Box Mod Vapes Complete List of Mods for sale

Box Mod Vapes have been around from the start and continue to grow in popularity.  We explain the box mod, plus see the reviews and pictures of various options available.

by: Matthew H. | 01/09/19 2:30PM


As vaping has become more popular, so too have the kinds of vaping products that can be used. There is entry-level disposable vape tank pens that come with oil already inside, there are vape pens made for waxes or dry herb, not just oil, and all kinds of customizations. However, as people become more and more experienced with vaping, their tastes have started to turn to vaping products that allow a high level of customization of the vaping process and vapes that are built to handle all kinds of different materials. This has given rise to Box Mod Vapes.

Box Mods are the big daddies of the vaping world. They offer a broad range of wattage output, which allows for vaping of materials that require low or high heats. They usually provide schematics of the vaping sessions, including temperature, battery level, and even if the connected atomizer has wax left in it. If you love vaping, then getting a Box Mod is a no brainer. And we are here to help you find the best one.


As the latest and greatest Vape Mods are released, this list will continue to be updated. Love a Box Mod that is not featured on this list? Let us know! We are always looking to have the most complete list available!


Steam Cloud Box Mod Vape

The SteamCloud Vape Mod Box is a fantastic, high-quality vaporizer that comes fully loaded with features and power. it is compatible with most 510 atomizer attachments, and with a wattage output of as high as 60 watts, this box mod can handle any kind of product you are looking to vape. On its outside cover, you will find an OLED display that tells you the current temperature, the battery level, and whether or not the atomizer attachment has enough product left in it to vape. With a battery capacity of 1600mah, the Steam Cloud Box Mod will provide you with all the power you need all day long. Included is a USB charging cable for easy, convenient charging. A great box mod at a very accessible price, it is hard to go wrong with the Steam Cloud Box Mod.


Pulsar APX Wax Vape Mod

Pulsar APX Wax has come to your rescue! Designed with waxes in mind, this box mod is built with quartz coils and a quartz heating chamber, which makes for easy, smooth vaping of your favorite waxes. It even includes a dab tool to make sure you can place the wax exactly where you need to! Only being 4in tall, it is easy to travel with and can be used discreetly. Are you interested in a wax vape but love other vaping products as well? This mod will fit most 510 atomizers so you will not be restricted to just wax. An ideal choice if you love vaping waxes, but still want the option to vape other 510 atomizer attachments.


Kamry Box Mod

A fantastic box mod for those that want a compact, discreet product! This mod measures in at only 3in height, .375 length, and .75in width, which means it is going to be your favorite travel buddy! Even though it is built small, it certainly is not built weak. It has a wattage output of up to 30 watts and a battery capacity of 2100mah. It will provide you with a full day of vaping your favorite products! Since the wattage output is customizable (it can put out as low as 7 watts), this is a great box mod if you plan on connecting attachments with oils, waxes, or dry herbs. As long as it is a 510 atomizer attachment, this box mod will get the job done! A perfect choice for someone who wants something easy to travel with but does not want to compromise on power or customization. subox-mini-kangertech

Subox Mini KangerTech

Interested in starting to vape, but not sure where to start? The Subox Mini KangerTech is a great place to start to make sure all of your vaping bases are covered. It has an oil tank included, so you can put in whatever oils you can get in a vape shop you would like to vape (this can also be detached and the mod will fit any 510 atomizer attachment). The mod provides a high level of customization, giving you a wattage output range of 7 to 50 watts, which can be adjusted in.1-watt increments. This is a great choice if you plan on vaping multiple kinds of products, or if you are interested in experimenting to find the perfect vaping temperature. It includes a USB charger, and a huge bundle of helpful products to make your vaping experience perfect, including a cotton sheet, screws and screwdriver, and more! A great option if you are just getting started or if you are looking to upgrade to a higher quality vaping product.


Joyetech eGo

The Joyetech eGo is a great entry-level option for those that are committed to vaping oils or e-juices. You can customize the airflow to control how much vapor output you want to experience, and since it is designed with a top filling atomizer design, refilling and using your favorite oils or e-juices has never been more convenient. You will find it to be incredibly safe as well, with a safety lock on the tank, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, and over discharge protection. You will not have to worry about accidentally burning oil or burning your battery. The battery has a capacity of 2100mAh, so this will easily last you through a whole day of vaping! If you want a vape that is designed specifically to cater to oil and e-juice vaping, the Joyetech eGo is a perfect fit!


SMOK Priv V8

If you want a box mod that is designed both to be easily portable and compact as well as specifically catering to oils or e-juices, you have found a great friend in the SMOK Priv V8. The box mod is thin and slender, which means it is extremely travel-friendly and discreet. Though it is small and compact, it carries quite a punch, too! It can have a wattage output of up to 60 watts, so feel free to vape whatever oils and e-juices you want! The tank can hold up to 3 mL of your choice of oil or e-juice, so no worrying about running out of oils or e-juice throughout the day. It requires a high amp battery (which is NOT included), so you will want to be sure to have one on hand so you can get started! A great box mod for those looking to vape mostly oils and e-juices, while enjoying the luxury of a discrete product.

Vaporesso Tarot Nano

The luxury product of the oil or e-juice world, the Vaporesso Tarot Nano is going to be a go-to-choice for power, quality, ease of use, and customization. It offers wattage output of up to 80 watts, a 2500 mAh battery, and EUC coils that can be easily replaced. You can use a variety of coils, and this box mod will detect which kinds of coils are being used automatically and will adjust the wattage output and power level accordingly! The tank has a 2 mL capacity and is connected with a 510 atomizer thread, so you can connect other attachments as well! To top it all off, you are able to adjust the airflow to exactly what you need for your ideal vaping experience. If you want a top end, highly customizable vaping experience with easy cleaning and maintenance, the Vaporesso Tarot Nano is about to become your next go to box mod.


SMOK H-Priv 2

This box mod is a big and powerful product. Nearly everything about it is built to wow and impress. The tank can hold 6-8 mL of liquid (which is one of the biggest tanks we have reviewed), which will easily last you all day even though the most intense vaping sessions. The fire button is made extra-large, so you do not have to fidget and mess with the box mod while trying to get the perfect vape. It offers up to a maximum of 225 watts (yikes!), but it needs two high amp batteries to keep it powered (those batteries are not included). it is not all just big and powerful, though. The tank is connected with a 510 thread, allowing you to experiment with multiple attachments. The included tank supports several different kinds of V8 coils, so feel free to mix and match until you find the right one! If you want a box mod that is all about top-tier power and customization for oils or e-juices, you have found your match!


Vaporesso Revenger Mini

A great small but powerful addition to our great list. The Vaporesso Revenger Mini is going to check all of the most important boxes you look for in an ideal box mod. The included lithium battery holds a 2500 mAh charge so it is great for all day vaping. The OLED display tells you a bounty of information, including current wattage output (5-80 watts is what you can customize to) and battery level. The box mod fits any 510 atomizer mod, so feel free to experiment with your favorite oils, waxes, or dry herb attachments! It includes quick charging, just in case you get caught with a low battery. This small, sleek, versatile box mod makes a great addition to any collection or as a gift to your favorite vaping enthusiast!

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