Flowermate V5 NANO Vaporizer Review

The V5 Nano is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs. Fun and easy vaping with friend.  Read this Nano Review to learn everything before buying this Flowermate Vape.

by: Anthony E. | 02/05/20 2:30PM


Flowermate presents one of the most versatile vaporizers that is not only compact discreet, but also highly functional practical among those in the vaping community, being the go-to for many who want the most out of their vape sessions. The V5 Nano by Flowermate specializes as a portable vaporizer that can be used with dry herb vaporizers or concentrates, making this a truly versatile vaporizer that can be converted by simply switching out the chamber. Flowermate is a revolutionary company with many novel concepts for the vaping industry, with their V5 Nano being one of the most sought after vapes on the market.


Centrally focused on giving the user the best experience possible, Flowermate remains one of the most highly efficient brands within the entire vaping community. Devoted to providing a high-quality experience through practical ingenuity, Flowermate crafted their V5 Nano to be not only affordable, but also stylish and sleek to accommodate those who prefer to be discrete with their vape sessions. Flowermate is consistent with their product line, coming out with the latest in vaping technology to provide the consumer with unique and versatile vaporizers to fit every individual style. Here we can break down the ins and outs of the V5 Nano to see what makes it excel without ever stepping into a vape shop.

Features of the Flowermate V5 Nano

Features of the Flowermate V5 Nano

Evolving from the Flowermate V5 Pro Mini, the V5 Nano is the latest in advanced portable vaping technology. Featuring a removable 18650 2500 mAh battery, the V5 Nano puts the user in full control of the longevity of their vaping sessions. The V5 Nano is perfect for on the go use with heat up time in as little as a mere 30 seconds! The size of the unit itself makes it ultra-discreet and easy to conceal, while making your vape sessions perfect for those quick and inconspicuous hits. Other key features include those found throughout the V5 series such as a borosilicate mouthpiece that can be fully disassembled and tucked into the actual device for easy storage.

Utilizing a very large chamber for single or group sessions to maximize performance, the V5 Nano is an ideal unit for those who want something more than just an ordinary vape session. This makes the V5 Nano a truly versatile piece of vaping equipment. The fully isolated air path ensures a clean & pure taste that vaping connoisseurs can truly appreciate. Another fine feature of the V5 Nano is rapid charge times and fully functional temperature control option which makes vaping with the V5 Nano a total breeze! 

Why Choose the Flowermate V5 Nano?

Why Choose the Flowermate V5 Nano?

With one of the most trusted names within the vaping community, Flowermate provides exceptional service and high-quality products that set the bar for other vaping brands that are truly hard to match! The Flowermate V5 Nano is the perfect companion for those just starting out on the vaping scene, to those who are fully versed with the ins & outs of vaporization methods. Along with its user friendly interface that informs the user of current vape temperatures & battery life, the unit itself also features an easy load funnel that makes loading the device easier than most other vapes on the market, and is also ideal for those who choose to travel and be on the go.

Given its compact and discreet design, the V5 Nano remains one of the more sought after vapes on the market compared to other popular vapes. Not a lot of other vapes can compare to the versatility that the V5 Nano features, making this perfect for those wanting more options when it comes to vaping their favorite materials. If you are looking for an advanced vaporizer that utilizes the latest technology to give you full control over your vaping experience, then the V5 Nano from Flowermate is your vaporizer!


<pHow to Use the Flowermate V5 Nano


How to Use the Flowermate V5 Nano

Because of its user-friendly design that is meant to create a more streamlined experience for all your vape sessions, the V5 Nano will prove to be one the easier models to operate when compared to other more complex vapes on the market. The very first thing to consider when operating your V5 Nano is to gauge the battery’s life. Luckily the V5 Nano is equipped with the feature of letting you know just how much battery life is left on the unit. You will want to make sure it is fully charged before each session to ensure maximum performance.

Next you will want to determine what type of material you intend to vaporize, as not all chambers are compatible with specific types of material or concentrates. For dry herbs you will want to use the stainless-steel pod that comes with the unit. For wax & oil concentrates, you will want to switch the chamber out for the liquid / wax pod that is also included with your V5 Nano. Simply load your material onto the vape, turn on the unit and wait for the right temperature to reach the unit. When you are ready to vape, begin by simply inhaling the vapor.

Flowermate V5 Nano Vaping Tips

Flowermate V5 Nano Vaping Tips

Like other high-quality vapes on the market, you will want to maintain the integrity of your V5 Nano by keeping it clean. You can periodically clean the outer surface with a smooth cloth and wipe the inner chamber after every session if you wish. This will ensure that your vape remains in the best condition possible to deliver the best vape sessions at every turn. You can also establish a routine that incorporates cleaning and proper storing of your vape to prevent it from getting prematurely worn or damaged over time.

Simply remembering that your vape is an investment for your health will help keep the perspective viable for all intentions & purposes. How often you should do a light cleaning however will depend entirely on how often and how much you actually use your vape. Another great tip to consider is to test your material for the optimal temperature on all your dry herbs for each new batch or strain you use. While most herbs will vape best in the same range over time, there are always certain types that call for different temps. Following these simple tips will give you the best experience possible with the V5 Nano.

Maintaining the Flowermate V5 Nano

Maintaining the Flowermate V5 Nano

Maintaining the integrity of your V5 Nano will be an essential process to ensure the long-term viability of your vaporizer. Luckily this is a simple procedure that requires light cleanings every now & then. Simply wipe down the outside of the V5 Nano with a clean cloth or alcohol wipe to start with, avoiding the LCD screen. You might want to consider doing this around once or twice a week, preferably after sessions vape sessions would be much better, however. You should do a deep cleaning at least once a month (or more often with heavier use) to prevent build up and cross flavorings with your material.

When a vape pen is kept clean, the flavor of your herb and concentrates can be more pronounced and provide you with a much better experience. Proper maintenance will also extend the lifespan of your V5 Nano without the hassle of having a premature unit that has succumbed to inevitable wear and tear. One of the best things you could do also maintain your vaporizer is to keep it far away from direct sunlight or freezing temperatures. This will prolong the integrity of your vape for many years to come.

Flowermate V5 Nano vs Other Vaporizers

While Flowermate remains a pioneer in the industry by coming out with vaping devices that focus on the health of the consumer, the V5 Nano model remains at the forefront of vaping technology as one of their most advanced vaping devices. While other vape companies can sell you a basic product, the chance is they lack the replacement parts & reliable customer ratings that are paramount to a trustful and successful company. The Flowermate V5 Nano stands out from the competition with a truly compact and practical design, at an affordable price.

A technologically sound company invested in providing the best products for the vaping community, other brands cannot compare to unmatched customer service & innovative products designed to maximize the vaping experience the way Flowermate can provide. The V5 Nano beats the competition by offering the user a streamlined experience with full temperature control for a truly tailored session. Compared to other brands, the V5 Nano excels at providing a much easier experience by way of discretion, which makes the unit as discreet as possible without sacrificing on efficiency. Other vapes on the market would be hard pressed to top what the V5 Nano can offer.

Is the Flowermate V5 Nano Right for Me?

Is the Flowermate V5 Nano Right for Me?

The best vape is not the same for everyone, but if you like the look of this vape, you will most certainly enjoy the V5 Nano! Without a doubt, the V5 Nano can be your next favorite go to vape for all your vaping sessions by providing you with versatility in choosing what it is you want to vape, full temperature control for vaping the way you want to vape, and a strong battery that will accommodate how long it is that you would want to vape. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user who wants a little more versatility in a compact model without sacrificing on power, the V5 Nano can deliver an experience that will be sure to please your individual taste! If you want a light, compact, and ergonomic vape that will fit comfortably in your hand and travel discreetly wherever you go, the V5 Nano will deliver on all aspects. Give it a try today and see why vape enthusiasts choose the V5 Nano!

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