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Ceramic Domeless Nail - fits most Dab Rigs

Quality, oil rig nail with a design that quickly goes from male to female to fit a wide range of rigs. Ceramic helps vaporize wax at optimal heat levels so you can enjoy tasty wax flavors.

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  • Product Details

    Dabber Listing Includes

    • 1 ceramic nail

    Specs and Measurements

    • Interchangeable design to fit male and female rig stems
    • Fits 14mm & 19mm male & female
    • Height  2.25 inches
    • Dab Plate Diameter  0.75 inches
    • Dab Hole Diameter  6mm

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    • User Manual

      Dabbing with Ceramic Nails When you are looking to dab some wax, the method and choices to make are not always easy and straightforward. Most dabbers use traditional domeless nails versus the electronic nails now available. But even with the traditional nails you have to choose between titanium, quartz or ceramic. Ceramic nails are similar to the other materials except they are ceramic and popular for a variety of reasons. To start, the prices for ceramic nails are one of the best values around. For less than $15 plus FREE Shipping you can find several choices within our online shop. Low price and great value is awesome, but ceramic brings other positive attributes to the table as well. For instance, ceramic retains heat longer than titanium or quartz so you will have more time in between when you have to blow torch the nail. Plus the ceramic tends to produce the most ideal heat environment for vaping wax which sometimes can be too hot. The taste of your wax is never tainted with ceramic and the nails are a solid quality that will last many dab sessions.