Silicone Pipes - The Complete List

Silicone Pipes have exploded in popularity. Checkout this list to see every one of these cool smoking pipes that will never break. We provide a quick review, pictures and more.

by: Melissa R. | 12/03/18 2:30PM


Glass pipes have been popular for decades, and for good reason: they are easy to clean and safe to smoke from. However, most long-term smokers have a sad story about a favorite glass piece that fell to the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces. This literal weakness of the classic material has led herb enthusiasts to seek out other things to make smoking pipes implements from. This search has led to a promising material: silicone.

While silicone pipes may look a little odd next to familiar glass pieces, there are some good reasons to consider buying a silicone pipe, bong, or bubbler: pure silicone does not leach chemicals into your smoke, so you can trust that, just like with glass, you are only getting the herb when you smoke. Its exceedingly high melting point means that silicone pieces can withstand extreme heat -- up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit -- without warping, melting, or emitting harmful compounds.


The key here is pure silicone: there are many companies hawking low-quality silicone pieces for cheap, but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to silicone. NY Vape Shop stocks quality silicone pieces, so you can trust that you are buying a pipe or bong that will fulfill your needs without the potential to harm you. So, how do you know which silicone piece to choose? Here, we have compiled a master list of the silicone pipes we offer. We will update this list as we add new products, but if you see something we missed, reach out!

1. Silicone Smoking Pipe

This silicone pipe is on the smaller side as far as pipes go, measuring 3.5” in length. The body of the pipe is made up of high-grade, heat-resistant silicone and features a metal bowl screen that can easily be cleaned or replaced altogether. Since its silicone body is drop-proof, even the most accident-prone of smokers can use it without worrying about dropping and breaking it. As an added bonus, this particular silicone pipe features a matching bowl cover, allowing you to preload your herb into the bowl for use on the go, a feature you won’t find with a traditional glass pipe.

We like this pipe for its moderate bowl size, perfect for everyday use, and its well-placed (and appropriately-sized) carb, which makes for good control over the size of the amount of smoke you draw. We also like the metal screen, which eliminates the potential for ash flying into your throat when you inhale. That said, you could also use a glass screen if you choose to avoid metal when you smoke.


2. Glass Silicone Sherlock

This silicone take on the classic Sherlock-style pipe provides the best of both worlds with its glass interior encased in a layer of colorful and nearly indestructible silicone. This means that, when you use this piece, the smoke you inhale travels through an all-glass bowl and into a glass tube to reach your lungs, making it a great option if you like the idea of silicone smokeware, but do not want to completely give up glass altogether.

This pipe is on the small side for a Sherlock, measuring a comfortable 4” in length. The larger bowl allows you to pack plenty of herb, and the drop-resistant silicone outer layer makes this bowl ideal for travel or smoking on the go. There are three main parts to this pipe: the silicone outer shell, the glass bowl piece, and the glass tube stem. It is easy to clean and makes a perfect travel bowl.


3. Glass Bowl Silicone Sherlock

This curvy silicone-glass hybrid piece is another good option for those who like the idea of silicone smokeware, but do not want to apply flame to a silicone bowl. The body of the pipe itself is made of high-quality, heat-resistant silicone, while the bowl is made of glass and features a built-in glass screen, reducing the risk of unpleasant ash being drawn in on inhale.

Measuring 4.5” long, this silicone pipe fits comfortably in the hand, making for a pleasant, leisurely smoke. The well-placed carb is not too big and not too small, allowing precise control of the amount of smoke you draw. Nearly indestructible silicone can last for decades and is very easy to clean, which means that this trusty pipe will be a part of your collection for many years to come.


4. Skull Pipe

This larger-size silicone pipe features a skull design around the bowl that is both aesthetically pleasing and has a pleasant grip. The body of the pipe is crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant silicone, while the included glass bowl piece sits snugly in the silicone socket, providing a seamless fit while ensuring you do not bring the silicone into contact with open flame.

At 4.5” in length, this silicone pipe looks larger than it actually is: the bowl is medium-sized and makes for a good, moderate smoke session. As it is a bit larger than some of the other silicone pipes we’ve discussed here, it may be better suited to home use, though you could absolutely take it on the road with you -- its silicone body makes it practically indestructible.

5. Unbreakable Bowl

Constructed of heat-resistant, food-grade silicone and a nearly indestructible metal bowl, this pipe is the perfect travel companion or gift for the smoker in your life who keeps breaking glass. While it is smaller in size than some of the other pipes we have mentioned, the bowl is surprisingly hefty and can hold a good quantity of herb. The carb is a good size for the piece and provides precise control over the amount of smoke you draw, while the bowl fits snugly inside the silicone body, creating a tight seal.

This silicone pipe measures 3.5” and is compact and easy to use. This is the perfect pipe to take with you on a hike, a camping trip, or a trip to the beach and works well for both individual use and sharing with friends.

6. Swan Bubbler

This small but mighty bubbler is composed of three main pieces: a glass bowl that holds the water, a silicone cover in the shape of a swan (the head of the swan makes up the mouthpiece of the pipe), and a silicone downstem. The parts fit easily together and “snap” into place well, making assembly quick and easy for use on the go, such as at the top of that mountain you just scaled or at the beach with friends.

Because of its adaptable silicone downstem, this bubbler can work with nearly any glass bong bowl you happen to have on hand, so there is no special equipment required. Simply pop in your favorite bowl (or even domeless nail) and go! If you are looking for a portable water pipe, this piece may be just what you need.

7. Pokeball Silicone Pipe

Perfect for the Pokemon fan in your life, this silicone pipe features a molded silicone bowl made of food-grade silicone in the shape of a Pokeball. This is one of the larger silicone pieces we offer, and its large bowl provides plenty of room to pack generous amounts of herb, making this pipe an ideal party bowl. It features an all-silicone body and a removable glass bowl piece for easy cleaning. As an added bonus, the bowl contains a built-in glass screen.

At 4.5” long, this pipe is perfectly sized and its round shape makes it easy to hold. The removable bowl makes this pipe especially easy to clean, and it snaps tightly into place during use. This is an excellent novelty piece for home or travel.

8. Silicone Downstem

If you find yourself in need of a new downstem, silicone can be a great option not only is it easy to clean and virtually indestructible, it also sidesteps the issue of finding the right size glass component for your existing water pipe. Since it is flexible and creates an airtight seal with almost any size bowl, silicone is an especially good option for people with oddly-sized glassware. This piece is also compatible with the silicone swan bubbler above, in addition to any of the water pipes on our site, whether silicone or glass.



9. Silicone Bongs

In addition to the rise of silicone pipes, silicone is also growing increasingly popular for use in bongs. This is for several reasons: in addition to its durability and lightweight composition, silicone’s flexibility circumvents the common problem of finding a downstem or bowl that fits your particular glass, allowing you greater flexibility in which bowls you can use with any given piece. Of course, the portability and near-indestructibility of silicone only makes it more attractive, especially for larger pieces like bongs.

From badass skull bongs to the classic beaker style to the perennial teapot shape -- even a curvaceous mini bong with included metal bowl piece -- there is a silicone bong option for every need. Another advantage silicone bongs have over their glass counterparts is their cost: silicone is much more affordable than glass, putting quality smokeware in reach for even the most frugal of consumers. Silicone bongs are easy to clean, adaptable to nearly any size glass or metal bowl, and very portable, allowing you to enjoy a smooth-smoking bowl anywhere you chose.

10. Silicone Dab Rigs

Silicone dab rigs are also growing in popularity, as they’re nearly unbreakable and resistant to even extremely high heat. Silicone has emerged as the best material to store concentrates in -- you likely have a silicone dab container or two on hand -- because it doesn’t allow the material to adhere to the surface of the container. Its heat-resistant properties have made food-grade silicone a logical, cost-effective, and safe material for dab rigs, making high-quality rigs more accessible and more travel-friendly.

There are many different options available when searching for a silicone dab rig, from more utilitarian, straightforward pieces to a festive pumpkin option. If you like nectar collectors, there is a mini silicone model available for an especially portable dabbing experience.

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