What is Box Mod

Box Mod

A box mod is a large, quality battery that functions similar to a vaporizer. But the Mod is only the battery so 510 atomizer attachments are needed to start vaping anything. A vaporizer mainly consists of a battery but also includes a built-in heating chamber and mouthpiece which is the main difference between the two.


Box Mod Vape - Common Features

Large Powerful Battery

Mods first became super popular for use with e juice vapers. The larger size means more capacity for energy storage to make sure clouds can be blown all day and night without dying. Varying battery sizes are available but typically you can expect to find above-average mah capacity compared to vaporizers.

Compatible with herb, oil and wax atomizers

Just about every vape mod in the industry comes with the standard 510 adapter port for standard 510 atomizer tanks. Tanks are available whether you are an herb person or another e cig user with e juice. Literally hundreds of options exist when you include atomizer tanks from the beginning until now. The options can be overwhelming and definitely confusing if you are a first time user. Just reach out to our friendly customer service and we can help answer any question you may have.

Cool Features and Functionality

Vape Mods usually come with an LED screen that displays all sorts of information such as the temperatures, battery life and more. Some Mods come with blue tooth and can perform as a speaker for your phone. Most don't have the blue tooth, but average mods have the ability to detect and control wattage input or output so that you can fine tune the settings to make the atomizer-mod match perfectly. In addtion , average box modscome with a more advanced computer chip that regulates the flow of electricity both in and out allowing you to fine-tune the temperature of your coils to optimize your vape experience.


At first the box mod was on average more bulky than a typical herb or wax vape, especially when you take the 510 attachment into account. However, they were still portable, although a bag or cargo pocket was a more likely destination than the front pocket of fitted jeans. But as with the entire vaporizer industry, things have developed and smaller devices with similar punch are now more widely available and you may even find one to fit into your skinny jeans!


Any used 510 vape attachment will need to be replaced or fitted with a new coil before the battery within your mod dies. Unless of course you beat the thing with a bat or expose it to some other form of severe environment like water. But for the most part, when dealing with repsonsible sellers such as NY Vape Shop, you will receive mods that will last longer than you can hang on to it. Most users typically come back for a second because they lost the old one, gave it to a friend, want to upgrade or simply just want to buy another one for whatever reason.


510 Thread Atomizers - know the Max Wattage

Any verteran vaper has experienced a burnt out coil, some through general ware and tare, but when it comes to box mods, for beginners, more often than not, the burnt out coil can be attribute to the amount of watts being sent from the battery into the 510 atomizer attachment.

What Box Mod should I get?

The answer can be pretty complex but we won't get too crazy. In short, this is certainly an option that can be considered when looking for a vaporizer whether it is for herbs, wax or oils and e liquids. At the end of the day it really comes down to user preference in regards to the various vape features sought and how simple they want things.

If you are an e cig person

If you are an e cig person looking for a device to vape e juice, any Box Mod with an oil liquid attachment will work for you, and it is a solid choice. With e juice, users typically look for the power that mods provide so large smoke clouds can be blown, all day. 510 attachments are more popular among e juice vapors so if you already have an assortment of attachments you can still make use of them with a new mod. Other options for you are the cheaper skinny pen batteries that work with skinny 510 oil cartridges. Or perhaps the disposable ones are an option too.

For wax vapers

For wax vapers looking for a device, this is an option but for newbies and amateurs, you may want some sort of simple vape pen specifically designed for use with wax concentrates. If you decide dabbing wax on the go is your thing, definitely upgrade to a box mod equipped with a wax coil atomizer attachment. There are many options to choose from just within the category and vape mods can be equipped with all sorts of 510 thread atomizers, but the setup and use needs to be done properly or risk burning out a coil, always start at the lowest wattage setting and work your way up!

Looking for an Herb vaporizer?

First off, if you are looking for True Vaporization, meaning you don't want to produce smoke because you want a healthier vaping experience, then a box mod is NOT the way to go. You should go with a vaporizer such as the E-CLIPSE or Stoner Joe dry herb vaporizer. Although mods can be equipped with attachments and glass screens that ultimately lead to True Vaporization, expecially for beginners looking for the healthier vapor experience, we strongly recommend going with a vape like one of the 2 mentioned above otherwise you may be disappointed.


Best Box Mod - How to choose it

Whether an herb vaper, wax or e liquid cloud blower, once you have decided that your vaporizer of choice is going to be a Box Mod, the next objective is to navigate the sea of Mods available. The options are just about endless to the point where every feature has been thrown at these things to try and differentiate - for instance, models are availble with bluetooth to perform as a speaker and microphone for phone calls or music. Just about every mod in the industry should work with all 510 thread atomizers whether for buds or e liquid or cbd oils. So the choice will come down to the overall size of the unit, the battery capactiy and other features such as display screens. We have listed out the main differences between mod vapes below.


Overall Size and Weight

Overall Size and Weight - especially early on in the coming of this product, units were large and bulky, but that was okay and almost preferred. The e juice, big cloud puff vapers would whip these products out like it was a car show. But after the early adopters, new users came on board and demand for more discreet smaller units crept up - as soon as the 510 thread atomizers for wax and dry herbs became hot, the demand for discreet options was even more evident. So with that a plethora of options are available from bulky to small and discreet, like the powerful box mod or SteamCloud Mini 2.0 that will fit in the palm of your hand, and we highly recommend it.

Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity - it is important to know and understand how long a full battery charge will last - the batteries capacity is measured by Mah - higher the number, the more capacity that is available . Being aware will level expectations and help avoid unwanted distruptions in any vapour sessions. Plus, if you are looking for a super long battery life, you may have to sacrifice a smaller device for something a bit bulkier - but how can you know if the added size is worth it without knowing the battery capactiy?


Display Screen

Display Screen - frankly, it might be difficult to even find one of these things without a display screen. Box Mods are a bit more complicated than some of the simple vape pens that only require 5 clicks to turn on and 1 click to power up. A mod has all sorts of controls and most importantly, the ability for a user to adjust the wattage setting in small increments and the watts ripping from the battery into an atomizer can be exactly what burns the atomizer out - so display screens are just about a staple on these things and the choice will really come down to the quality of the screen and whether you want touch screen or not.

Internal or Replaceable Batteries

Internal or Replaceable Batteries - whichever type you deal with, depending on the seller, you are likely dealing with a fairly high quality battery that should not die completely for a long time. The difference is that one battery is removable and one is not. Think about the iPhone with no removable battery, and then think about another phone with a removeable battery. Both units can charge the same way by plugging into a charger and power source - but the advantage of removable batteries is that they can be charged in a separate charger, and then brought along on a long trip, making sure you will be vaping for a long time.



This is low on the list because frankly it is not that important. If you like a certain brand of box mod vapes then stick with it, or if a friend recommend a certain model, feel free to take their advice. Checking out well received brands is certainly a great place to start your search, and it may very well be where it ends. But this industry is massive and there are many, many suppliers churning out high quality products for you to choose from. If a brand spends enough money and at least operate in a decent way, everyone will know about the brand, but keep in mind and keep your eyes peeled for the smaller, quality players bringing cool concepts to life.