Are Silicone Pipes Better Than Glass Pipes

Trying to figure out what to buy between Silicone Pipes and Glass Pipes? We break down both types of smoking pipes in this easy-to-read comparison by experts.

by: Anthony E. | 03/16/20 1:30PM

The Answer is Ultimately Up to You

With the advent of smoking herbs taking the world by storm, it would be natural to eventually explore more advanced methods that can enhance the smoking experience and provide the user with more options. With the various improvements over the years done within smoking circles, it was inevitable to come across materials that offered more protection, durability, and were more cost effective. Meet silicone, which excels in all three of those areas. The truth is that even though silicone offers more for the user in terms of practicality, glass is more aesthetically pleasing, so what it will undoubtedly come down to is your own personal preferences and what it is that you want.

The Answer is Ultimately Up to You

While glass remains the more popular option out of the two due to its sleek appeal and ability to deliver a full flavor profile, silicone offers the practicality of ensuring the user will come to the experience without worrying about accidents among users who may or may not be as experienced handling smoking devices. Another benefit of silicone is the fact that you will always walk away from a session knowing that your investment was truly a sound decision.

The Pros & Cons of Silicone Pipes vs Glass Pipes

The Pros and Cons of Silicone Pipes vs Glass Pipes

Pipe Pros

  • Silicone will never ever break on you like glass will. This makes silicone the better option for beginners and those who fancy taking their smoking devices to parties.
  • It is so much easier to clean than glass. Simply taking apart the silicone to get those hard to reach areas is something glass cannot ever do. O yea, it’s real bendy too which helps getting into the small crevices.
  • In general, it is the more affordable option between the two as you won’t find a silicone bong going for a few hundred bucks. Glass takes more work to make as elaborate designs, and silicone is very nice looking, but it takes less effort to make by comparison.

Pipe Cons

  • Pure flavor is sacrificed for practicality. Granted, you can smoke a silicone pipe and you may not notice much of a difference, but in general, glass pipes offer users the luxury of purity over all other materials such as metal, wood, and of course, silicone.
  • One cannot see the smoke, which many people enjoy. Silicone is usually a solid color or an abstract blend of swirling color, blocking any view of the smoke from the user.
  • Glass pieces or smoking pipes tend to be prettier. While there are both good and bad designs in both glass and silicone, the common trend is that glass is more elaborate in design which makes it prettier to look at.

Should I Buy a Silicone Pipe?

Should I Buy a Silicone Pipe?

If you are ever on the fence about deciding whether or not to buy a silicone piece over a glass piece, then rest assured that if you do decide to go with silicone, it will be the better choice for all the reasons listed above. The benefits outweigh any cons, and silicone is definitely worth a try! You will be hard pressed to find a bad silicone piece, and you most likely will not be disappointed. Silicone is efficient, practical, affordable, safe to use, and will last you a lifetime. Besides being easy to clean, silicone offers the added bonus of being food grade just like glass.

Even though glass offers more purity in terms of flavor, silicone does not impede on flavor as much as metal or other materials out there and being food grade means it is safe to use when it heats up. There are no worries about noxious fumes or unwanted chemicals floating around your space or in your material with silicone. If you want a pipe with all these great features, then take the plunge and go with a high quality made silicone pipe that is made to last!

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