Buyers Guide for Wax Vaporizers

Our Wax Vape Buyers Guide contains answers to the most popular questions asked by real people looking to buy a new wax vaporizer. Especially for first time users, choosing the right vape can seem overwhelming which is why we have created this Vape Guide.

by: Joe C. | 09/20/16 1:30PM


Read through the detailed descriptions and product reviews to learn all about the various wax vaporizers offered on our website. Compare the different styles and functions until you've found the perfect vape for you.

Over the past few years, a new form of herb has been growing in popularity and it goes by the name of wax. You can't ingest wax like you do traditional dry herbs. Instead you'll need either a rig and domeless dab nail, or a vaporizer. Even if you own a rig, you'll want a vape pen because they are portable and easy to use. By far, the vape is the most convenient way to enjoy your wax pen. But not all vapes tanks are the same, so to educate yourself and learn about the different wax vaporizers, refer to our Buyers Guide below.


Common Questions before buying a Wax Vaporizer

1. Do I need a multi-purpose vaporizer for dry herbs, oils and wax concentrates?

You don't need one, but if you want one, nowadays you can find yourself a vaporizer versatile enough to handle all your wax, dry herbs and oils in one device. The average vaporizer that can handle more than one product will do so with the use of different heating chamber attachments. The chambers are interchangeable with the rest of the device and each one is specifically designed for use with either wax, oil or herbs. A vape kit may include the various heating chambers needed for each, or you may have to buy them separately.

Multi-purpose Vaporizers:

2. What kind of heating coil am I looking for?

Most wax vapes are composed of three main components–the battery, heating chamber/coil and a mouthpiece. The coil is where wax is placed and then heated. Regardless of the coil type, the coil will heat up and turn your wax into vapor. Not all coils are the same and the difference does not have to do with quality, but the coil you choose will be based on your preference.

2a. Wick Coils

Wick coils are the original attachment first used with wax vapes. The heating element consists of a small bundle of cotton wick wrapped inside a metal alloy coil. Some users claim to like this coil because of the wick's ability to absorb concentrates as they heat and liquify–they also claim that the absorption helps prevent wax loss. On the contrary some users don't like using wick coils and they claim the wick taints the taste of the vapor.

2b. Ceramic Rod Coils

Ceramic rods were the first advancement from the original wick. Instead of the wick bundle, this heating element consists of a ceramic rod wrapped inisde a metal alloy coil. The ceramic rod can help improve your vaping experience. Ceramic retains heat better than wick and it will reach the high temperatures needed to vape wax faster and more easily. Unlike the wick, we have never had complaints about the ceramic tainting taste of the vapor. Instead we hear that the ceramic leads to a smoother and tastier vapor experience.

Vapes with Ceramic Rod Coils:

  • Micro Vape 3 Coil kit

2c. Quartz Rod Coils

The Quartz Rod is the latest improvement to the wax coil and is known as one of the most efficient heating environments for your concentrates. The quartz heats up quickly and offers a vaping experience smoother and tastier than the ceramic and wick predecessors. Users also claim that the quartz coils reach higher temperatures more quickly resulting in bigger and better dab hits.

Vapes with Quartz Rod Coils:

  • Yocan Evolve
  • Micro Vape Quartz Coil kit

2d. Pancake Coils

The pancake coil is much different than the coils previously mentioned. The pancake style consists of a metal alloy coil wrapped in a tight, flat, spiral shape that looks like a pancake. This style coil sits at the bottom of ceramic heating chamber and the wax is loaded into the chamber right on top of the coil. The pancake coil is typically associated with heating chambers larger than what you would find with any of the rod or wick coils.

Vapes with Pancake Coils:

  • AGO Jr
  • AGO dry herb kit

3. Am I looking for a single coil or dual coil attachment?

The heating element is responsible for heating wax and turning it into vapor. Whether wick, ceramic or quartz, inside the coil dish is where the actual coil or coils is located. This choice comes down to preference and we have heard from enough users to know that with either decision, you'll be able to have an enjoyable vaping experience.

3a. Single Coils

The Single Coil is the original design, but that does not mean it is outdated. They are still around for a reason and many users preference the single coil over dual coils. The single coil is always positioned horizontally, across the center of the coil dish.

  • AGO Jr
  • Micro Vape Quartz Coil kit

3b. Dual Coils

Dual Coils heat up and function just like a single coil. Users that preference the Dual Coils claim the extra heat produced from an additional coil is the advantage they love. The two coil system cannot replicate the same rip you would get from a rig, but they say two coils are better than one.

Vapes with Dual Coils:

  • Yocan Evolve

4. Am I looking to use glass globe attachments with my vape pen?

Glass globe coil attachments are a popular vape accessory that can enhance your vaping experience. With most wax vapes, the mouthpiece is located right above the coil, and every time you inhale, you are more or less inhaling the vapor right off the coil—that is not a bad thing, but with a glass globe, the vapor will come off the coil and collect within the globe, allowing you to take larger rips and experience a cooler vapor that is not so harsh on the throat.

You can find vape kits complete with the Glass Globe Coil attachment, but if you already have a vape, you can find the various standalone globe attachments for sale as well. But, globe attachments are not available for every vape model, so if it is important to you, make sure to find out before you buy. And if they are available you may have options because the attachments come in different shapes and sizes from the original globe to teapots and glass skulls

5. Will the Vaporizer Battery last all day?

The answer to this question is not straight-forward and the answer depends on the size of the battery and how often it is used. If you're a heavy user, regardless of battery size, it never hurts to carry a charger. But for the average user, most batteries will get you through the day.

The battery is responsible for powering the vape and providing the energy needed to heat the coil. Advances in battery technology helped propel portable vaporizers into reality. Before the portables, vaporizers had to be plugged into an outlet for power. Now you can conveniently walk the streets with a lightweight, fully-charged vape pen. For those that only vape at home, battery capacity should not be a concern to you. But for those that plan to travel with their vape, you may want to pay attention to your battery's capacity, aka the mAh. The higher the mAh, the more energy that your battery can store. And the more stored energy you have, the longer you can roam, vaping, unhinged from any power cord.

Part II: Wax Vaporizer Reviews and Descriptions

1. Micro Vape Pen for wax – Quartz Coil kit

  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Single Quartz Rod heating coil
  • Battery Capacity – 350mAh
  • Vaporizer Size - L x W x H (.7 x .375 x 4 inches)


Micro Vape Review – Quartz Coil kit

The Micro Vape pen is very popular and has been around since wax vapes first came on the scene. The Micro is only 4 inches tall and slimmer than your phone so you can bring this vape just about anywhere. It is easy to use and as discreet as you can get. We offer the Micro Vape in several different kit variations.

The Quartz Coil kit is the newest kit and should be on your radar if you’re searching for a wax vape pen. The kit comes with two vapes and you can choose from over 400 color combinations. Both vapes are equipped with a high quality quartz rod coil that outperforms the both ceramic and original wick coils. The quartz coils offer a smoother and tastier experience than its predecessors.

Buy the Quartz Coil kit here

2. AGO Jr Wax Vape Pen

  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Battery Capacity – 350mAh
  • Pancake style heating coil
  • Vaporizer Size - L x W x H (.5 x .5 x 4 inches)


AGO Jr Vape Pen Review

The AGO Jr is a popular vape pen typically used with wax concentrates. Its small size makes it easy to store just about anywhere and the pen-style shape means it is easy to use and handle. This vape is very discreet and can disappear in some hands. The heating chamber is ceramic and contains a pancake style coil on the chamber floor. The vape heats up nicely and will give you solid rips. Some excess wax may build around the chamber wall, but you can just scrape it downward towards the coil. Commonly found at most online vape and head shops.

3. Yocan Evolve Wax Vaporizer kit

  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Dual Quartz Rod heating coils
  • Battery Capacity – 650mah
  • Vaporizer Size - L x W x H (.5 x .5 x 4.75 inches)


The Yocan Evolve is a fantastic portable vape pen that can be carried around everyday. The familiar pen-style shape is comfortable in the hands and easy to operate. The best part of the vaporizer is its heating chamber. The chamber was designed with purity in mind so the coils have been crafted with quartz instead of ceramic or wick. Not only is there a quartz coil, but there are two quartz rod coils that will guarantee a crystal clean, smooth and tasty experience.

Buy the Yocan Evolve here

4. AGO Vaporizer

  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Pancake style heating coil
  • Battery Capacity – 650mah
  • LED Screen
  • Vaporizer Size - L x W x H (.5 x .5 x 4.75 inches)


AGO Vaporizer Review

The AGO is a sleek and discreet portable vape pen that is often mistaken for an e-cig. It is lightweight, easy to use and has a comfortable feel to it. The battery will last most users all day and a convenient LED screen will show the battery meter and puff count.

The AGO vaporizer is most commonly known for its use with dry herbs, but it can also be used for was. The vape is composed of 3 main parts—the battery, the heating chamber and the mouthpiece. The type of heating chamber can be used with either dry herbs or wax. However, we highly recommend not using wax and dry herbs in the same chamber. Instead, just get a chamber for each.

Buy the AGO kit here

5. SteamCloud A-40 Box Mod

  • Portable Box Mod
  • Battery Capacity – 1300mah
  • Output Power – 1 to 40W
  • OLED Screen
  • Vaporizer Size - L x W x H (1.3 x .85 x 2.4 inches)


SteamCloud A-40 Box Mod Review

The SteamCloud A-40 is a popular, high wattage box mod capable of getting huge vapor clouds but will also fit in the palm of your hand. It comes with an informative OLED display screen and easy to use controls so you can vape easily, and properly. You can equip this mod with any of the standard 510 mod attachments so you'll be able to enjoy wax, herbs and oils. The battery will last most users all day, but if not, the SteamCloud comes with a standard micro usb port.

Buy the SteamCloud here

6. Micro Vape Pen for wax – 3 Coil kit

  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Single Ceramic rod heating coil
  • Battery Capacity – 350mah
  • Vaporizer Size - L x W x H (.7 x .375 x 4 inches)


Micro Vape kit Review – 3 Coil kit

The Micro Vape pen style has been around since vape pens first became popular years ago. This style has remained in high demand for a few reasons—the design is compact and very portable, it is easy to be discreet with and easy to use. You can bring the Micro anywhere and we offer the vape in several different kit variations.

The 3 Coil Travel Kit comes with a Micro vape pen, 3 extra ceramic rod coils and all the typical accessories safely stored away in a soft but protective travel case. This kit is for those that are always on the move. With your charger tucked away in your case, you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery. And with 3 extra coils, you don’t have to worry about a coil burning out in the middle of a session while your miles away from a replacement.

7. Wax Pod for Flowermate Vaporizers

  • Wax Chamber Accessory for Flowermate Vapes
  • No heating coil - Wax pod is heated from within the ceramic chamber


Flowermate Wax Pod Review

The Wax Pod is not meant to replace a wax vape. It is more of a bonus feature that allows you to use oils and wax with your dry herb vaporizer. The ceramic chamber in a Flowermate is made for use with dry herbs. But now, if you'd like, you can pack some oil or wax into this pod and then slide the pod into the chamber. Heat the vape to the highest temperature as you normally would and the pod will heat up eventually turning the wax into vapor. If you must use this device for your wax, make sure to use small amounts or your chamber will turn into a mess. The Wax Pod is good to have around if you vape wax on a rare occasion or to serve as a back up when the go-to vape dies, but this should not serve as your main vape. Buy the Wax Pods here on our online vape shop.

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