Why are Box Mods Better than Pen Style Vape Devices?

Box mods offer more features and benefits to the user versus other types of vapes on the market. What makes box mods so popular is due to their inherent convenience and versatility. Here we will go into detail about how and why box mods are much more preferred to other types of vapes and why you should own one.

by: Anthony E. | 12/21/21 2:30PM


Box Mod Vapes

If you have ever seen someone puffing on a huge cloud of vapor, chances are they came directly from a box mod vape. Models such as the SteamCloud Box Mod are a prime example of a high-quality box mod capable of providing those huge thick clouds of vapor reminiscent of actual smoke. Unlike other vapes out there, nothing comes close to giving massive hits the way a box mod can.

This is mainly due to how a box mod operates in terms of wattage and/or voltage capabilities. Other vapes like dry herb vapes for example do not feature variable voltage settings and are rather simplistic by comparison. Box mod vapes on the other hand are capable of vaping not only dry herbs, but also wax, e-juice, and oil concentrates. This makes them highly preferable to vape pens.

While there are also 3-in-1 vape pens on the market such as the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, box mods ergonomically fill up your hand while also remaining discreet. This makes box mods the most popular option when it comes to having a portable vape session as the features and versatility are second to none.

Vape Pens

As previously mentioned, combination vape pens are also on the market and are specifically geared towards users who want a more streamlined session. While box mods tend to have more features to accommodate their modalities, most vape pens offer the user variable voltage settings and are traditionally shaped like a typical vape pen.

Those who would prefer a more affordable option without sacrificing on efficiency will find that a vape pen could be a bit preferable than a box mod. The fact remains, however, that box mods are just simply superior to vape pens on almost every front.

Because box mod vapes are typically shaped like rectangular boxes in order to fill up the hand, users find them not only efficient and reliable, but also incredibly comfortable to hold. Vape pens seldom offer this type of feature and provide the user with a much thinner device that, while efficient, will not live up to the expectations that a traditional box mod can provide.


How Box Mods Outperform Vape Pens

Even though there are some vape pens that can accommodate all manner of modalities, they cannot give an output with as much power as a box mod. Therefore, you will see users puffing massive clouds out of a box-shaped vape instead of a skinny vape pen. It should be noted that there are some vape pens that still provide the user with considerable amounts of vapor.

One other aspect that is severely overlooked is the fact that vape pen devices are thinner, and therefore, much more prone to breakage, leakage, and overall damage due to their inherent fragility and small, thin stature. Box mods tend to be considerably bulkier and slightly heavier. While they are still prone to damage like any other vape device, box mods are not going to just roll off the table the way a vape pen can!

Box mods are also slightly more expensive, but as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. Another added benefit to box mods over pens is how a box mod is more versatile. Atomizers can be seamlessly switched out and are usually much more customizable in terms of wattage and variable voltage. Box mod vapes are also much better candidates for actual modifications to the battery casing and other features.


Why Box Mods Became More Popular than Vape Pens

While both options are technically popular, people are much more likely to opt for a safer option if they are going to spend more money on a device. Therefore, box mods tend to have more safety features and are designed to be powerful and resistant to user error. For example, box mods are usually flat on both sides which makes them much harder to knock and roll off a table.

The truth is that people put their vapes down on tables and other hard surfaces instead of their purses or pockets much more often. People tend to forget things too, and sooner or later, accidents happen. Vapes can be knocked over, hit, dropped, or otherwise rendered inoperable after a significant amount of damage.

This is true whether you have a box mod or a standard vape pen, though box mods will usually stay put on a flat surface and are much heavier than skinny vape pens. In fact, that is why wind will tend to roll a cylindrical vape design over a table and not a flat design that is heavier. Vape pens make look cooler but are just more prone to something going wrong down the line.

Final Thoughts

Whether you opt for a vape pen or a box mod vape, you should always go for a device that you will utilize and take advantage of. With so many different vapes on the market, choosing between a box mod and a vape pen will come down to personal preference and what it is you are looking for in a vape. Box mods are great for precision and thick vapor production, whereas vape pens are great for supplementing any given modality.

It should also be noted that not all vape pens are shaped to be round or cylindrical! Some are shaped like miniature box mods. While the only shared benefit here is the ergonomic design, nothing beats an actual box mod when it comes to those fat ass clouds.

When it comes to box mod vapes being better than vape pens, you can rest assured that this is a sentiment shared by virtually all those who have tried and compared the two types. You will soon come to discover why box mod vapes are better and why owning one would be a much better choice in the long run.

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