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by: John B. | 04/30/18 1:30PM


Fixing a Vape Introduction

For many of us, our vaporizers are a common household item that we use every day. But what happens when something goes wrong with a vaporizer? Maybe it won’t turn on, or it just doesn’t hit like it used to. In almost all cases, it is possible to fix your vaporizer yourself using a little know how and some trial and error.

These days, there is a vaporizer for almost everything that we consume through heat, whether it is dry herbs, concentrates, oils or e-liquids. Not only that, but there are different models for each type of vape. Each individual device may work differently, so fixing each one will require different methods. However, many issues people run into are quite common across all vapes and can be fixed easily.

In the content below, we will first go over the most common issues people encounter when using vaporizers of any type. Then, we will move onto each specific type of vaporizer and how to solve the most common issues that come up with those particular style of devices, whether they are dry herb, oil, or wax vapes, or the more advanced box mods.



Common Problems Found in Any Vaporizer

No matter what type of vaporizer you are using, or which model you have, there are some common issues you may run into. There are hundreds of portable vaporizers on the market, and sometimes a problem can be linked to a specific model. However, there are general issues found with any vape, such as the battery not turning on or not charging, or your attachments not fitting on the battery properly.

Below are some of the most common issues you may run into when using any style of vaporizer, as well as how to fix it. If your issue isn’t here, keep scrolling until you get to your specific type of vaporizer.

Vape Not Turning On

Most portable vaporizers turn on by clicking the main button five times quickly, so make sure to do that. If your battery will not turn on, make sure you are pressing the button five times fast. Too slow and it may not work. There’s no need to press it a sixth time but it also doesn’t matter if you do. Additionally, ensure you have fully charged the battery.

Vape Won’t Charge

Sometimes the battery won’t charge properly. If this happens, try plugging it into a different power source (USB outlet or wall outlet) to see if that fixes the issue. If not, try using a different charger or cable as they tend to short out over time.

510 Threading Mismatch

The majority of vape tanks and atomizers are 510 threaded, and most batteries and box mods only support 510 threaded attachments. If your tank or atomizer will not screw onto your battery, the threading may not match. To fix this, you may need to buy a special adapter that will connect the battery to the atomizer.


Common Dry Herb Vape Problems

There is a variety of dry herb vaporizers available on the market these days, so some issues may be specific to certain devices. However, there are several common issues people may encounter while using any kind of herb vaporizer. These include the vape not producing any vapors or producing smoke instead, difficulty taking hits, and the mouthpiece becoming too hot.

In the list below, you will find common issues and how to fix them. If the problem is severe and these solutions do not work, the vaporizer may be dead or may need a replacement.

Not Heating Up Enough

This could be an issue of temperature. If the temperature is not high enough, the atomizer won’t be able to vaporize the herbs. Higher temperatures will give you more vapor, while lower temperatures will give you less. If the herbs are not thoroughly broken down, the atomizer will have trouble vaporizing the contents as well. The best way to break down the herbs is with a grinder. Lastly, you may need to wait longer for the atomizer to heat up before taking a hit.

Difficulty Pulling/Taking a Hit

If you are having trouble pulling a hit from the vaporizer, the screen in the atomizer may be clogged and need to be cleaned or replaced. This screen prevents the contents of the atomizer from coming up through the mouthpiece and tends to get clogged from time to time.

Producing Smoke Instead of Vapor

Should you find your vape is turning your dry herbs to ash, you may have a combustion vaporizer. Combustion vapes burn dry herbs like a traditional smoking pipe and lighter would. On the other hand, convection vaporizers only heat the contents enough to vaporize the beneficial compounds. You may wish to switch over to a convection vape if you do not want to burn your herbs. Otherwise, placing glass vape screens between the heating element and the herb may keep them from burning with devices like the AGO combustion vape.

Mouthpiece Too Hot

Dry herb atomizers require a lot of heat to get the job done. They can get up to 400F, which can make the mouthpiece quite hot. If this is an issue, there are rubber mouthpiece attachments available that will separate your mouth from the intense heat.


Common Wax Vaporizer Problems

Wax vaporizers may be somewhat new to the scene, but these days there are as many different models of wax vapes as there are cars. You can read our guide for how to choose a vaporizer to look deeper into these options. Typically each one will work a little differently, so a problem may be specific to a certain device. However, common issues such as sticky parts, coils not heating, and poor tastes can be found in any model. In this section, we will go over the most notable issues people have with wax vaporizers and how to resolve them.

Sticky Messes and Difficult to Open

Vape Parts and Wax pens can become sticky, and when it’s heated up, it turns into a runny mess. If wax gets onto your atomizer’s threads, then you may have trouble unscrewing them. The best way to avoid this is to keep your wax vape upright at all times, but especially when you’re using it. You also want to avoid overpacking the chamber as this will cause the wax to splatter and get in places where you don’t want it.

Coil Won’t Heat

If your coil won’t heat up, first ensure it is properly attached to the battery. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, the coil may need to be replaced as they will burn out over time. Coils are powerful yet fragile wires that, like all things, break down after a lot of use. Read these tips to prolong your coil’s life, and be sure not to overpack your atomizer or poke the coil when loading it with wax. If you’re using a box mod, avoid setting the watts/temperature too high as this can also burn the coil out faster.

Poor Taste

The quality of wax concentrates varies vastly from product to product. Sometimes, poor taste can be linked with poor quality wax. However, your coil can produce a poor taste during the end of its life. If you notice a buildup of gunk on your coil and it is putting out a foul taste, that means it is time to replace the vape coil. A new vape coil will bring back the pure taste from the wax.

Common Oil Vaporizer Problems

As with all styles of vaporizers, there is a huge variety of oil vapes and a problem may be linked with a specific device. Some common issues that can be found across all devices are the atomizer not firing, sticky messes from a leak, and a burned taste. Below you will find a list of these common issues and how to rectify them. If none of the solutions work, you may have a faulty vape that needs replacement.

Coil or Atomizer Not Working

If your atomizer won’t fire, first make sure it is properly attached to the battery. If the connection is secure and it still isn’t working, the coil may be burned out. This can happen naturally the more the coil is used, or it can happen suddenly if you supply the coil with too many watts from a device like a box mod vape. The now popular, skinny 510 oil cartridges should not take anything above 7 watts, doing so puts the cartridge at risk of burning out, sometimes instantly. When using box mods and oil cartridges, always start with the lowest watts possible and work your way up.

Sticky Messes

Not as often as wax vapes, but sometimes oil will leak from your oil atomizer, especially after lots of use. This is especially true with cheaper oil cartridges. Ensure everything is screwed snugly together and you keep the vape upright always.

Burnt Taste

Like with e-liquid atomizers, when you vape an oil atomizer with no oil inside, or do not let it properly soak up enough oil between hits, you can burn the cotton wick. This can also happen if you have the watts up too high. Once burned, every hit will carry a tainted taste. The only way to resolve this is to change the coil, if possible. Otherwise, always use caution and do not hit the atomizer with too many watts or without letting it absorb enough oil.

Common Box Mod Problems

Box mods are a staple in the world of vaping. They can be used with almost any style of attachment, from e-liquid to dry herbs to wax and oil atomizers. Occasionally you will run into some issues when using a box mod. Here we will go over the most commonly reported problems and explain how to fix them.

Atomizer Not Working / Check Atomizer Error

If your atomizer isn’t working or you get an error, then be sure it is screwed to the battery properly. It should be snug, but you don’t want to over tighten it as that can cause more problems. Some box mods detect the type of coil attached and won’t fire if the watts are set to a number higher than the attachment can handle. Ensure you are using the appropriate wattages. The coil may also be fried and need replacing. To ensure the problem is not with the box mod itself, try using the atomizer on another battery if possible.

Advanced Vape Battery

Unlike vape pens, box mods contain a number of different features that can be overwhelming for new users. For safety reasons, and to ensure nothing goes wrong (such as burning out your coil), we highly recommend thoroughly reading the mods user manual so that you know what each feature does.

Burnt Taste

Box mods are capable of cranking out a lot of power in order to create huge clouds of vapor. However, the number of watts an atomizer can handle varies by model. If you push the watts past what the atomizer can handle, it will put off a burnt taste. Firing an empty atomizer can also burn the cotton wicking material. Once burned, the coil will continue to emit a burned taste until it is replaced. For best use, never go above what an atomizer can handle and ensure the coil has had adequate time to soak up the liquid before firing it.

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