What makes the Best Vape Gear in 2021?

Vaporizers can be for dry herbs, wax, oils, and e-juice. The various vape pens come with various types of coils and tools to operate. From vape carrying cases to lanyards and exotic vape coils, there is much to think about when it comes to the types of vape gear you can surround yourself with.

by: Harit F. | 01/06/21 2:30PM

How to Gear up your Vape

Vape gear is like a little boy's secret box, and every vaper's face would brighten when they add something new to their vape gear. Vapers care a lot about their vape gear and spend a lot of time and money to make their gear supreme. A vape gear is a set of vaping devices and accessories that help a vaper tune his/her favorite vaping setup.


The items in a vape gear collection may vary depending on the vaper's personal preferences. A vintage vaper who loves coil building would buy and add coil building tools and various types of wires along with powerful mod kits and massive vape tanks. On the other hand, a travel enthusiast might include various types of vape carrying cases and stealth vaping devices.

Every single vaper out there might have unique vaping needs and liking. However, determining and coming up with the best vape gear could significantly enhance one's vaping life's comfort and satisfaction. Besides, an optimal vape gear can help save a lot of money in the long-term.


But what makes the best vape gear in the USA? Beginners, experienced and expert vapers are out there looking for the best vape devices and vape gear. We will discuss the most optimal vape gear configurations for all three category vapers.

Cleaning kit being used in a sink for a vapor

Vaporizer Cleaning kit

No matter if you are a beginner or a vintage vaper, you must include a vape cleaning kit in your vape gear. Appropriate maintenance of vaping kits is ideal for achieving a longer service life, dependable performance, and cost-efficiency.

Vape Battery Adapters

There are a few adapters that might be handy at times. 18650-batteries are very common, but sometimes, you may have to use a different battery size. A 18650 battery adapter can help you in such instances. Likewise, drip tip adapters and 510 connection adapters could be helpful when you have to use anyone else vape mod, which may not have a 510 pin.

Vape Carrying Case used best when traveling

Vape Carrying Case

Vape carrying cases is an excellent addition to your vape gear. You can carry your e-liquid bottles, spare vape tanks, extra batteries, cleaning kits, and adapters in a vape carrying case. It could prevent the e-liquids from spilling on your clothes or your belongings when you travel. Do remember to choose a water-proof and weather-resistant case for enhanced safety and performance.


Best vape gear for beginners

Regulated vaping mods, replaceable cartridges pre-built coils

Beginner vapers might not have enough knowledge or expertise to handle low-resistance coils and high-power mods, and they should pick a light vape gear. Also, coil building kits and huge mods require appropriate maintenance, which may not be possible for beginners.

It is the same when it comes to non-regulated mods, also known as mechanical mods. Beginners should avoid choosing mechanical mods without passing the learning curve. Regulated vape mods, replaceable cartridges, and pre-built coils are the best options for beginner vapers.

Regulated vaporizers is a standard we set at Nyvapeshop

Regulated vape pens

Beginner vapers could avoid accidental firing and short-circuits by using regulated vaping pens. The circuits in the regulated vape kits cut-off the power in over-heating or high-temperature and ensures a safe vaping experience. Likewise, vape pens are relatively easy to use and are less intricate for a beginner vaper. Besides, regulated mods allow the users to set the desired temperature limit or wattage output limit. Consequently, they could easily pass the learning curve and enjoy varied vape setups without any hassles.

Replaceable Vape Cartridges

Some onboarding vapers may find it a tad challenging to handle refillable cartridges and refillable vape tanks. It could be annoying to spill e-liquids on your clothes when in the office or at a party. Replaceable cartridges can save you from such discomforts.

Pre-built Vape Coils

Coil building requires in-depth knowledge about Ohm's law and vaping. A wrong calculation could lead to a short-circuit or a lag in the performance. Sometimes, it could lead to more severe effects as well. That said, pre-built coils and replaceable atomizers are the best choices for beginner vapers.

Best vape gear for experienced vapers

When you are an experienced vaper, you might want to try more intense and exciting vape setups. For that reason, an experienced vaper should have a capable vape gear that enable them to enjoy new heights of vaping.

TC and VW enabled vape mods

Most big vape mods come with LED screens that allow the user to try varied temperature and wattage setups. At the same time, vape mods are a tad more advanced than simple vape pens. As a result, you could enjoy vaping using sub-ohm coils and sub-ohm vape tanks at high temperatures. Things like cloud chasing and flavor chasing is possible only with high-power mods and bigger vape tanks.

MTL and DTL vape tanks and mouthpieces

Cloud chasing and flavor chasing involve two famous vaping styles. Mouth to lung vaping is suitable for flavor chasing, while direct lung hits are optimal for cloud chasing and nicotine vaping. Choose vape tanks and mouthpieces that serve your vaping preferences.

Dripping Atomizers

Dripping atomizers could be a little more intricate than tank atomizers but are an excellent choice for flavor lovers. You can switch between various flavors during your vaping session when you vape with an RDA. However, you can only put a few drops of e-juice at a time, which can last for a few deep puffs.

Best vape gear for Pro-level Vapers

To be honest, nobody can imagine what a vintage vaper would like because they know every inch of the vaping world. Likewise, they would have tried and enjoyed every possible vaping styles and vape setups. For the same fact, it is difficult to come up with a standard vape gear configuration for all vintage vapers. However, here are a few things that most vintage vapers might have in their vape gear.

Atomizers and Pre-built Coils

People who go to a workplace every day might not have the time to build coils themselves. The same is the case for frequent travelers and sports enthusiasts. Such vintage vapers would load their vape gear with multiple atomizers and vape coils that might suit various vape setups.

Vape Coil Building Kit

Coil building kits come with cutting plyers, screwdrivers, Ohm checking devices, and various wires. A complete coil-building kit is essential to enjoy the coil-building activities at leisure.

Mech Mods and Regulated Mods

Regulated mods could be handy when at the workplace or on travel. However, only mechanical mods can fire custom coil builds that have low resistance meant for intense vaping sessions. Also, regulated mods may not be as powerful as a mechanical mod. As already said, mechanical mod users require extensive knowledge of Ohm's law to avoid any uncertainties.

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