4 Vape Heating Coils Found in a Vaporizer

There are all types of vaporizers, and for those that utilize vape coils, there are many options to choose from. The vape coils are responsible for the actual vaping, so they are important. Read further as we break down 4 heating coils found in a portable vaporizer.

by: John Winston | 06/06/16 1:30PM


For those who are new to the vaporizer world and in search of a vape, you will come across a sea of new information; specifically, lots of information about the vaporizer’s heating elements. What are coils and atomizers? How do I know which coil is for me? Will this coil work with my vape?


What is the Vape Coil

A key component of many wax-based or multi-purpose vapes is the atomizer. Also found in E-cigarettes, an atomizer is a small heating capsule –usually located in the middle of the vaporizer, though not always—that serves to vaporize the substance being smoked, so that it can be inhaled. For example, if you’re smoking dry herbs, the atomizer is the thing that heats it up and transforms the substance into that delicious vapor we all know and love.


Usually have several components: the dish, the coil, and occasionally, something wrapped around the coil. There are hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of atomizers. They differ in both look and function.

Take a look at some common coils below:


Pancake Coil:

This is a metal coil that spirals in a tight circle to form a pancake-looking shape. This coil is typically found in an atomizer for use with dry herbs such as the AGO dry herb vaporizer. The chamber that the coil sits in is typically made of ceramic. The pancake coil can also be found in the AGO Jr vape pen which is typically used with wax concentrates.


Wick Coil:

This metal coil is wrapped around a piece of wick. The wick coil is exclusively used with vapes for wax concentrates and liquids. If you are using it for dry herbs you are likely in a MacGyver situation.



3 Ceramic Rod Coil:

Similar to the wick predecessor, the metal coil is wrapped around a ceramic rod. Also exclusively used with wax concentrates, this coil is commonly found on vape pens for wax. Some users prefer the ceramic rod over the wick and they usually cite better taste as a top reason.


4 Quartz Rod Coil

A metal coil is wrapped around a quartz rod similar to the wick and ceramic coils. Many in the vape community find the quartz rod coil to be smoother and better-tasting than the ceramic and wick. The technology is newer and has many proponents.

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