Do I Need a Torch Lighter for Dabbing Wax?

Dabbing wax through a dab rig is one of the most popular methods of wax concentrate consumption. To properly heat up and disperse the wax contained inside your nail, enough heat is required. In this article we will be taking a closer look at torch lighters and how they are an essential tool required to properly heat up and vaporize your wax concentrates inside a dab rig.

by: Anthony E. | 03/26/22 1:30PM


Torch Lighters vs Regular Lighters

Torch lighters are a crucial aspect and necessary tool for any serious dab user. In fact, it would be very hard to take a credible hit from a dab rig without one. While some users can opt for an e-nail or other means of dabbing, most will have to use a torch lighter to sufficiently produce vapor from their dab rig.

Unlike regular lighters which can only produce a simple flame, torch lighters are concentrated and essentially force the direction of the flame. Lighters are free-flowing and very light. While you could put a regular lighter under a nail, it would likely take a very long time to reach the desired temperature needed to sufficiently create a dab hit, if at all.

Using a torch lighter is the only real way to create a dab hit that is strong and consistent. Some torches are very large by comparison and are used exclusively to make dab hits from a standard dab rig. Other torch lighters are very small, almost the size of a standard lighter and can also be used to create a dab hit.


Why Temperature is Important

If you tried to use a standard lighter to make your dab hit, you would likely not get a hit at all. You might end up with a poor substandard hit that is nothing like what you would get using a torch lighter. The reality is that you need a very powerful flame to efficiently heat up and maintain that temperature on a dab nail.

Since torch lighters concentrate the flame to a specific point, they are much more efficient at heating up nails than a standard lighter could ever hope to. If you were to use a lighter instead of a torch, you would likely end up melting your wax without creating much vapor. In fact, if you used a lighter instead of a torch, you could inadvertently waste your wax concentrates by slowly melting off the terpenes in your material.

Getting the nail hot enough to vaporize the wax is what you want, and a torch lighter is really the only way of achieving this aside from having an e-nail. Without a torch lighter, you will not be able to effectively use a standard dab rig. The right temperature is crucial to getting a decent hit off a dab rig.


Dabbing vs Vaping

When we think of dabbing, we usually think of vaping because neither a dab rig nor portable vape pen produces any smoke. Conversely, when we mention vaping, we usually refer to the use of a portable vape like a box mod. None of these utilizes combustion despite the former using a torch lighter. Dabbing from a dab rig produces vapor that is very thick and cloudy. Taking a hit off a vape pen will still produce a significant amount of vapor, though not as thick.

This is because raw heat from a torch will produce much stronger hits versus a battery-powered unit that cannot match the power of a torch lighter. Box mods are known for being able to compete with dab rigs, however. In fact, some can even produce much larger hits than a dab rig! This is partly due to the material used inside the box mod.

While e-juice is usually the type of material used for producing those fat hits from a box mod, wax concentrates can produce a moderate amount from a dab rig. They are two different types of material that produce varying degrees of vapor. Dabbing is better for wax, though box mods can serve as a highly efficient alternative.

How Different Types of Nails Retain Heat

There are three main types of nails for use with a torch. Titanium, ceramic, and quartz. Each has their own unique attributes, and each retains heat differently. Of the three, quartz heats up the fastest, with titanium coming in second. Ceramic can hold heat longer than the other two with quartz being the shortest.

When it comes to durability, it goes without saying that titanium is the strongest. This is especially useful to know when using a torch to light up your nails. If you were to put a torch on a quartz nail long enough, it would be more likely to crack for example. When it comes to using a torch for any of these, you will want to retain the heat by using a carb cap.

This essentially acts as a carburetor to regulate airflow and retain the heat within the nail. This is perfect whether using titanium, ceramic, or quartz. A carb cap is usually made from titanium and can also act as a dabber. When using a torch to light your nail, using a carb cap is recommended to help retain the heat.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, torch lighters are an essential component to any serious dab rig user’s arsenal. While using an e-nail can mitigate the issue of lighters altogether, they are expensive and not as common. Torch lighters are plentiful and can be refilled.

When it comes to using a torch lighter for your dab rig, the bigger the better. This is because less is needed to heat up a nail and will last you a long time. Never try to light a nail using a standard lighter as this will simply not work. Temperature regulation is an integral part of getting a successful hit off a dab rig.

No matter what type of dab rig you end up using, always ensure you have a great torch lighter to go along with it to ensure you have a steady source of reliable heat. Using a sterno or regular lighter defeats the purpose and will only provide you with subpar hits, if any.

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