How to Choose the Best Vape Pen for Oil Cartridges

There are many options when choosing a vape battery to go with a new 510 oil cartridge. The skinny cartridges for oil have become very popular options for vapers so we break down all the vapes here.

by: Greg H. | 02/05/18 2:30PM


Choosing the Best Vape Pen for Oil Cartridges

Vape cartridges have become a very popular item at dispensaries across the country, with hundreds of different strains being made into concentrate. Concentrates are the new age of smoking, as they are purified and concentrated versions of your favorite herb strains. They give potent effects and allow for it to be consumed on the go quickly and easily, with much less smell and gear to worry about.

These vape cartridges are easy to use, can be very tasty, and all use the universal 510 thread that is compatible with a variety of vape batteries. If you have a pre-filled Oil Cartridge, you are essentially looking for a vape battery – attach the battery to your cartridge and you have a vape pen. The names are somewhat used interchangeably if you want to get technical.

There is a large variety of vape pens on the market. They have different temperature settings, vape battery lives, shapes, sizes, and functions. Vapes that are best for vaping with vape tanks can sometimes be as small as a writing pen. When looking for your ideal vape aka pen, it is important to keep in mind your preferences, price range, and smoking habits so you can better match them with the right functionality.


Vape Battery Design

In order to vape the cartridges, a battery is required to provide power and heat to the coils to vaporize the oil. The vape pens you are accustomed to hearing about are simply glorified batteries with some sort of coil or heating mechanism that burns the oil in the cartridges, thus allowing you to take a convenient puff. The vape pen, then, is basically made up of an oil cartridge and a battery. There are various ways in which these can be organized, as the battery can be bigger and more powerful, smaller and more discreet, or even located on the side of the chamber so as to further minimize the surface area of the piece. These vape batteries or vape pens come in basic styles plus the more advanced kind.


Stylus Vape Battery

The Stylus vape pen by SteamCloud is very simple, and often comes with a vape cartridge. This vape battery comes either with a button or without, as some of them can be activated simply by pulling from the mouthpiece. These pens are a very popular option simply because they get the job done easily and discreetly. These batteries normally come with set voltages that are compatible with all cartridges. The voltage is usually between 3-5 watts and will burn all types of oil well. They also have decent battery lives, with some batteries that can lost for days on end. The function can vary and you should check with your online vape store attendant for questions on the specifications of the pens you are interested in.


EVOD Pen Batteries

The SteamCloud EVOD vape pen is the most popular style. The evod style is simple but still contains functionality to make it durable and fun to use. This pen style also became popular with the introduction of e-Juice so the options are almost endless. The design is simple. Just screw the cartridge into to the top, press the button, and hit. Recently, they have advanced some new features such as variable voltage functionality and even the ability to burn multiple types of wax. EVOD and Pen style vape batteries also have 510 threading compatibility with the pre-filled oil cartridges, and even larger 510 atomizers. These pens are thicker than the stylus pens, and also can have additional functions such as temperature control, various attachments, and very long battery lives.


Side-by-Side Battery Design

The newest, most popular style that has surfaced, has a cool “side-by-side” design that is even more discreet. The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 is the prime example, featuring the patented side cartridge design. Rather than screw into the top, these pens have an insert located directly adjacent to the battery. This reduces the size of the piece and makes vaping even more efficient. This style is the perfect choice for the oil vaper that is simply looking for a way to get a discreet way to smoke on the go. Whether using some exhale wellness thc vape carts, or your favorite brand, this is the best vape style. The side-by-side design is the easiest for newcomers to use and the best way to take your concentrates with you wherever you go.


Box Mod Vapes

Although these easy to spot box mod vapes were first made popular for use with e liquid and the original “vapers”, they work with any 510 atomizer attachment. Box mods are known for having the most control over the voltage of your hits, allowing for direct control over how hot you burn them. Be careful when using a box mod with pre-filled oil cartridges because they typically burn at a lower temperature and are subject to being burnt when used with box mods at high temperature settings. When shopping for oils, you can usually find out the ideal temperature for any particular cartridge, which will help to prevent you from performing any guesswork when trying out your newest strain. Box mods have a lot of customizability and have become popular for good reason. If you want to have variety and customization but are willing to sacrifice some portability and size, then box mods are a perfect option for you.

Battery Capacity

Regardless of the type of battery you choose, the main thing to consider is the mAh. The mAh represents how much energy the battery can store and therefore how long it will last you per charge. Oil vapes don’t use much energy so you don’t need nearly as much storage capacity as dry herb vapes. Depending on how much you vape and how hot your liquid burns, you may want to consider a pen with a longer battery life. Some pens can last as long as 72 hours on one full charge. These lengths of time depending on how the battery works. Some batteries only become activated when a hit is taken, while others remain on the whole time you have it turned on. This varies from vape to vape, but the pens that only use up battery when you actually take the hit are able to last much longer than those that always remain on.


Variable Voltage

Earlier models of vaporizers and vape batteries did not feature the ability to adjust the power output to the coils. Box mods and the newer vape batteries provide options that allow you to change the power output and fine tune your vaping experience. These pens are perfect for those who smoke various types of oil or even if you just want the perfect temperature on each hit. Variable voltage features can be found on many battery styles and sometimes the temperature can be adjusted simply by twisting a dial on the battery. Other options like the box mods, often come with digital displays where you can adjust the vape temperature and keep track of your battery life. There are all kinds of varieties and the best way to find your favorite is to begin reading about the different options.


Although they are all portable there are differences in size and shape that may affect your ability to easily transport it around with you. Box mods are usually bulkier and heavier, although some smaller varieties exist. The typical ego Pen and Stylus styles are popular and affordable, but they make for a somewhat longer piece that is not quite as small as the side by side design. The side by side style is the most portable and has quickly become the most widely used style throughout the community. The best example of this is the SteamCloud Mini, which boasts 650 mah, a larger than normal battery capacity. These pens fit in your hand perfectly, hit smooth, and last a long time. Everything you could want from a quick and easy oil vape pen.

Making the Choice

Finding your perfect vape pen comes down to preference. Each pen has their own unique set of characteristics, and trying each one may help you to better figure out which style works best for you. If you just want it for discreet, on the go access, then a side-by-side or typical pen styles would be the most efficient and easy to use option. However, if you also use other 510 atomizers for e juice and herbs, you should go with a box mod for sure.


SteamCloud Mini Vape Pen

The SteamCloud Mini Vape fits skinny oil cartridges plus it boasts a 650mah battery that will easily last all day. The sleek design tucks the cartridge to the side for a super discreet, portable style unlike other vape batteries. With a long battery life and perfect burning temperature, you can enjoy your new pen anywhere without worrying about storage or how discreet it is.

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