Vaping Wax vs Dabbing Wax

The new phrases, Vaping Wax and Dabbing Wax can mean the same thing. But, they also can be very different. This post breaks down wax pens, dab rigs, nectar collectors and everything else you need to know about dabbing wax.

by: Chelsea O. | 12/18/19 2:30PM


With smoking slowly becoming more and more taboo, wax concentrates have been on the rise. However, whether you are an avid user or new to the concentrate scene, chances are you have heard of dabbing and vaping wax. In fact, the majority of all wax concentrates are consumed by either vaping or using something like a dab rig – hence the term, dabbing. To understand a little more about these two selections, we’ll talk about these two consumption methods a little more in-depth.


Is there a Difference Between the Two?

When it comes to terminology, dabbing wax and vaping wax are often used interchangeably, and they more or less can mean the same thing – you are enjoying some wax concentrates one way or another. However, if you want to get specific, dabbing wax is a broader term than vaping wax. If someone tells you they are dabbing wax, it could mean that they are using a dab rig, a nectar collector, or maybe even a vape pen. Vaping, on the other hand, refers specifically to just using wax vapes. Generally, this term pertains to the use of a portable wax pens and box mod vape, both of which are also sometimes called dab pens.

Although vaping and dabbing are very similar, when it comes down to it, there can be some slight differences between all the various dabbing tools. The biggest difference between vapes and other methods is how they heat the wax concentrates. With vaping, you are required to place the wax substance into the chamber prior to heating it. While dabbing with other tools like dab rigs and nectar collectors, you are required to heat up a dab nail or tip before touching it to the wax concentrates.


Vaping with a Wax Pen

Vaping is one of the newer trends for partaking in wax concentrates. It heats the concentrate to the point of vaporization where it produces a stream of vapor. The user then either inhales the vapor through some form of a mouthpiece or a bag.

Compared to a full dab rig setup, vape pens are simple, portable, and easy to use. To turn the device on (or off), you simply push the power button five times in quick succession. Once the wax pen is on, all you have to do is load it, heat it up, and start to vape. Vape pens are so easy to use they are literally as easy as pressing a button.

Vaping offers many health-based advantages. However, it is not the main reason users tend to choose to vape. When it comes down to it, users tend to choose to vape because it is more efficient and it avoids unnecessary waste.


Dabbing Wax without a Vape Pen

When it comes to dabbing concentrates, many aficionados tend to opt for wax pens for the portability and discretion. However, these small vaping devices are not the only option you have for partaking in wax concentrates. In fact, there are plenty of devices to choose from when dabbing without a vape pen.

1. Dab Rigs – True dabbing is completed using some form of a dab rig. Dab rigs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and normally consist of a chamber (with or without a percolator), a nail, and a stem. The most common materials are glass and silicone.

2. Dab Nails – Dab nails are generally made of either ceramic, quartz, or titanium and are designed for use with dab rigs. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be male, female and even interchangeable. They are mainly used with dab rigs but can also be used with other devices such as a water bong.

3. Nectar Collectors – Also known as honey straws, nectar collectors are an easy and straightforward method for dabbing. Similar to a dab rig, nectar collectors are an all-in-one device. These simplified dab tools offer a single straw-shaped design where you heat the tip and place it directly into the wax concentrates to dab.

4. Water Bongs – These devices are very similar to dab rigs. Essentially, if you are looking to dab some wax but don’t have the money for a dab rig, it is an easy switch to go with a water bong. You will also need to replace the bong bowl with a dab nail.



What is a Dab?

A dab is another term used interchangeably. The term can reference the action of when you are placing a dab of wax on a hot dab nail. Or it can be the actual act of someone taking a dab (also known as a hit, pull, puff, etc.). A dab or dabs sometimes is used to reference the wax concentrates itself, which is a highly potent concentrate that can come in several forms. The most common forms include varying viscosities of oil and wax.

Using a Wax Vape Pen vs Dab Rig

A key difference between a wax vape pen and a dab rig is the overall experience. Vape pens offer a more discreet experience than dab rigs. Not only are they more portable, but you also tend to use less wax concentrate with a vape pen than you will if you are using a dab rig Wax Pens are also much easier to use versus a dab rig. Rigs are a set up and can be dangerous when using a blowtorch.

One of the biggest differences between vaping and dabbing with other devices is how they use their heat. Traditionally, dab rigs utilize a dab nail. Before placing wax on the dab nail surface, the dab nail is heated via either electricity or a blowtorch. Once heated, wax is placed on the surface and you can start to take a pull from the rig.

Vape Pens on the other hand use vape coils that come in so many different styles. Coils range from wick based to ceramic and quartz, from single to multi rod setups. The pancake coils are also very popular as a flat metal coil that sits at the bottom of the vape tank – ideal for vaping every last bit of wax.

Another key difference is the type of affects you will experience. A vape user will experience more versatile effects from their hits, while dabbing with a rig or nectar collector can have a more potent and intense puff. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all users can handle the intensity experienced by dabbing. In fact, it can sometimes be too much for those who don’t partake on a regular basis.

Where to Buy Dabbing Products

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