Sigelei Vape & Box Mod Analysis before you Buy


Sigelei is an innovative brand in the vaping industry that focuses on e-liquid vaporizers that are also capable of vaping your favorite oil concentrates. With a diverse product line that is sure to please just about anyone in the vaping industry, Sigelei continues to be one of the top leading brands in the industry. Whether you are looking for something compact & simple to use, or something a little more sophisticated, they have you covered! A trusted brand in the vaping community for a number of years, all of their products are crafted with care and are built to last. Even if you are a seasoned pro, Also makes vaporizers with plenty of customization options, meaning there is truly something for everyone at Sigelei!


Sigelei customizable box mods and vape pens are perfect if you want to ensure the integrity of your investment. Sigelei offers an assortment of vapes that offer a powerful vaping experience in general.


The Fuchai series product line has a range of different vapes with features that will change depending on the vaporizer you choose. The Fuchai 213 is affordable, compact, and easy to use, with a total wattage of 213 watts, and is comprised of a 18650 battery. A step up from the 213 would be the R7 model of the Fuchai series, with a wattage that can reach up to 230 w and is capable of delivering some of the biggest vapor clouds. On the lower end of the Fuchai series is the V3, which easily fits into the palm of your hand, perfect for those private sessions! 


A well-built box mod vape that will consistently give you the vaping experience you desire, the Sigelei 213 is a perfect choice. Especially if you are looking for a buy a box mod for beginners! This vape has all of the fine features one comes to expect like an OLED screen, variable wattage, and a standard 510 thread that allows you to attach your own favorite atomizer. The 213 also utilizes two 18650 batteries which should provide enough power to keep you going all day! One of the more popular models featured is the 213, which is sure to become your next favorite go to portable vape!


The Kaos product line is another solid addition to the family. Some of the few different versions that comprise the Kaos product line are the Kaos Z & Kaos Spectrum, with the Kaos Z being capped at 200 watts. The Kaos Z also has glass siding which allows for the user to see the computer chip inside the unit. The unit’s LED lights are customizable to allow for a personally tailored experience. The Kaos Spectrum on the other hand is capped at 214 watts. Both units use two 18650 batteries that are easily removable and can be charged with a USB cable.


The 150 vaporizer is compact enough to easily fit into a pocket, purse, or backpack, although it is a slightly less powerful box mod vape than other models. Learn all about box mods here. A solid choice if you want to explore the benefits of a mod vape without the extra power, the 150 comes with an OLED screen, variable wattage, safety protections, and two 18650 batteries that have all the power needed for a full day of vaping. Choosing between the 150 or 213 will come down to how much power you are looking for, since both are great vapes that serve their purposes effectively.


Despite the fact that vaping is one of the most popular forms of herbal & concentrate consumption in the world, many are left to question the ins & outs of certain vaporizers, their functionality, and what makes them stand out above the rest. Here we can take a look at the more common questions people have regarding thier products. Looking to learn about vaping dry herbs? Read how to use a dry herb vaporizer here.


As one of the most recognized brand names in the vaping business, any reputable vape or head shop will most likely carry the latest models of Sigelei vapes. Another great option to consider is online shopping for your convenience, with NY Vape Shop being a great place to start!


Finding the best vape for you can be tough. Use the vaporizer buyers guide if you need heavy guidance. The best vape pen will be the one you use the most because it is your go to. Every vape offered from this brand boasts high quality standards, so you will be hard pressed to find a “bad” vaporizer. No matter what you end up going with, any vape you pick out will ultimately boil down to your own personal preference. With so many different smoking cessation products to choose from, you are bound to come across one that suits your unique individual style! The best one will naturally be the one that compliments your personality.


You should definitely know how to use a temperature control vape pen. Depending on what model vape you actually pick, knowing the right temperature for vaping will vary. However, it is typically a rather simple and straightforward process. Generally speaking, all you do is make sure your unit is fully charged first, then turn the unit on. You will then be able to manually adjust the vaping temperatures through pressing the appropriate buttons. Once your desired temperature is reached, then the unit is ready to accommodate your vaping session. For other models that may not have a temperature readout, the unit comes with preset vaping temperatures that are available at the push of a button.


Using the refillable pod or cartridge, simply inject your favorite flavored e-juice or oil concentrate and load it into the unit. Once you know the device is fully charged, you can begin to turn the unit on and begin vaping when the appropriate temperature is reached. Loading the device is a fairly simple procedure that does not need a lot of guesswork. Over time one can get used to loading their vape that it eventually becomes second nature. Sigelei simplifies this process with some of the most user friendly vapes on the market! Want more? Read this detailed article about how to fill a vape pen


Absolutely! In fact, they are one of the world’s leading vaping companies that excel in providing the vaping community with the latest in vaping technology. Sigelei is a world-renowned brand that boasts some of the most well-constructed & advanced portable vaporizers on the market. A wise investment for anyone wanting to break into the vaping scene, whether a beginner or pro can greatly benefit from owning a vape. Built to last, these vapes are some of the most popular devices known within the industry. 


With one of the most technologically advanced vape brands in the entire industry, charge times will vary but will always be short & efficient! When you find that it is time to recharge your vape pen, simply detach the cartridge or pod and plug in your unit to its appropriate cable. This is crucial since plugging it into any other type of charger may contribute to premature wear or inadvertent damage. Once you have the unit connected, plug the other end into a wall outlet to begin charging. Uncomplicated and truly one of the more simple aspects of owning a Sigelei vape, rest assured knowing that the process is a straightforward one.


While some vapes out there make it a little too complicated to simply turn on a unit and begin vaping, Sigelei remains one of the most user-friendly brands out there! Their technology is geared specifically towards the perfect temperatures & materials to maximize the vaping experience, which translates to simply turning on your unit after loading it, waiting for the right temperature, and then with the push of a button, vape to your heart’s content. Whether in cartridges or pods, Sigelei specializes in the vaporization of oil concentrates & e-liquids. If vaping oil & e-juice is your thing, then this brand is for you! Read this article to learn more about vaping with an oil vape pen.


Always make sure your battery is charged using the correct charger meant for your vaping device! Maintaining these short & simple practices will ensure the integrity of your Sigelei vaporizer for years to come! Every model of vape is designed to work with a specialized pod or cartridge. Simply adhering to a simple cleaning routine every week or so ensures that you will have a clean slate to vape of your favorite flavors of e-juice & oil concentrates. Be carefully cleaning out the pod or cartridge as you clear all the gunk out using a q-tip to soak up excess residues. Wiping down mouthpieces is especially a very good idea to practice good hygiene. While other brands make every vaporizer possible to appease a mass market, Sigelei specializes in one vaping modality of e-juice & oil, which makes maintaining your device easier.