Silicone Bongs - the Complete List of this Smoking Pipe

We have compiled the Best List of Silicone Bongs, complete with pictures, bong reviews, plus other great information so you can shop informed.

by: Nina W. | 01/11/19 2:30PM


The water pipe or bong has been around for centuries, so there are endless options available. You already love big rips and are in the market for a new piece, but what to buy, glass? Plastic? Well, have you ever heard of a silicone bong? Silicone is a naturally derived polymer substance that is basically insensitive to temperature - meaning you can heat or cool it and it won't break down into whatever you are making, like with silicone ice cube trays and cookie molds. This rubber-like substance is easily molded and holds form while being basically indestructible- no more worrying about broken glass pipes. In recent years silicone has burst on to the smoking scene! Nowadays, it seems as though you can find just about anything made of silicone - pipes, bubblers, even dab rigs. What’s not to like about silicone bongs? You can drop them, they are super easy to clean and they are way cheaper than glass pieces. If you are thinking about picking up a silicone piece for yourself, you’ve come to the right place! To help you on your hunt, we have compiled a list of some of the hottest silicone water pipes on the market. As new products are introduced, we will be sure to update. Scroll down to check out all things silicone Pipes, Bongs and others!


Strong Silicone Bong 14 Inches

Strong Silicone Water Bong – 14 inches

Silicone is super durable, making this Strong Bong a perfect travel companion. Standing 14 inches tall, it fits perfectly into any backpack or luggage and if not- you can just fold it up! A removable silicone downstem is included, leaving you the option of customizing this pipe with whatever bowl piece suits your style. Available in: Green, Red, Rasta, and Glow in the Dark, there are endless possibilities to really make this piece your own. The sleek design makes for a water pipe that easily fits in the hand, and the 4.25-inch base means you do not have to worry about knocking it over. Aside from being easy to use, silicone is also really easy to clean. The body of the pipe is molded into a single form - meaning no little nooks and crannies to get in to. Just a quick recap - durable, easy-to-clean, and totally affordable… What is there not to love?!


10-inch Silicone Water Bong

This is a new spin on the classic water bong design! Keeping with the sleek tube shape and ‘fuming’ patterns common in glass water pipes, this silicone bong is a nearly indestructible take on an old favorite. This bong is seriously built tough, made out of only 100% silicone, including the down stem! Silicone is a little stretchy and non-porous, so you can pop in multiple sizes of male bowl pieces and get a seamless, airtight fit, every time. At 10 inches tall and available in two different fun color combos, this water pipe is the perfect piece for everyone! Made from high-quality, durable silicone, this pipe is totally accident proof. (Add a metal bowl for complete indestructibility!) Whether smoking pipes solo or with friends- this silicone water pipe will meet all of your dry herb needs. Both easy to smoke, easy to clean, and just the right size- this 10-inch Silicone Water Bong should be on every shopping list!


Badass Skull Bong

These strong silicone water bongs are seriously badass! Made out of super durable polymers, this silicone skull is a spooky play on the classic round-based bong. Unscrewing right above the eyes, the skull-body opens into a cup shape that is frighteningly easy to clean and refill. The extra space also means a bigger water chamber. Try adding a couple ice cubes to clean, cold water for your next chill sesh! Completing this awesome piece is the silicone downstem - it will never break while being removed or cleaned. Available in: Green, Red and Rasta options, there is a freaky fun design to fit all styles. Take your new badass water pipe to the next level by adding your own banger or bowl.


Mini Bong with Slide Bowl Piece

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line portable water pipe then look no further! This mini bong is a fantastic little piece to take along or toke daily. Made entirely out of non-stick silicone, these mini water bongs also come apart to make for super easy cleaning. When we say “entirely” we mean it: even the downstem is silicone! Once your piece is clean and refilled, add some ice cubes to the base of the chamber for an extra cool smoke. Standing just under 7 inches tall, this piece is incredibly discreet and just the right size to fit in the palm of your hand. Did I mention that this piece also comes with its own metal screened bowl? This pipe is ready to go right out of the box- just add water and your favorite dry herbs!


Two Piece Bong with Ice Catcher

This is the perfect bong for any cool sesh. Complete with a built-in ice catcher, you can totally chill out with this two-piece silicone water bong. When fully assembled, it stands 14 inches tall, with a 4.5-inch base so you do not have to worry about it tipping over or getting knocked off the table. Unscrew the top (4.5in) from the base (9.5in) for easy cleaning and portability. The classic tube-shaped body is ridged for a super secure fit in any sized hand. Choose from multiple colors to compliment your personal style. Each two-piece water bong comes with a matching silicone downstem and you can add on whatever kind of bowl you like!


Silicone Beaker Bong

This amazing beaker bong stands a modest 7.5 inches tall, making it the perfect size for any smoker and totally portable! Made of 100% high-grade silicone, the beaker body and removable silicone downstem make for incredibly easy cleaning. Not to mention, it is totally tough and built to travel. The beaker base is an adorable 3 inches in diameter, perfect backpack size. Take it with you the next time you go camping high up on a mountain! The signature skinny neck and fat conical belly on this piece look like something straight out of a chemistry lab! Speaking of science- the silicone used is both chemical and bacteria resistant. (But you still have to clean it!) Each silicone beaker bong comes complete with an unbreakable silicone downstem. Pick up one for yourself in navy blue or bright red - or just get both!



Silicone Teapot Bong

If you want a water bong that is both awesome and indestructible, then the Teapot Bong is for you! Just pop in your favorite bowl piece and this water pipe is ready to rock n’ roll! Thoughtfully designed with a silicone downstem, your days of glass gummed up in the slide, are over! Give a whole new meaning to “high tea” with this adorable teapot shaped bong. Comprised of only the highest quality silicone, you can use this discreet little piece at both high and low temperatures. Perfect for a day at the beach or up on the slopes- you can smoke in style anywhere you go with the super durable Silicone Teapot Bong. Compact, rugged and a breeze to clean- you know you want one! Available in ‘fumed’ red black, green, white and blue or solid bright green.


Silicone Dab Rigs

Available in enough colors to fit all styles, Silicone Dab Rigs are an unbreakable alternative to glass set-ups. Dab Rigs are not exactly intended to be used as a bong, but that does not mean they cannot get the job done! Designed with nice deep chambers, you can really get the most out of your smoke. Attach your favorite bowl or banger to fully customize these smash-proof Silicone Rigs. Sporting the iconic super-skinny neck of the Dab Rig, any of these pipes can be used as a water bong with a totally unique shape. Whether you are looking for pocket-sized or table-top, these Rigs are the perfect purchase! They are sturdy, low-maintenance and great for on-the-go. Every Silicone Dab rig comes complete with an entirely silicone downstem. Most Silicone Dab Rigs go for a fraction of the price of glass! Why not try one for yourself?


Silicone Bong Mouthpiece

Have you ever been invited to a strange smoke sesh, and been a little wary of what fun cooties your new smoking buddies might have? You should not have to miss out on the opportunity to partake just for the sake of hygiene. Thankfully, you no longer have to! The Silicone Bong Mouthpiece allows you to use any water pipe without having to actually put your mouth on it. Available in basically any color you can think of, the silicone bong mouthpiece are a must-have for any social smoker. These solid molded Silicone Mouthpieces can fit in your pocket and be easily rinsed out in the sink. Stylish, small and saves you from getting sick- there is no reason not to get one for yourself! (And for all your friends because you care about their health!)

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