What is a Box Mod Vape?

A Box Mod is one of the more advanced methods of vaping. Battery life on a mod is unmatched by smaller vapes and they have more advanced computer chip that regulates the flow of electricity both in and out. Although a box mod is typically used with oils and liquids, with the proper atomizer attachment, you can also use them for dry herbs and wax.

by: Joe C. | 03/23/16 1:30PM


A Box Mod is one of the more advanced methods of vaping. They either come with a built-in battery or are powered by a connection to one or two lithium-ion batteries. The battery life on a mod is unmatched by smaller vape pens and they come with a more advanced computer chip that regulates the flow of electricity both in and out. This control allows you to fine-tune the temperature of your coils to optimize your vape experience. Although a box mod is typically used with oils and liquids, with the proper atomizer attachment, you can also use them for dry herbs and wax.


What are the advantages of using a Box Mod Vape?

Vaping Temperature Control

The ability to control the temperature of your portable vape pen is an advanced feature that provides a better vape experience. With dry herbs, it will help you extract exactly what you need without the contents getting to the point of combustion. With wax and oils, temperature control can make sure you don't heat the contents to a temperature that results in a harsh inhale.

Voltage output/input

Controlling the output/input will allow you to achieve an ideal vapor production, flavor, and the smooth hit you desire. Not every atomizer/chamber attachment is the same, and many will require specific input/output to work at their optimal level. By controlling this feature, you can match your box mod and chamber attachment perfectly--even more so, you can be sure that you don't burn out your chamber by using too much power.


Take Larger Vapor Hits

The increase in power supplied by box mods means that you could get larger hits compared to a smaller vape pen. This is especially important for those e-juice vapers.

Long Vape Battery Life

Traditional e-cig users put box mods on the map and one of the main reasons it is so popular is the extended battery life. A vaporizer pen can usually last you all day but it is not guaranteed, especially if you are a heavy user. A box mod is capable of holding a significant charge and will easily last you all day and into the next.

Multi-Function Capabilities

The box mod is just a powerful battery with various function controls; it does not hold your oils, dry herbs or wax. Instead, your product is placed into a proper chamber attachment and then connected to your box mod . The mod can be equipped with different atomizer attachments meaning you have yourself an all-in-one vaporizer.

Kamry Box Mod with Vape Tank

What are the disadvantages of using a Box Mod?

Larger in Size

Box mods have come a long way and you can find some compact models like our Karmy 30, but in general, the box mod is bulkier than a vape pen. With the size, you get quality technology and functionality control, plus very solid battery power. But you may need a bag or purse as opposed to simply sticking the unit in your pocket while traveling.

Less Discrete

With size comes responsibility. A box mod will make your public vaping pretty obvious. Between the mod and your atomizer attachment, this is not the easiest thing to hide. On a positive note, the box mod is typically associated with the vaping of e-juice, so if you have other oils in there, you'll still be looked at like your vaping an e-cig.

Can Be Difficult to Use for Beginners

A typical vape pen is operated with a single power button and possibly a very simple temperature control. A box mod is a more advanced way of vaping and often comes with many controls that are only useful if you know what you are doing. Unless you plan to be vaping among veterans or doing some research on the computer, newbies may want to try a simple vape pen first.


Advantages and Disadvantages Conclusion

When it comes to a box mod, the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages. Specifically, if you are into oils and liquids, a mod is typically the best way to go. But even for wax and dry herbs, it is a product to be considered when searching for the best vape pen for you. Remember, the box mod is just the powerful vape battery" so you will also need a chamber attachment that suits your preferences.


How to choose a Box Mod Vape?

Once you figure out that you want to buy a box mod, the next step is to figure out which mod you want. & Just about all of the vape mods are compatible with standard 510 attachments that work with herbs, oils and wax so you don't need to choose a mod according to what you will be vaping.

When choosing a vape mod you'll want to pay attention to the following 3 main attributes

When it comes to the different mods on the market, you can find some big, bulky devices or you can go with something that will disappear in the palm of your hand. Usually, the bigger you go, the heavier the unit is. And although vape mods have similar functions, usually the bigger you go, the more controls you have, plus a longer battery life.

But you may want to think about size for some other reasons too. If you constantly travel then you may want something small and lightweight, but if you won't be around any sort of power for long stretches, you may want something larger that has a larger battery. Tiny hands may not wrap around the largest mods and big hands will swallow the smallest ones on the market.

Function Battery Control

If you are an experienced vaper and you have a wide range of 510 attachments, then you may focus your attention on the controls. The different controls can help you fine-tune the various 510 vape tank that can be equipped. Controls are important to create the best experience, especially with e liquid users. When you can adjust wattage and voltage output you can turn the power up and produce massive vapor clouds. On the other side of it, you can avoid burning out any atomizer by directing the exact amount of energy needed into the atomizer.

Battery Capacity Design

Firstly, the higher the battery capacity, the more energy that can be stored and therefore the longer a battery will last. Most mods have a fairly high capacity battery that will get most people through the day. But from the smallest to the largest, there can be a distinct difference in capacity.

The average vaporizer has a built in battery but with vape mods that is not always the case. Some models come with a built in battery and some come with a replaceable vape battery that is also rechargeable. The built in battery is great but even the replaceable battery can usually be charged from within the device by just plugging it into a charging cable. The advantage to the replaceable battery is that it can be taken in and out of the unit. So if you want, you can easily pre-charge several batteries and go enjoy the box mod for a week without any electricity.

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