Kamry Box Mod Vape Review

The Kamry box mod gives you complete control when it comes to vaping. Attach any 510 thread atomizer and you can vaporize e liquids, oils, dry herbs and wax concentrates.

by: Avery C. | 12/11/17 2:30PM


For the majority of vapers, finding the perfect box mod to suit their vaping needs is very important. Consumers generally want a product that is multifaceted, easy to use, and provides a great overall experience. Thus, the Kamry 30w Box Mod was created. This mod is compact, versatile, and perfect for vapers of all levels.


Before we get into the mechanics and how to use this mod, let’s go over the basic features as well as what all is included in the kit:

Summary of Mod

  • 1.375”L x .75”W x 3”H
  • Compatible with atomizers ranging from 0.3-9.9ohm
  • Wattage can vary from 7-30w
  • Battery capacity of 2100mAh
  • OLED display that reads battery life, puffs, wattage, voltage, and atomizer resistance
  • Multiple air holes, increases heat dissipation
  • Adjustable spring loaded pin, 510 connector
  • 10-second power down safety feature
  • Short-circuit protection, low-resistance protection, and over-heating protection
  • Magnetic back cover

Box Mod Kit Includes

  • Kamry 30w Box Mod
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Protective travel case

Now that you have the basic information, we can get into how exactly to use this versatile product as well as how it compares to other leading box mods on the market.

Hand holding a kamry box mod

How to use a Kamry Box Mod

To vape with a box mod like the Kamry, you have several options as it is compatible with e-liquid, wax, oil, and herbal 510 tank attachments. To turn the power on, just like many other vape pens on the market, simply press the power button five times consecutively. Do the same to turn it off as well.

Depending on what kind of attachment you are using, you’ll want to set the wattage higher or lower. Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the harder or more powerful the hit will be. Although, you should be aware of what the best temperature for your vape tank may be. This is important information to be aware of so you don’t accidentally burn out the coils. It is always best to start at the lowest wattage setting and increase as needed.

For more information about using the Kamry 30w Box Mod with different types of atomizers as well as example products, read below.

kamry box mod with e liquid tank

E Liquid Tanks

When using the Kamry 30w Box Mod with an e-liquid tank, the wattage range is varied greatly depending on the individual product. So for e-liquid atomizers you will want to play around and experiment to find the sweet spot for your individual product and preference. Always start low and work your way up. This prevents the coils from becoming too hot and burning out. It also helps you grow as a vaper and figure out what works best for you.

Begin with the wattage set to a low number and take a couple hits to start. If the vapors are not too hot and the hits are not overly dry, then increase the wattage slightly. Repeat these steps increasing little by little until you reach your desired wattage. Most e-liquid atomizers can handle wattage well over 30w so you usually won’t need to worry about the coils breaking with this mod as it doesn’t go above 30 watts.

This is one of the best features about this vape mod when comparing it to other similar options on the market. Beginners can really benefit from starting with a product like the Kamry 30w because it allows them the mechanical leeway to discover their vaping preferences with a lowered risk of malfunctioning equipment.

kamry box mod with wax atomizer attachement

Wax Atomizers

If you’re looking to use the mod with a wax atomizer aka wax coil, you will be interested in the Yocan Cerum. And with any wax atomizer, you will want to make sure the wattage is set to somewhere between 15 and 25 watts. Any wattage level over 25w and you run the risk of the coils burning out. Similar to with e-liquid atomizers, it’s really about your preference here. Start with the wattage around 15w and work your way up from there until you find the sweet spot.

When using the Kamry 30w vape, wax products like Yocan Cerum work very well. Due to the compact nature of this mod, it is perfect for products that need a lower wattage to burn well. When compared to other vape mods, the Kamry 30w tends to come out ahead when it comes to vaping wax products like Yocan Cerum. If you're new to this stuff you can learn more in our article about how to use a vape pen.

Oil Cartridges

Vaping oil is generally very similar to vaping wax with the Kamry. Oils typically require lower wattage in order to keep from overheating and burning. With oils, start the wattage very low and increase from there. Oftentimes, oils will thrive at wattage levels of less than 10w.

The lowest wattage that this vape goes is 7w. So when starting out, it’s easiest to start at the lowest setting and work your way up. If the oil has a burnt taste to it, you will know that the wattage is set too high. The only downside to this product when it comes to vaping is that it cannot be set to a lower wattage level than the 7w.

Dry Herb Coils

Dry herb atomizers are also going to be used at a lower wattage setting. This is because they simply don’t need as much power to heat up. If you’re using a dry herb atomizer with your Kamry mod, then you will typically want to start on the lowest setting and work your way up.

Typically, the dry herb atomizer will work best at wattage levels of 10w or less. Start the mod at 7 watts and increase as needed. Remember to always take at least a couple hits before increasing the wattage. Starting low, while seemingly tedious at times, will really help prolong the life of the coils as well as allow you to determine the exact wattage necessary for all of your different products and atomizers.

Now that you have a general idea of the best ways to use your mod depending on your atomizer and product, let’s go over another couple of important components of the Kamry 30w Box Mod.


Vape Battery

The Kamry 30w has a battery with a capacity of 2100mAh. In general, the higher the mAh, the longer the vape battery will hold a charge. The battery is actually a part of the mod, rather than an added accessory. This makes charging a breeze, as the only thing you need to do is simply plug the vape in to the wall with the included micro-USB charger.

Reminder: While any micro-USB charger will work, it is always recommended to use the charger that is included with the vape kit.

In comparison with other similar box mods, the Kamry 30w battery typically has a slightly larger mAh capacity than most. Generally, 30 watt box mods have batteries with mAh capacities around 1900. The only disadvantage it has in regards to battery is the fact that you aren’t able to remove and replace it with your own – lets say you go camping and will be without electric for a few days.

Box mod vape next to a cleaning sign

Cleaning the Box Mod Vape

Keeping your Mod clean is essential to prolonging its lifespan as well as making sure your vaping experience is the best it can be. Simply grab a few cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. Dip one swab into the alcohol and begin by cleaning out the 510 connector area. Make sure the connector and surrounding area is entirely free from residue as this can diminish the quality of your hits as well as encourage malfunction.

Give the rest of your mod a once over replacing the cotton swabs as they become dirty. Once the unit is thoroughly cleaned, it’s ready to use once again. Make sure you clean your mod regularly in order to get the most out of the product.

Box Mod vs Vape Pen

You may be wondering what exactly the difference between a box mod like the Kamry 30w and a traditional vape pen is. Nowadays, the terms can somewhat be interchanged with all of the products out there. But to get specific, when comparing box mods to vape pens there are several key differences.

The biggest difference between the two vaping devices is complexity. Vape pens are typically what beginner vapers start out with. The pens range in size from a normal cigarette to a cigar. Vapers simply inhale the heated compounds and exhale vapor. There is little no to room for customization.

With box mod vapes, the whole vaping experience is able to be tailored to your vaping preferences. For example, most box mods will at the very least allow you to control the wattage and potentially the ohm, or resistance level. You can control the temperature, resistance, wattage and more. Some vape pens allow vapors to control the wattage, but it is still no where near as complex as box mods.

Mods are also typically able to be used with several different types of atomizers. This allows you to vape a variety of products, all with the same base device. Choose from atomizers like those for e-liquid, dry herb, wax and oil – all four types no problem.

Batteries are the other defining difference between vape pens and box mods. Vape pens typically have a smaller battery, and it is unlikely that it will be removable. On the other hand, box mods tend to have much larger and long-lasting batteries. Many mods also feature removable batteries, allowing the vaping experience to be customized even further.


The Kamry 30w Box Mod, while fairly simple in the box mod world, it is the perfect product for vapers who want a great vaping experience as well as a versatile product, all at an affordable price.

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