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Yocan Evolve Vape Pen for wax

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This wax vaporizer was designed with purity of vapor taste in mind. The heating chamber is crafted with quartz rods versus ceramic or wick to deliver the tastiest, smoothest vapors possible. Easy to use vape pen plus it is super portable and discreet.
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  • Product Details

    Wax Pen Review

    This vape pen is extremely portable, discreet and easy to use.  The dual quartz coils work very well for heating the wax and producing smooth puffs of vapor to enjoy.  The Evolve has a a good weight to it and a comfortable rubber grip making it very natural and comfortable in the hands.  What makes this vape really stand out is the heating coil and cover design.  The design cuts down on the sticky mess that is often created by wax in other vaporizers.  Not only does it cut down on the mess and clogged situations, but if you happen end up in the position, the design of the components allows you to easily clean.

    Vape Kit includes

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    • 1 Evolve Vape Pen
    • 1 extra dual quartz rod coil
    • 1 wax dabber
    • 1 usb charging cable

    Wax Pen Details

    • This vaporizer is equiped with a heating coil attachment for use with wax concentrates
    • Battery Capacity  650 mah
    • Atomizer Resistance  0.8 ohms
    • Length  120 mm
    • Width  14 mm

    see the Tips & Manuals tab for other help or information

    • User Manual

      Reasons to buy the Yocan Evolve vaporizer

      1. New heating chamber design helps reduce wax residue build up and sticky situations. 2. Dual Quartz rods deliver solid puffs of vapor. 3. Portable, very easy to use and can fit in the pocket.

      How to Charge the Yocan Evolve

      1. Plug the usb charger into a power source. When the charger is properly plugged in, the green light will turn on. 2. Screw the battery into the the other end of the charger. 3. When the battery is plugged in, the light on the power button will flash red and then stay lit up red. The light on the usb charger will also turn red to indicate that the battery is charging. 4. When the battery is fully charged, the light on the power button will shut off and the light on the usb charger will turn green. Unscrew the battery from the charger and remove the charger from the power source. 5. Never leave your battery charging overnight and always store it in a cool, dry place.

      How to use my Yocan Evolve vape pen

      1. Make sure the battery is charged. If it needs, charge the battery with the usb charger included in the kit. 2. Screw the heating chamber firmly onto the top of the battery. 3. Unscrew the top of the heating chamber to reveal the dual quartz rods. 4. Press the power button 5 times quickly in a row to turn the battery on. Press the power button to test heat the coils and make sure everything is working properly. 5. Now it is time to load the wax. With a dabber tool, ball up some wax or grab a small piece and place it into the coil chamber. Scrape the wax off against the sides of the chamber if needed. Push it down towards the coils. Do Not touch the coil directly or apply too much pressure or they can be damaged. Do Not overpack the chamber and smother the coil. 6. Once the chamber is properly loaded, screw the top back on. 7. With the coil top properly screwed on, place the Yocan mouthpiece back over the coil and screw it into the rest of the vape pen. 8. Now that everything is connected, if needed, turn your battery on by pressing the power button 5 times quickly. If the battery is already powered on, then just press the power button to start heating the coils. As the coils heat, they will start to A vaporize the wax concentrates. As you heat the coils you can start to take gradual pulls from the mouthpiece. Give the coils a second or 2 to heat the wax and produce vapor. 9. The vape has an automatic safety shutoff. After holding the power button and heating the coil for a straight 10 seconds, the coil will stop heating and the light on the battery button will blink red a couple times. Just release the power button for a second and then press it again to continue vaping.