Vape Parts - Replacing Vaporizer Components

Vaporizers, like most other products on the market, often times have numerous vape parts that need to be replaced. This could be for a number of reasons and common vape parts include vape coils, vape mouthpiece, screens and more.

by: John Winston | 05/08/17 1:30PM


As the foremost vaporizer expert in the world who is currently occupying your attention, I am try to keep in mind certain things about vaporizers. The first, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is that vaporizers are awesome easy to use. The second is that vaporizers, like most other products on the market, often times have numerous vape parts that need to be replaced. This could be any of a multiple number of vaporizer components -- as we’ll get into below -- but first it’s probably helpful to go over what reasons a person would need to replace vaporizer components.


Why Replace Vape Parts? Versus replacing the Vape

There are some vaporizers that come with a minimal number of components, while there are others that require some assembly. Either way, vapes are an imperfect product -- despite what you may think while you’re using one -- and there are several reasons why a person would want to replace the components.

For starters, replacing vape parts such as vape tanks is cheaper than simply purchasing a new vape or box mod vape every time something malfunctions. While it would certainly be beneficial for vape retailers if people felt the need to replace their vape pen simply because of a burnt-out coil, the consumer can get more bang for their buck simply by swapping out individual vape parts.

The second reason that it’s better to replace parts is because different vaporizers require different -- albeit still similar -- components in order to function. A chamber that works for a strictly dry-herb vape like the E-CLIPSE, for example, will not work with a kind of vape that exists solely to vape wax in wax pens or oils, such as the Micro Vape Pen. Getting to know your vape parts is a good way to avoid confusion and make sure that you’re purchasing the correct part for the correct device.


Third, some individual parts of the vaporizer last longer than others. For example, the heating chamber on an Atmos Jr. or AGO Jr. can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, depending on how often the consumer uses it. The heating chamber will often times crap out more quickly than the other parts of the vape pen, which means that it’s more economical for the consumer to simply replace the heating chamber than to replace the whole thing.

Fourth, accidents happen. For the forward-thinking person, it’s much better to have some spare parts lying around than to have to wait until a single replacement arrives in the mail. If a user of the Atmos or AGO Jr. suddenly has an issue with their heating chambers, having a few extras on hand will make everything in the world right again.


What Vape Components Should Have Replacements

So now that we know the reasons why a person would want to replace their vape parts, it is also helpful to identify which components might actually need replacing. And don't worry. We have vape parts from the top brands like G Pen, Davinci, KandyPens, and others!

Many of the vape pen parts that must be replaced are ones that can be easily lost. This includes the vaporizer mouthpieces. Mouthpieces are useful in that they safeguard against any unwanted germs that may be acquired while sharing a vape pen with family or friends.

Another area of the vape that is often in need of replacement is the wax atomizer which can be found when you visit our online vape shop. Regardless of the substance being vaped, wax atomizers over time can often become saturated or clogged, resulting in the vape pen not functioning as well as it did previously. Regardless of the atomizer -- whether it is a quartz coil, a micro vape coil, or otherwise -- having a replacement coil handy for if and when something goes wrong can only help in the long run.


The heating chamber that can also be used with herb is one more area in which a replacement part will inevitably be required. Depending on how often the consumer uses their vaporizer, the heating chamber -- also known as the ‘atomizer’ -- sees a lot of action over the course of a vaporizer’s lifetime. Vapes known for their efficiency -- such as the Atmos and the AGO Jr., or the Atmos Jewel -- over time are going to require a replacement heating chamber.

Finally, there is the issue of batteries. Many of the vapes featured at NY Vape Shop come equipped with their own charger and adapter. However, chargers can crap out after a given period of time. (Ask anyone who’s ever owned a cellphone how reliable their chargers are.)

Chargers are important to carry for several reasons. Having a cache of chargers will guarantee that you will never be without power, and will also serve as backups in case your primary charger should go missing. And especially if you plan to be traveling for long periods, it is always good to charger for the home, as well as on the go.

Let us know in the comments if you think there are other vape parts that will need to be replaced over time, or you think there are other reasons why people would want to replace their mouthpieces, heating chambers, or batteries. Happy vaping!

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