Ceramic Dab Nails - The Complete List for Dabbers

The most Complete List that covers all of the Ceramic Dab Nails in the market. We provide a quick nail review plus other important information about each.

by: Matthew H. | 12/10/18 2:30PM


Welcome to the best, most complete list of ceramic dab nails you will find on the internet! If you want to browse and compare different styles of ceramic dab nails, or if you are curious what dab nails are for and why they are growing in popularity, then this is going to be the perfect list for you. And please keep in mind that the terms dab nail, domeless nail, and nail are all often interchangeably used to describe the same dabbing tool.

What are Dab Nails?

So what exactly are dab nails? They are the latest in dabbing accessories and are an accessory for a dab rig that allows you to dab with your choice of wax or oil. The domeless nail is heated to your desired temperature, and when you place the wax on the heated portion, it produces a concentrated vapor that can be inhaled.

Why choose a dab nail and wax over more traditional smoking materials, like dry herb or vape pens? The wax is an extracted pure form of your wax or oil, which means less odor when burning and a stronger concentrated vapor produced.


Dab Nails in a Variety of Materials

You will find domeless nails on the market made out of a variety of materials, such as glass or titanium, but ceramic offers unique benefits. Regardless of the quality of ceramic, many users love using just ceramic nails in a dab rig. Once heated, a ceramic nail will consistently hold its heat far longer than other materials, which makes for easier for dabbing, especially for extended sessions. And, when used over time, the ceramic can “season” like a tobacco pipe might, which allows for the full spectrum of flavor to really be brought out of your wax or oil.

This list will continue to grow as new products are added so remember to come back and visit! If you happen to see a ceramic dab nail that you love that is not on the list, let us know! We would be happy to review it and get it on the list! Now time for the main event. Here is the complete list of ceramic dab nails!


1. Male Ceramic Dab Nail:

This dab nail is simple, high quality, and makes a great addition to most dab nail rigs. Its high-quality construction allows it to be a long-lasting component, giving the piece ample time to become seasoned with frequent use to get the best flavor out of your wax! It fits female 14mm attachments and larger, which is perfect for most dab rig setups. For veterans replacing their dab nail, or beginners making their first rig, this domeless ceramic dab nail is a great buy.


2. Ceramic Domeless Nail, fits most rigs:

A no-frills, high quality, versatile dab nail is an essential part of any dab rig. This ceramic domeless nail makes a great addition to any set up you may be looking to make. The design has both male and female components, allowing it to connect to nearly any rig. It fits 14mm and 19mm male and female connectors, and the even heating quality that ceramic brings will be sure to give you a very tasty smoking experience. Since its versatile design includes male and female connectors, this dab nail makes a great gift for anyone that loves their dab rig!


3. Female Ceramic Dab Nail

The perfect addition to any stem dab rig, the female ceramic dab nail is going to completely change your dabbing experience! The ceramic material holds heat extremely well, making going from heating to placing the wax an easy experience. Made for male stems 14 mm and smaller, ceramic makes a smooth vapor that is ideal for veterans and beginners alike. The more you smoke with it, the more the material becomes “seasoned,” allowing for a richer, fuller flavor profile of your favorite waxes. If you have never experienced the top quality dabbing experience that ceramic offers, this domeless female ceramic dab nail is a great, low-cost option to get you started.


4. Ceramic Dab Nail with Rig Adapter

If you have been building a dab rig and are frustrated or confused about what parts connect with which rig, then this ceramic dab nail with rig adapter is going to remove that confusion entirely! This package comes with a ceramic dab nail, with ceramic being the choice material of high-end dab nails, as well as a rig adapter, letting it fit nearly any rig set up. It will hook up with both male and female joints measuring 14mm to 19mm. This is a fantastic all in one set if you are trying to get your very first rig built! Take the guesswork out of the planning with this ceramic dab nail and rig adapter set.


5. Ceramic Nail for Dabbing - Interchangeable:

For a dab nail full of utility, this ceramic dab nail makes a wonderful addition to anyone looking to make the most of their dabbing experience. Small and discrete, this ceramic nail is interchangeable with both male and female joint attachments, making it an ideal travel companion if you are unable to move your whole rig. The ceramic material is known for bringing out the best of the flavor your preferred wax has to offer, and it will only get better the more it is used! The piece is great for getting your first dab rig started, and is also a great addition to any existing dab rig.



6. Ceramic Dab Nail Adapters:

Looking through this list, as well as what we offer on our site, you will see a lot of products listed with “dab nail adapters.”If you are a novice dab user, it may not be immediately clear why there are adapters and what you need to keep in mind when building a rig. Rigs come in a variety of designs, and while certain sizes are common, there is not a standard size for joints on dab rigs. Some will require a “male” connection, some a “female” connection, and between those connection types will be a variety of sizes. Adapters help remove some of the confusion or doubt you may have about part compatibility, as well as letting you buy a variety of dab nails without having to get a completely new rig. If you think you might enjoy trying a variety of different dab nails, then a dab nail adapter is going to be essential to your experience.


7. Ceramic Universal Honey Bucket:

This honey bucket nail dab is a fantastic step up from more traditional domeless dab nail varieties. The dome structure allows you to more safely heat up and use your wax of choice, and the honey bucket functions like a vapor dome, preventing any vapor from escaping before it is inhaled. This dab nail will fit most dab rigs, as it will fit both 14.5 mm and 18.5 mm varieties, and can be purchased in both male and female designs. Lastly, both male and female varieties come with a swing arm that allows for easy heating and wax application. A fantastic choice if you are looking to change up your dabbing game!


8. Ceramic Nail for Male Joints:

This petite nail dab is perfect for bumping up the quality of your dab rig. It is very small, smaller than a cigarette lighter and made from medical grade ceramic. This little nail is ideal for both thin and waxy oils, so regardless of what your product of choice is, this premium nail is going to get the job done. It will only fit 10mm male joints, so you may need a ceramic nail dab adapter if your rig is not built for this setup. If you prefer a dab set up that specializes in low-temperature burns, this ceramic nail joint is exactly what you are looking for!


9. Universal Ceramic Nail:

The perfect universal ceramic nail has been found! This incredible nail dab will fit into nearly any dab set up! It can connect to both male and female joints and can fit 10 mm, 14.5mm, and 18.8mm joint sizes. However, just because it has high utility does not mean you sacrifice quality elsewhere. It is made from high-grade ceramic, which will give you a fantastically smooth vapor and will season over time, only further enhancing your smoking experience! If you have been looking to gift a friend with a nail dab but were not sure of the size, this universal ceramic nail makes a perfect gift!


10. Fully Adjustable Ceramic Nail:

You may have found that certain components of your dab rig restrict your choice in dab nail, especially if your rig has an especially large dome. This fully adjustable ceramic nail solves that problem easily! All parts of this fully adjustable nail are ceramic, so still expect the even, long holding heat that ceramic nails provide. If you want to take it with you on the go, this nail is tiny! Perfect for discretely traveling with. This will fit 14.5 mm male joints, but feel free to adjust where it sits on the joint for exactly the dabbing experience you want! If you have been struggling with a difficult rig set up, struggle no longer! This fully adjustable ceramic nail is exactly what you need!


11. Domeless Ceramic Nail for 14mm and 10mm Male Joints:

If your dab rig setup does not have a ceramic nail, you are really missing out, and this dab nail wants to go home with you! It is ceramic, which means it will heat evenly, retain heat longer, and really give you the broad array of flavors that other materials, like titanium or glass, cannot provide. As the title implies, it will fit 14mm and 10mm male joints, so if this nail caught your eye but your rig is not set up for it, fret not! Grab a nail adapter and use this dab nail to your full satisfaction! Ceramic nails are ideal both for seasoned users, as well as beginning users trying to figure out what rig build is best for them. This domeless ceramic nail is just waiting to become the prize possession of a lucky dab rig!

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