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Ceramic Nail with Dab Rig Adapter

$12.99   $16.99
This domeless nail set includes an adapter so it can fit more than one rig stem size. Ceramic nails are highly rated as they are associated with some of the most tasty vapors while dabbing.

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  • Product Details

    Domeless Nail Listing Includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - International & Priority options available
    • Ceramic Sandclock Domeless Nail
    • Dab rig adapter

    Ceramic Nail Details

    • Nail an Adapt to fit - 14mm to 19mm male & female joints
    • Height with adapter attached - 3.75 inches tall
    • Dab Plate Diameter - 0.75 inches
    • Dab Hole Diameter - 6mm

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    • User Manual

      What does Dab mean

      In the context of this world, if you hear someone mention something about taking a dab or looking to dab, they are referring to vaporizing wax with either a vaporizer pen or a domeless nail and oil rig. Typically with vapes, users refer to the act as vaping and not so much as dabbing. So the majority of the time, the term taking a dab involves the use of rigs, domeless nails dab tools, and a blow torch unless you have an electronic nail. A domeless nail is connected to an oil rig like a bowl piece would connect to a water pipe. Wax needs to be heated at a much higher temperature than herbs so the nail surface needs to be heated with a blow torch. Once the nail surface is hot enough, with a dab tool, wax is applied and it immediately turns to vapor. The user will take a pull similar to most smoking methods and vapor will travel down throughout the rig for a proper dab experience.