How Many Accessories Do I Need For My Vape

Vapes are very versatile when it comes to their vaping modalities, while some simply specialize in just one. No matter what type of vape you have, you will undoubtedly need some type of accessory to make your session run smoothly. Unlike bongs or dab rigs, vapes do not require as many gadgets to get them working, such as lighters, torches, etc. Some vapes do utilize similar tools however, such as dabbers. The more vapes you have, the more likely you will need a specific tool that specializes in that modality or model.

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Tools for Dry Herb Vapes

Perhaps the most simple type of vape, dry herb vapes need minimal assistance from additional accessories, although having these tools will certainly make your sessions much better.

Aside from having a grinder which is truly a must in order to have the right consistency to accommodate any dry herb vape, other tools such as a spoon, funnel, and packer may serve to make your job easier. These tools can put dry herbs into the chamber without you ever coming into contact with them, which will preserve the integrity of your dry herbs.

A funnel will ensure everything goes into the chamber without falling out, and a packer will lightly pack down the dry herbs into the chamber. Despite the fact that dry herbs are easier to work with, their tool requirement is a bit more demanding, although minimal.

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Tools for Wax Vapes

Wax vapes require tools such as dabbers, which scoop up and place the wax concentrates directly onto the atomizer. This is a necessity as doing it by hand would leave behind a mess and waste your material in the process.

While the tools themselves are not demanding, the replacement parts can be.

Your vape will require that you eventually replace the coils once they burn out. While some do not consider replacement parts tools per se, they should be recognized as being a necessity like any other tool.

Containers used to house your material should also be taken into consideration, as these are technically tools used to maintain the integrity of your vapes and concentrates. Unlike dry herb vape tools, wax tools are less in quantity, but more in quality. You would not load wax with a plastic pen for example, though you can grind dry herbs with a plastic grinder.


Tools for Oil and E-juice Vapes

Like wax vapes, e-juice and oil vapes need replacement coils. Atomizers, pods, wicks; these are all tools that are considered a necessity in order for your vape to function. Additional tools such as drip tips, unicorn bottles, etc. are optional to enhance your devices and make your vape sessions a lot better.

When choosing what vape to get, you should never go off of whether the tools will be a deal breaker or not, but rather what type of vaping modality suits you the best. If you want to vape oil concentrates but then settle for the light and wispy vapors of dry herb vaporizer, then you might find yourself regretting the purchase.

Always look at your options like an investment. Since oil vapes are usually reserved for more advanced vape users, many find that the thick clouds they produce are only achievable through having the right type of tools. Without the right atomizer for example, this would not be possible.

Other Points to Consider

While it is highly advisable to seek out these tools for your specific type of vaporizer, other tools may not be so obvious. If one is a medical patient for or injured for example, the last thing you will want to invest in is something that will cause you strain just to prepare your medication.

People who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other type of mobility issues may come to find that using a grinder, dabber, or even changing out the atomizer may be uncomfortable. Understanding this can open the door for alternatives such as an electrical grinder. Investing in an ergonomically designed vape would be most ideal regardless of your modality.

A dabber that is thicker or made with a grip to minimize strain would also be ideal for those who need to load their own material with pain in their hands. The accessories that you will require are made to simplify the vaping process, so it is best to look at them as investments for your health. No matter what you need, always make sure that you have the right tool for the job!

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