Storz and Bickel Crafty Plus Review

The Crafty Plus is a huge upgrade from the original Crafty. Far more reliable, the new Crafty Plus is a solid vaporizer we can get behind.

by: Destiny V. | 03/11/20 1:30PM


About the Crafty Plus

More beginners take interest in concentrate or dry herb vapes every day. A strong portable option makes the most sense for people on-the-go. Compact vapes need a balanced combination of features, portability, and simplicity.

The Crafty Plus is an outstanding option for novices to get into the portable vaping scene. STORZ & BICKEL made the newer model to update the older model’s characteristics. The product contains the same basic roles as the previous model with a few alterations.


What Is in the Crafty Plus Kit?

What Is in the Crafty Plus Kit?

The Crafty Plus Kit covers most features for vape lovers. The initial kit combines a lot of extras, refills, and basic needs. Some of the add-ons are essential, and others add convenience to the portable vaping experience.

The portable vaping kit includes two pads for concentrate, spare O-rings, spare screens, and a dosing capsule.

Vaping fans also enjoy a 2-year warranty in the case of any sudden accidents. Registering the product with STORZ & BICKEL adds an automatic extra year to the warranty. That is three years of protection for free!

The Crafty Plus Kit does not include an herb grinder, a loading tool, or a cleaning brush. However, shoppers may purchase the Crafty Side Kit. Some vaping fans consider the side kit to be essential. The side kit’s basic add-ons include an herb grinder, an extra mouthpiece, a filling aid, an extra seal ring, a cleaning brush, two small normal screens, and one small coarse screen.

Crafty Plus Top Attributes

The growth with the Crafty Plus heating chamber serves the product well. The on and off button works in the same way, and the three temperature settings stay similar to the older model.

Using stainless steel for a quick heat-up time, trust the quality feeling of this heavy-duty vape. The vapor quality of Crafty Plus is one of the leaders in the vaping business.

Improved Heat-Up Speed

Improved Heat-Up Speed

Compared to other portable vapes, the Crafty Plus is unbeatable. Having a 30% faster heat-up speed for such a small vape is astounding. The overall design of the vape is easier to hold and harder to drop. This product delivers deep hits full of flavor with a nice cloud, and it does not disappoint.

This product mixes conduction and convection for powerful hits. The stainless-steel loading chamber makes the heat-up time a breeze. The Crafty Plus is considered to be one of the best portable vapes in the market because of its strength and high-quality pulls.


Double the Battery Life

Enjoy double the battery life with the Crafty Plus. STORZ & BICKEL improved the size and storage of the product’s battery. In most cases, the Crafty Plus lasts twice as long as the original. Expect to get between five and nine smoke sessions in a single charge out of this vape.

The battery fully charges in an hour and a half. Plug it into a USB and be ready to go within two hours. However, the battery is not removable, making it complicated for some vapers’ preferences.

The Flavor and Vapor Quality

The flavor and vapor quality exceed enthusiasts’ expectations. The product's incredible hits put it above most other vapes. The true experience depends on the material. Vaping dry herb with the Crafty Plus is an excellent experience.

The wax vaping experience is a little different. The overall temperature range makes vaping wax possible, but the highest temperature setting falls short. This makes vaping wax with the Crafty Plus less than amazing.

The hits are full and flavorful, and it delivers some excellent clouds. Immediately recognize the improved airflow for exceptional breathability. The airflow makes up for the subpar temperature settings. Hitting the Crafty Plus feels as natural as breathing fresh air, and vapers love the experience.

Key Features

The main feature in the Crafty Plus is its three temperature settings. Users choose the first two settings through the Remote-Control app, and a quick triple tap activates the maximum setting. The setup is easy and user-friendly. The final temperature is the maximum setting of 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Remote-Control App for Setting Temperature 

The Remote-Control App for Setting Temperature

The Remote-Control app is only available for Android users. If you own an Apple phone, you adjust the settings in the STORZ & BICKEL WebApp. Find the WebApp on their navigation bar at the top of their homepage.

The maximum temperature is a bit low for concentrate. An inadequate temperature setting for concentrate makes the hits bland. The Crafty Plus could improve with a higher maximum temperature setting.

The lower temperature setting eliminates the need for a glass mouthpiece. However, that lack of a glass mouthpiece conflicts with the vaping flavor. This feature does not come as an automatic add-on. If you favor a glass mouthpiece, you have to find one as an accessory.

Charge It With a USB

Charge It With a USB

For those who love classics, the Crafty Plus comes with a regular vape charger. Most Android phones and other electronics use this type of charger. The Crafty Plus is missing a few features, but overall, this vape is an excellent choice for solid portable vaping.

The Dosing Capsule

The Dosing Capsule

The dosing capsule system makes on-the-go use even easier. Use the pre-filled capsules to quickly change after a session. Changing capsules takes less than a second, and once again, you are on the move. This feature is as equally discreet as it is convenient.

What is the Size of the Crafty Plus?

What is the Size of the Crafty Plus?

The Crafty Plus gets a green light for portable use. Unlike desktops, this portable vape fits in pockets and purses. This vape is meant to be sturdy for more active vapers. Outdoor vaping enthusiasts can take it on their next hike with no worries.

How to Use the Crafty Plus

How to Use the Crafty Plus

STORZ and BICKEL wants their product to be a balance between performance and portability. Explore the many ways to smoke with the Crafty Plus, including concentrate and dry herb.

This product takes a fine grind for dry herb. It also handles pre-filled cartridges. Use the LED screen to trigger the 60-second heat-up, and start a session in no time.

For such a small vape, a minute of heat-up time is amazing. The combination of convection and conduction makes the Crafty Plus heat-up speed a record-breaking feature. Once the vape heats up, the LED screen flashes green and vibrates.

Vaping enthusiasts may not enjoy vaping concentrate as much. The Crafty Plus hits the temperature range, but the maximum temperature falls a bit short.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Crafty Plus

Maintaining and Cleaning the Crafty Plus

Firstly, NEVER subject the actual vape battery to water or any other liquid.  The Crafty Plus does not come with a cleaning brush tool, but some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab work too. Dip the cotton swab in the isopropyl alcohol to clean around the bowl. The screen is cleaned with a simple wipe as well.

Be sure to take good care of the cooling unit. First, remove the O-rings to avoid damaging them. Soak the entire cooling unit in alcohol for a few minutes. Do not leave the cooling unit in the alcohol for too long, or it may damage the product. Set the unit on a paper towel for a while, and it will be as good as new.

If you need the cleaning tool, look into the Crafty Side Kit.

How the Crafty Plus Compares to Other Vapes

How the Crafty Plus Compares to Other Vapes

STORZ and BICKEL focuses on ease-of-use for portable vapes. The portable dimensions and sturdy build make it easy and safe to carry. Using the dosing capsule system makes transporting the Crafty Plus a breeze, and the battery lasts for ages.

The company creates tons of innovative vapes.

Take a look at their selection of Volcanos for a truly unique vaping experience. Both Volcano models pioneer the vaping game by blowing thick clouds directly into a valve bag. They both have a simple red button for a simple heat-up. Because the Volcano models are so bulky, they fit on a table or desk and are not good for portable use.

If you prefer portable and compact, some of their other brands include the Mighty and the Plenty. Much like the Crafty, the Mighty combines convection and conduction for essential airflow. However, the Mighty is much larger than the Crafty and less efficient for discreet use. The Plenty is also less for on-the-go portable use. Instead, it works well for one-handed powerful hits in a sit-down session.

STORZ and BICKEL focus on making new accessories to improve the overall experience. Customers enjoy their add-ons and different forms of high-quality innovation. The Crafty has a few accessories, including car chargers, extra screens, and new cooling units.

Is the Crafty Plus for Me?

Beginners and experienced vaping enthusiasts enjoy the Crafty Plus. Put this product into someone’s hands, and they will figure out how to use it quickly. The design is meant to be intuitive and quickly understood.

The single power button makes the vape easy to figure out and simple for long-term use. Once you plug your preferred temperature settings into the app, changing the temperature is as simple as clicking a button. Three clicks for a maximum setting is as simple as it gets.

The product is heavy-duty and meant for consistent outdoor use. If you do happen to break it, there is a three-year warranty protecting the product. Beginners who love the outdoors will love the Crafty Plus.

Purchase the Crafty Plus if you are looking for an easy and discreet vape. The company includes key features needed for an easy portable vaping experience. Tons of vaping enthusiasts recommend the Crafty Plus, and it is an excellent choice for its features.

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