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Ceramic Nail for dabbing - Interchangeable Size

In seconds switch the ceramic nail from male to female and adapt to the various dab rigs. The ceramic domeless nail provides a tasteful dabbing experience and is perfect for starters or seasoned dabbers.

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  • Product Details

    Dab Tool Listing Includes

    • 1 interchangeable ceramic domeless nail

    Domeless Nail Details

    • fits 10mm male and female
    • Height  1.75 inches
    • Dab Plate Diameter  .625 inches
    • Dab Hole Diameter  6mm

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    • User Manual

      What is Dabbing

      Dabbing, dabbers, nails and rigs are all terms you may be hearing about more frequently. In short, dabbing or the act of taking a dab is a way to consume wax concentrates without a vaporizer. The dab tool and other items mentioned above are all the tools necessary to get the job done. So, how to dab? The first part is setting up a dab rig which is similar to a bong. The rig operates like a bong but it is designed for use with a domeless nail whether titanium, ceramic or quartz. The nail is placed onto the stem of the rig, similar to how a bowl piece slides into a water bong. Once properly set up, the real action begins. Wax vaporizes at a very high temperature so unless you are dealing with an E Nail, you will need a blow torch to scorch the surface of the domeless nail to get it super hot. Once heated enough, a small ball of wax can be placed onto the surface. This action of dabbing the wax onto the surface is how the term dabbing got its name. As soon as the wax hits the surface, it will turn to vapor and can then be inhaled like a typical pull from a water pipe, but the hit will be far better. There may seem to be a lot of moving parts at first, but taking dabs is pretty simple and besides the product inputs, the actions you take are not too different from the old Jerome Baker days.