What is Vapor

Vapor Intro

You may have seen all the hype online or, perhaps, the large clouds of vapor hovering around bars, clubs, and other public social spaces. Yes, vaping has become the hottest new trend in the consumption of herb derivatives and as a replacement for traditional nicotine products like cigarettes and other forms of smokeless tobacco. The popularity may seem just like a fad, however, research shows that the trend is only increasing and the popularity will only increase. Because of that, it’s important to understand how the process works and what benefits, if any, you can get from moving into the vaping scene.

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to understand that vaping happens because of the increasingly more efficient vaporizer technology being developed by some of the biggest names in the business. Merriams dicitonary defines vapor as a substance in the gasesous state as distinguished from the liquid or solid state. This is achieved using electricity that is provided in the form of a vape battery. The vape battery is attached to a vape coil or atomizer, which connects to a mouthpiece and allows you to consume your preferred herb derivative in vaporized format.

There are a ton of reasons why people choose to vape, ranging from smelling less, to less harmful on the lungs, to a greater level of discretion and more. We will discuss these reasons in greater detail below to give you a basic idea of why or why not you should even consider dealing with a vape pen. Do you like convenience? Do you prefer a healthier option? Do you like having the best technology at your fingertips? If you answered yes to any of these then you should probably continue to discover the tremendous benefits to vaping.

All in all, there is a lot to be learned about this rapidly growing option for consuming your favorite forms of herb – whether it’s flower, wax, or oil. It’s only responsible to make sure you are informed and best equipped to go about making important purchasing decisions as it relates to consuming herb.


As mentioned above, there are basic levels to any vaporizer – you have a vape battery, heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. All vapes follow this same basic design and principle, but the exact set up changes when you discuss the specifics of dry herb vapes, wax vapes, oil vapes, e-liquid vapes, etc.

These different vaporizers contain different mechanisms to heat and vaporize the various herb products – i.e. you cannot (or at least you should not) vaporize dry herb and wax the same just as you cannot wax and oil. There is usually some sort of ceramic or quartz ‘bowl’ or ‘rod’ in wax vaporizers that you will not need in a dry herb vaporizer. Instead, a dry herb vaporizer contains a heating chamber where dry herb is either directly conducted or indirectly vaporized through convection. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is difficult to compare between different forms of herb because there are usually a lot of personal preferences involved.

So, just like with pipes, bongs, or rigs you will need to make a choice based as much, if not more, on preferences with the technical abilities of different vaporizers. Moreover, there are different types and sizes of vapes for different occasions. For example, you can purchase a tabletop vaporizer such as the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. This will naturally have a larger capacity and produce harder, stronger hits because power and capacity are not sacrificed for mobility or concealment. Just as a portable micro vape pen kit is going to suit a vaper who is more interested in being mobile, discrete, and still able to pack a punch. These are differences you will need to reconcile with your own needs, habits, and preferences.

Benefits of Vaping

There are a lot of benefits to vaping over traditional smoking of herb, wax, or oil. Below is a comprehensive list of the most common benefits:

  1. First and foremost is the fact that you are vaping – there is no smoke (except in the cases of a few combustion vaporizers in which case they do produce a harsher vapor and smoke). Vaping creates vapor versus smoke and this is obviously a general health benefit as traditional herb consumption has been linked to some diseases and other related effects. Vapor is much lighter and smoother than smoke too, so it is not nearly as harsh which is beneficial for those in need of specific medicinal herb products without the smoke. For example, individual susceptible to the harshness of smoke (and the resulting coughing fits) are more likely to enjoy their prescriptions with a vape pen of some sort.
  2. Another wonderful benefit to vaping is how discrete and low key they are. With a lot of other ways to consume herb, such as pipes, bowls, bongs, you need to have more stuff on hand. You need a lighter, you need your herb grinder or wax container, etc. With a lot of vapes you can simply pack them up, slip them in your pocket, and go! It’s all that simple. Not to mention, some vapes have built-in containers for your wax or grinders for your herb making it even more convenient and discrete.
  3. Vaporizers are a lot easier to use than a dab rig or even some bongs (with all the attachments and additives). Sure, there is going to be a little bit of learning how to use vape properly, understanding how many hits in a charge you get, etc. But none of this is exclusive to a vaporizer – with any new product you have to get a feel for it. Once you do, a vaporizer is hands-down one of the simplest ways to consumer your favorite herb product. Just charge it, pack it, and you’re good to go!
  4. The smell factor is so small it’s almost nonexistent, or, it is nonexistent. This makes vaping one of the best ways to go about your day without being bothered or bothering other people. Don’t underestimate this huge advantage.
  5. Lastly, vaping is a pretty quick process – if you want it to be, of course. While using a bowl or pipe can also be quick, using a bong or rig certainly isn’t. There are no extra steps – like with bowls – but when you’re done you don’t have to worry about putting anything away. It simply sets back up into your pocket without any trouble. Not to mention, it only takes even the slowest vaporizers seconds to get to a proper, vaping temperature.

Does Vapor Smell?

As discussed earlier, vaping has a limited smell but is not entirely without a smell. Just to point out, there are dry herb vaporizers that are going to be less discrete such as the herbal combustion vapes that burn the herb versus baking it. Combustion vapes are just a techy way to smoke herbs and will carry a smell with them just like smoke. However, most other dry herb vaporizers are the standard Convection vapes that bake the herbs inside a heating chamber. Convection vapes carry limited smell – but know, if you have the vape on high with a freshly packed heating chamber and take a long draw, when you exhale the vapor, there will be a light puff of vapor that the person next to you can see and smell. Contrary to smoke though, the vapors are far lighter and will dissipate very quickly into the air; they will be non-existent in seconds if you are outside. This is because everything is being vaporized versus combusted.

Vaping vs Smoking

Smoking is pretty simple to understand and is so familiar to us all. After all, smoke is a byproduct of a lot of things we do outside of smoking herb. But, vaping is pretty simple too and it works the same way. You inhale smoke and vapor the same. You can experience the same effects. You can even get both from the same products (dry herb, wax, oil). The only real differences between vapor and smoke is that vapor requires a battery charge and not a simple lighter to burn things and that vapor is going to be much smoother than smoking anything. So, if you’re not inconvenienced by having to make sure your battery has a charge and you prefer a smoother hit, vaping is obviously going to be a better option for you. Want more? Read this article about Vaping Dry Herb vs. Smoking Dry Herb.

Vaper vs Vapor

This is a funny difference of semantics. Vapor is the product that is created when you vaporize dry herb, wax, oil, etc. A Vaper is someone who consumes vapor – or is using a vape pen of some sort. The difference in letters simply shows that you are talking about a person and not a thing – both nouns. Both sound the same when spoken aloud and are often used interchangeably in conversation, however, it is nice to note the difference in writing.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers, as discussed earlier, are vaporizers that use a heating chamber and either conduction, convection, or both to vaporize dry herb. This is a common form of vaporizer and some models extend as far back to the beginnings of the industry. There is a huge variety in dry herb vaporizers and range from tabletop to vape pens (vaporizers that are slim and easy to carry like a pen). Some examples of different dry herb vaporizers include:

  • DaVinci IQC Vaporizer
  • AGO Vaporizer
  • G Pen Elite 2
  • G Pen Dash
  • PAX Plus
  • Arizer XQ2
  • Flowermate Mini
  • Firefly 2 Plus
  • Titan 2

Wax Vaporizers

Wax vaporizers also use a heated chamber, often referred to as a coil or an atomizer, and it is what will heat up and vaporize the wax product. This is often done with a variety of different materials such as wick coils, quartz or ceramic rods, or even quartz or ceramic bowls. These heat the wax differently and have different advantages and disadvantages to each. Your preference here will probably rely on whether or not you prefer a slower, smoother, more flavorful wax vaping session or a quicker, potentially less flavorful vaping session. Here is a list of some different kinds of wax vapes:

Oil Vaporizers

Oil vaporizers work a lot like the other two types of vaporizers except they certainly differ in one key concept – they are best to vape oil cartridges or e-liquid. The difference is subtle, but cartridges usually come pre-filled and do not require nearly as strong of a battery to produce smooth, consistently powerful hit as an e-juice 510 atomizer might. The e-juice vaporizers come with an empty chamber, or ‘cartridge’, that you fill with your e-juice. Often, you will want a stronger battery that can be found in the box mods because this greater power will allow you to better consume your oil as well as keep enjoying strong, powerful hits and create huge vape clouds. Not to mention, these box mods will last longer for more hits and longer sessions. This is not to say that the cartridges are lower quality – not at all – just that the popular, pre-filled, skinny, 510 cartridges are are designed to work with the lower battery output. Some examples of different e-juice or vape cartridge pens include:

Dabbing vs Vaping

One of the main differences between vaping and dabbing is simply the processes used to heat and consume your wax concentrate. With vaping, you are using a vape pen equipped with some sort of wax coil that could be quartz, ceramic or wick. With dabbing, you are typically using a Dab Rig or a Nectar Collector which utilize Dab Nails and Tips to heat the wax – these tips and dab nails are usually a quartz, ceramic or titanium. You can dab and vape similar products and experience similar effects. As such, you should make your decision on your needs and preferences. And some things to consider with vaping is portable vape pens making things easy and quick on the go, plus discrete and easy to use. Official dabbing, like using a dab rig or nectar collector is most ideal for at home – they are not the most portable and frankly, they pack a punch. Read this article about Vaping Wax versus Dabbing Wax to learn so much more!

Vapor Shop Near Me

Now that you are armed with even more information about vaping and the differences between the types of vapes as well as common forms of consuming other herb concentrates, you are ready to begin searching far and wide for your favorite vape pens, pipes and whatever else! There is probably a local smoke or vape shop somewhere near your vicinity to handle your immediate curiosity. However, you can always find a wide variety of products, helpful information and tips, and always fast shipping on all orders (with no minimums) at nyvapeshop.com!