SteamCloud EVOD Vape Pen Review

The SteamCloud EVOD Vape Battery Review breaks down this amazing product that can be used with oil cartridges, wax, and even dry herbs. Read further and reach out if you have questions.

by: Sue C. | 01/18/19 2:30PM


Vaping has steadily grown in sophistication and popularity, and these days experienced customers know what they want - a product that’s dependable, discrete, a good buy and easy to use. The SteamCloud EVOD vape pen battery delivers on all counts.

The lithium-ion 900 mAh battery lasts long enough to use all day and more, and because you won’t have to worry about charging daily, it’s easy to take your vape wherever you want to go. Just pop it in your pocket or purse and enjoy when and where you want.

The EVOD’s variable voltage lets you control how much power flows into the vape. The variable voltage control works with a simple twist at the base of the battery, rather than pushing a button. This is a feature that’s much easier and more intuitive to use.


The SteamCloud EVOD Battery is a strong, truly versatile battery that employs cutting edge functionality. You can conveniently use the EVOD with each of the vape choices available today - 510 oil vape tanks, wax atomizers, and dry herb heating chambers.

With these amazing capabilities, the SteamCloud EVOD is on the portable vape battery cutting edge.


What comes in the Kit?

The kit has everything you need to start. The EVOD battery capacity is 900 mAh and has a twist voltage regulator that delivers 3.3, 3.8, 4.3 or 4.8 volts. The mini USB vape charger that is included can be used in any outlet. Both battery and charger are packed in a discrete protective box.


Why buy the Steamcloud EVOD battery?

Two very good reasons to buy this product are its considerable versatility and power. The battery will service 510 oil cartridges, wax atomizers, and dry-herb heat chambers. This is the unique feature of only a couple of other units on the market.

The voltage delivered by the battery varies with a simple twist at the base. Varying the voltage raises or lowers the temperature. The twist design is intuitive and easy to use.

EVOD’s lithium-ion battery is strong and long-lasting, one of the most powerful in the portable vape industry @ 900 mAh. Its unique twisting mechanism delivers 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, or 4.8 volts to whatever type of vape you use.

A vape battery with higher mAh will hold more energy per charge and last for a longer period of time before you need to charge it again. Just in case you’re interested, mAh stands for milliampere-hours. Vape pen batteries tend to range from 280-900 mAh. The SteamCloud EVOD is at the top of the line at 900 mAh. Even a 300 mAh battery should last you for an entire day, so when we say this battery charge lasts for a “long time”, we mean it!

Dry-herb lovers can use a pen that is fitted with glass filters. Glass vape screens can be used in vaporizer heating chambers to create a barrier between the heating coil and the herb. The herb doesn’t burn but vaporizes and is drawn through the heating chamber. These pens heat and extract only the active ingredients, producing a smooth vapor and full flavor. The SteamCloud EVOD can also be used with a heating chamber that’s not fitted with glass screens. Operated that way, the herb combusts, burns up and turns into ash like a conventional pipe.

For wax lovers, the variable voltage is your friend. The average vape pen burns the wax at a very high heat, the hit can be somewhat harsh, and the purity of taste diminished. Another way to look at this is that you turn the setting up a bit for huge dab hits and turn it down to get a smoother, tastier vapor hit.

Oil cartridges are a great way to go with SteamCloud EVOD. A very nice thing about oils are that they come in lots of nice, tasty flavors, which is awesome, especially because you can adjust the heat to get the best flavors. When smoking vape oil, you need to press the button as you toke.


How to Use the EVOD

You simply turn it on or off by pressing the power button quickly 5 times. Twist the dial at the bottom of the battery to change the voltage, selecting one of the voltages printed on the dial.

If you’re using an oil cartridge, screw it onto the battery, turn the battery on, and press the power button down to begin vaping.

If you enjoy wax vaping, first screw the atomizer onto the battery, then place a scoop of wax concentrate carefully in the atomizer. Screw on the mouthpiece and you can begin vaping.

If you like to vape your herb dry, grind the herb first. Load the ground herb into the heating chamber. Screw on the mouthpiece and you’re ready to begin vaping. A glass screen is a wise accessory of choice for a dry vape pen, because it prevents combustion and aids vaporization, giving you a smooth and enjoyable draw.




Since the EVOD offers easily adjustable variable voltages, it makes sense to start at the lowest voltage, or heat setting, and see how that works for you.

And of course, there are different types of toking options to think about. Oil, wax, or dry herb will vaporize best at different temperatures. Flavor is affected by temperature, too. These are good reasons to start low, and because a simple twist of the pen changes the voltage, you can easily check out what works best for you. Go higher if you dare!


Maintenance and Cleaning

It’s a good idea to occasionally check the contacts and threads the vaporizer screws onto. If they need cleaning, you can wipe them gently with a little alcohol on a Q-tip. There won’t be a lot of other maintenance. Don’t drop it in water! A quick wipe will remove exterior dirt and oils.

Your wax atomizer and dry herb heating chamber will need some cleaning every once in a while. As always, keep your mouthpieces clean inside and out.


Comparing the SteamCloud EVOD Battery with other Vape Pen batteries

There aren’t a lot of batteries out there that are similar to the EVOD battery. There’s are a few with similar features. The SteamCloud Micro Vape is about the closest to the EVOD in terms of function and cost. It can, like the EVOD, be used with oil, wax, and dry bud. The SteamCloud Stylus Battery is a well-loved classic. There’s no power button on the Stylus - simply inhale and the pull starts everything going.

The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 is another good vape battery for oil cartridges. It sports variable voltage and a nice 650 mAh capacity. It’s definitely mini-sized at 2.5 inches, and the 1.1 inch width gives it a different look. The rectangular shape contains a chamber for a cartridge. The Mini is sleek, simple, discreet profile, and at 3.25 inches high it’s nice and tidy. Pop it in your pocket and set off for high times.

What about voltage regulation? Well, the SteamCloud Stylus doesn’t do that. People have used these pens since the dawn of vaping because they’re dependable and discreet, pulling at an invariably dependable 3.7 volts. The battery capacity is enough to prudently serve you through the day.

Stepping up a bit, the voltages on both the SteamCloud Micro and the SteamCloud Mini can be changed and are regulated by a button. Press the button, and the voltage changes. The backlight on the Micro’s button actually has a different color for each voltage.

The EVOD is head of the pack here. Operating a vape pen with a simple fingertip twist is so much classier than pushing a button. It offers an easy, intuitive way to select the voltage. Twist and vape. Plus it has the largest battery of them all.

If you like to vape product dry or as wax or oil, you probably want a battery that can take care of that. The SteamCloud Micro will meet your needs and expectations in that respect. So will the SteamCloud EVOD.

The bottom line is if you look at it as a multi-faceted three-in-one unit, it’s a sweet deal.

Is the Steamcloud EVOD Battery for Me?

Your personal preferences will help you decide that. If you’re a total dry herb person you may like it because of the smooth convection draw you’ll get. You’ll need to use glass filters to ensure convection rather than herb combustion and harsh burn up. NY Vape Shop sells the glass filters and dry-herb vaporizing chambers, so it is practical and easy to set yourself up.

If you like oil cartridges or wax atomizers, this pen should entice you because the simple variable controls guarantee you’ll find the perfect temperature for your vaping enjoyment. As always, NY Vape Shop sells globe atomizers that are perfect for this pen.

This battery’s capacity, ease of use, and versatility may very well make it your battery of choice.

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