Top 6 Coils for a Micro Vape Pen

The Micro Vape Pen is most popular wax pen on the market today. It can fit in the palm of your hand but has the battery capacity to last all day.

by: Joe C. | 06/01/16 1:30PM


Everything about the Micro has helped contribute to its popularity as a top vape pen for wax pen concentrates. It is easy to use, very discrete and has more coil attachment options than any other vaporizer model. Check out the different attachments below:



Original Micro Vape Wick Coils

The wick coil is the original coil attachment that was included in the Micro Vaporizer kits. A small strip of cotton wick, wrapped in a metal coil serves as the heating element. The coil wrapped wick sits in a ceramic dish that is surrounded by a small metal or ceramic stem.

Ceramic Rod Micro Vape Coils

The ceramic rod was developed as an improvement to the wick coil. The heating element still sits inside a ceramic dish, but the coil wrapped ceramic rod burns the wax more efficiently and produces a better flavor. Users claim that the hit is tastier and more pure versus the wick.

Quartz Rod Micro Coils

To take coil attachments further, a quartz rod was developed after the ceramic rod. This new coil has an improved ceramic, tornado-shaped dish to limit wax concentrate loss. The coil is a similar structure as its wick and ceramic predecessors, but the quartz heats up the fastest, so the outcome is a heating element that gets hotter faster—plus great flavor!

Micro Glass Globe Atomizer

The original glass globe for the Micro Vaporizer was a standard bubble shape vape tank. There are now many other glass forms including double bubbles, skulls, and even teapots. The glass globe component fits over the coil and connects to the coil adapter. The actual coils themselves can vary from wick to ceramic, quartz.


Micro Push-In Herb Coil

The original dry herb coil resembles the wax coil but has an elongated, cylindrical metal stem that holds the herbs. Inside the stem, a pancake style coil sits on the bottom and heats the dry herbs packed in from above. The cap and spring pressures the herbs towards the coil.

Micro Herbal Vape Coils

The original Micro Vapes are considered “push-in” because the coils are attached by pushing them onto the top of the battery. The screw-in style micro was eventually born and it is most popular for use with dry herbs. This coil will only attach to screw-in style Micro Vaporizer batteries—these batteries are the same as the originals, except they utilizes screw-in coil attachments. If you like the Micro Vape pen and would like to use it for dry herbs, this is the way to go.

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