a crisis when experienced in the moment.

The Yocan is simply an attachment, meaning that it must be attached to a battery in order to function. This particular heating chamber attaches to any 510 battery including theEvolve Plus and SteamCloud Box Mod.

Yocan 94F Atomizer Size and Shape

Size, Shape and Design

This Yocan attachment has a sleek and silver metal design made from high quality components. The atomizer has a good weight to it and you will feel confident about this atomizer when it is taken out of the packaging. The heating chamber is also a large size to accommodate solid herb packs -- who could really argue with a larger heating chamber?

Another aspect of the Yocan is the durability and its ability to withstand wear and tear. Vaporizers are often made out of flimsy or easily-breakable materials, which can lead them to having to be replaced often, or to their user having to exercise an over-abundance of caution. The Yocan, on the other hand, is built of a sturdy and solid metal; it feels like you could hammer nails with it and it’d be perfectly fine. So from that perspective, this vape is definitely a keeper. But do remember that the coils will naturally need to be replaced in time as they burn out, but the rest of the other parts are extremely durable and this atomizer will last you for a very, very, very long time.

As far as I’m concerned, the most important aspect of a vaporizer is how well it vaporizes the substance it is vaping and the, ahem, after-effects that are felt by the user; anything else is details. Though the Yocan’s appearance can seem complicated because it is a 510 atomizer that needs to be equipped to some sort of battery, there is comfort in knowing that it is a high quality option when seeking out some sort of vape pen for herbs.

Huge Chamber Capacity for herb

This is where the rubber meets the road. The Yocan features a heating chamber that allows for a much-higher-than-average amount of dry herb to be packed into it. In practical terms, the user will receive at least more hits than average before the stock needs to be replaced.

This is a significant improvement over many other dry herb vapes, which tend to feature far smaller heating chamber. An example would be the AGO Vape: This vape features a much smaller-by-comparison heating chamber, which allows for around 3-4 hits at best before the stock must be replaced -- the 94F will get you at double that or more.

Don’t get me wrong: The AGO is a fine vaporizer and is a worthy addition to the collection of any vape aficionado. But really, it’s hard to argue with a vaporizer through which just one or two dry herb loads can satisfy an entire party.

Yocan coils and cleaning brush


Vape Kit Accessories

When purchased through the NY Online Vape Shop, the Yocan 94F comes equipped with several accessories that serve to enhance the vaping experience and lower the stresses that may arise when a particular piece of equipment is on the fritz.

For starters, the 94F atomizer attachment comes with 2 replacement coils for the heating chamber. So do not worry about a vapor session being interrupted because the two extras are great backups -- a common reason coils burn out is a user-error when too much wattage is ran through the attachment. Start at the lowest setting, you can always increase.

The kit also comes equipped with a cleaning brush that can be used to clear away all those errant dry herb particles that may linger after the general clearing has been done.

Bottom Line

The Yocan 94F is a solid and durable -- if not entirely pleasant to look at -- vaporizer atomizer attachment that features a heating chamber that is second to none in terms of its size. There is no real drawback unless one does not prefer a vaporizer of this type -- where atomizers, attachments and box mods are common among wax and oil vapes, within the herb vape space, many users preference something more simple, a single unit, like the E-CLIPSE or Stoner Joe dry herb vaporizers. Otherwise, consider the Yocan 94F dry herb atomizer attachment to be a fantastic investment for your next vaporizer -- just remember you need a 510 battery or a box mod to complete the vaporizer. Happy vaping!

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