Kangertech Vapes - Analysis and Vaporizer Reviews


An innovative brand that strives to maintain a customer focus of leading the vaping industry by example, KangerTech is a top brand to own for a portable vaporizer! As an e-cigarette brand based in China, exports have made their way to the US market based on how well their business model has become for the rest of the world. Surprisingly high-quality products hailing from China have made an imprint on the world’s vaping industry, as KangerTech has become known as a reliable brand with some of the best vaporizers on the market. Here we can take an in depth look at the ins & outs of KangerTech, and why customers choose them as their go to for all their e-juice & oil concentrate vaping needs.


You can see all Kangertech vapes here. It does not matter if you want a slim design or a thick handheld box mod as your personal go to vape, because KangerTech has it all! High quality standards comprise the whole of this brand, which is why anyone would be hard pressed to find a KangerTech product they were not satisfied with!


The Vola has a temperature control range between 200 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the most advanced box mods on the market, come see why the Vola is the go-to many users choose from KangerTech! The Vola defines superior quality with its clear broad 1.4″ TFT screen, making this a beautifully made box mod vaporizer. The Vola is a portable handheld vape that is perfect for people who want a little more sophistication without sacrificing their wallets. The Vola also features beginner, intermediate, and expert settings to truly customize your vaping sessions with the utmost user control! One of the best vapes on the market!


Just charge up, push down the button and vape away! The Subvod is a popular choice among those in the vaping community. A well-made slim design for those who want a sleeker & more stylish look, the Subvod is a great top filling vape with a pyrex glass chamber. Coming in an assortment of colors means you can find one that suits your style! Another great feature about the Subvod is the convenience of having just one button to push without having to fiddle around with any settings, making the Subvod one of the more convenient user-friendly models that KangerTech has to offer!


The Subox Mini has a leak-free feature that is perfect when changing out your coils, which means no more wasted e-liquid or oil concentrates! Perfect for those on the go who are new to the world of vaping, this sweet little box mod model truly is miniature in its construction! Ergonomically designed with the beginner in mind, the Subox Mini offers an impressive oil & e-liquid capacity in a leak-free design that can deliver some truly massive hits. All the controls are located on the side to conveniently change the temperature settings & power. Another winner from the KangerTech library of functional vapes, the Subox Mini stands out as a giant!


Another popular model featured from KangerTech, the UBOAT remains a favorite among beginners and seasoned vapers alike! One of the best compact vapes on the market, the UBOAT can be used anywhere without revealing your activity. With a smart air control on/off button, the UBOAT has no need for assembly whatsoever. The ceramic coil can heat up 2 ml of e-liquid & oil, plus the chamber is so small that people will not even notice you have it! Slim & sleek, this lightweight vape also has a leak-free refillable system that is ready when you are! One of the more popular models from KangerTech!


For over a decade, KangerTech has been producing some of the industry’s finest vaporizers. When it comes to choosing the right vape from KangerTech, educating yourself about their products is the first step. Often there are some frequently asked questions that can be easily addressed when it comes to KangerTech vaporizers.


A successful brand that hosts a variety of different vapes, the market has been saturated with knock offs & cheap models that have attempted to replicate KangerTech’s success. Finding KangerTech products are easily carried by reputable head shops, though shopping online is your best bet with NY Vape Shop being the best place to start!


Choosing the right vape from this company will always come down to your own personal preference! If you want something slim & simple, KangerTech has you covered. If you prefer a high-tech box mod gizmo with the latest in vaping technology, KangerTech also has your back. As one of the leading brands in the electronic cigarette market, these vapes offer the consumer an alternative to the traditional methods of nicotine consumption. Vaping has taken the world by storm, and KangerTech has been one of the most trusted brands since its inception in 2007. They are all good, so the best KangerTech model will be the one you use the most!


Adjusting the vape temperatures from your KangerTech device is simple, given the direct nature of their construction. Depending on what model of KangerTech vape you have, some will be activated at a fixed temperature with just the push of a button, while others are more sophisticated to offer you a high-tech readout of the current temperature setting. Box mods from KangerTech offer the latter feature, which is just as simple as turning on the unit, manually setting your desired vape temperature, waiting a moment for it to reach that temp, and then vaping to your heart’s content.


Like any other KangerTech product out there, loading your particular device will be straightforward & easy. Box mod vapes usually have a cartridge that is removable & refillable. Learn how to fill the vape cartridge or pod with your favorite flavor of e-juice or oil concentrate. Whether you have the option of setting a temperature on your device will determine how your vaping period will last for future sessions, since higher temps tend to vape material much faster than lower ones. Loading your KangerTech vape is a simple process!


In a simple word, yes! If you like one of their vapes, you can be confident when making the purchase. KangerTech is one of the most reliable brands in the business, with some of the industry’s most technologically advanced people hard at work developing some of the most popular models of KangerTech vapes you see on the market today! Investing in a KangerTech vape will undoubtedly be one of the wisest choices you make regarding your next go to vape. With so many different models to choose from, getting a KangerTech vape to suit your unique style will be one of the easier things in life!


Depending on your model of KangerTech vape & charger, once you plug the cable into a wall outlet, this will begin the charging process. Luckily, charging times are not long, so you will be back to vaping in no time at all! A good quality vape uses a good quality charger, which is why KangerTech is committed to providing the industry with high tech products that are built to last, charge up super-fast, and remain charged for a very long time! When you find that your battery level is depleting on your KangerTech vape, simply taking it to your charging cable and plugging it in will initiate the charging process. Need more help on charging? Check out this vape charging article here!


Depending on the model, simply turn on your vape, set your temperature, wait for it to heat up a moment, and then vape away! If you are vaping oil concentrates or e-juice in a slim KangerTech pen model made for those materials, you will be glad to know that simply pushing a button is all you need to get started. After it is heated & ready to go, once you inhale from your vape, it starts heating up your liquids which is a rather easy & straightforward process in how to operate & vape from a KangerTech. With one of the most user-friendly approaches to vaping, KangerTech uses highly sophisticated technology that does not have to translate to difficulty, which means these guys know what they are doing!


Read this article for fixing your pod or cartridges. But before you get there, you want to not only clean your mouthpieces, but also the cartridge itself to prevent build up and cross flavoring. This is easily done by regularly taking out & manually wiping the inside of the cartridge with a q-tip. Taking good care of your vaping unit ensures that you will be able to use it long term without running into any major issues. Simply doing a routine cleaning can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the integrity of your KangerTech. Making sure you consistently care for your vape will ensure that you will have a high quality piece of equipment that will reliably deliver hard hitting vapor every time you turn on the unit, so take care of your investment!