KandyPens Vape Reviews, Help & Instructions

KandyPens Vaporizers

Originally founded in 2014, KandyPens has gone on to develop a diverse and charismatic line of top tier vaporizer products that can handle just about any type of material. Regardless of whether you enjoy vaping dry herbs, concentrates, oils, and e-liquids, KandyPens has a vaporizer just for you! KandyPens first broke onto the vaping scene with the SkyCloud — a 3 in 1 vaporizer capable of vaping dry herbs, concentrates, and oils. Although the idea of a 3 in 1 vaporizer is not considered to be revolutionary by today’s standards, it certainly changed the conversation back in 2014, putting KandyPens on the map so to speak.

Today, KandyPens offers customers and customer service on a wide range of vaporizers to suit their own preferences and lifestyles. These vaporizers range widely in price, from the $50 Rubi to the $350 Oura which is a one of a kind portable e-rig for dabbing tool enthusiasts. Needless to say, KandyPens has an ideal vaporizer for just about anyone. All of KandyPens vape products are sleek, minimal, and designed with portability in mind. In addition, KandyPens has collaborated with major art-ists/entertainers to produce one-of-a-kind vaporizers such as the Amber Rose and A$AP Rocky collections. Indeed, for folks looking to have a more uniquely specialized vaporizer, KandyPens can certainly scratch that itch as well. Another huge plus with KandyPens is their unparalleled customer service and warranties which truly does stand out in comparison to other manufacturers.

Vaporizers Offered by KandyPens

Admittedly, shopping for a KandyPens vaporizer can be a slightly overwhelming experience. As we briefly mentioned in the section above, KandyPens has a range of vaporizers at different price points. On one hand there are KandyPens vapes capable of vaping multiple materials from oils to dry herbs and on the other hand there are units designed specifically to vape e-liquids. So, where does one start? In an effort to make your shopping experience easier we have gone ahead and listed some of our favorite KandyPens products.

KandyPens Rubi

Aesthetically similar to the Juul, the KandyPens Rubi is a highly portable, minimalistic vaporizer capable of vaping both oils and e-liquids. The Rubi utilizes a pod system with a 1ML capacity which is pretty standard in comparison to similar pods. This vape’s pods are entirely leak-proof and have minimal spit back. You will notice that the Rubi lacks a firing button of any kind and in-stead uses air activation — simply take a draw and you are off to the races. While it may appear to be quite simplistic, the Rubi offers users a streamlined vaping experience with ZERO fuss. It is priced competitively at $50 making it great for entry level as well as experienced users.


KandyPens Oura

The KandyPens Oura is a revolutionary e-dab rig that offers users cutting-edge technology with a super sleek design. This is by far one of the most powerful portable e-dab rigs on the market today with it’s 3000mAh battery capable of reaching 1090°F. If you are interested in achieving the most potent experience possible then the Oura is a perfect fit for you! In addition to being extraordinarily powerful, the Oura has a blazingly fast heat-up time of 5 seconds, it is equipped with “Smart Touch” technology, and allows users to have 60 seconds of constant heating to extend their dabbing sessions — making taking multiple hits off of the Oura super easy. Of course, this unrivaled power and technology comes at a price, expect to pay a cool $350 for this e-rig. We recommend this e-rig for dabbing enthusiasts who are unwilling to compromise when it comes to finish and features.

KandyPens Special K

The KandyPens Special K is the definition of sleek functionality with a low-profile. Made in the style of a traditional vape pen, the Special K is capable of vaping both e-liquids and oils making it incredibly versatile. Users can choose between three variable voltage settings which are indicated via an LED light — 3.2V (Red), 3.7V (Green), and 4.2V (Blue). This vaporizer has plenty of power to meet your vaping needs with it’s vape battery. Although this vape comes with a 1ML glass liquid/oil tank, you can also utilize other atomizers since the Special K uses a standard 510 thread. This unit is priced around the $80 mark making it less intimidating for newer users who do not want to spend a fortune.

KandyPens Galaxy

The KandyPens Galaxy offers users a streamlined, smooth vaping experience for all of their favorite concentrates. This vaporizer utilizes a dual quartz rod atomizer with a quartz crystal chamber allowing for robust flavors and instant vaporization. As with the Special K, the Galaxy has three variable temperature settings — 350 °F, 390 °F, 430 °F. Another added touch is the fact that this vape uses a standard 510 thread which allows you to use your own atomizer if you so wish. This vaporizer is perfect for folks looking to take their concentrates on the go with little hassle and a low profile. It is competitively priced $80 or less.

KandyPens Prism

KandyPens’ Prism is another solid offering for vaping your favorite oils and concentrates on the go with little to no hassle. This unit is highly compact and easily fits in one’s pocket making it perfect for a long day on the go. The Prism offers users additional customization by including both a ceramic and dual quartz atomizer with the kit. There are four different temperatures users can cycle through — ranging from 320°F to 430°F. Overall, the Prism is one of the higher quality pen vapes out there with is stainless steel finish and quality components — the higher price point of $100+ reflects that.

KandyPens C-Box

The C-Box by Kandy Pens is a sleek, super compact box mod that is capable of vaping your favorite e-liquids and oils. This vaporizer stands out from the pack with its dual magnetic thread adapters which allows you to fit atomizers of different sizes. The C-Box is powered by a 390mAh battery and offers users variable voltage settings — 2.3V (Blue), 3.0V (Green), 3.6V (Yellow), and 4.2V (Red). Overall, this vape is perfect for users with multiple atomizers who are looking to interchange their components. Of course, the C-Box is an excellent unit for users looking to vape standard e-liquids as well. The price tag here is BEYOND affordable coming in at less than $15.

KandyPens Vaporizer FAQ

We’ll be the first to admit that the shopping experience and set-up process can be a bit daunting when first getting into vaping. To make things a bit easier we have gone ahead and answered some of your most frequently asked questions.

Which KandyPens vape is best?

At the end of the day, the concept of a “best’ vape is practically non-existent since choosing the optimal vape is purely subjective. We recommend you go for a Kandy Pens vaporizer that best suits your own lifestyle and preferences. Are you into dabbing on the go? Then perhaps the KandyPens Oura would be an excellent choice. Or, if you want to improve e-liquid vaping session, then the C-Box would be an ideal choice as well.

How to adjust temperature/wattage settings?

Adjusting temperature/wattage settings will be dependent on the unit. For the most part, changing these settings can be done by pressing the firing button rapidly multiple times sequence. We recommend you consult the instructions included with your KandyPens product for steps on changing these settings.

How to fill a Kandy Pens vape?

The exact steps on filling your KandyPens vape will depend on the vaporizer you choose. For vaporizers that utilize tanks and standard atomizers there usually is a filling slot or removable top for your oils and liquids. On the other other hand, an e-rig like the Oura will have another set of steps in terms of filling.

Is a KandyPens Vaporizer worth it?

Absolutely! At NY Vape Shop we are huge fans of KandyPens products due to their ingenuity, cutting edge tech, and high-quality components. Regardless of the vaporizer you choose, rest assured that it will be able to get the job done with little to no issues. For KandyPens, reliability is the name of the game.

How to charge a KandyPens vape?

All KandyPens products are incredibly easy to charge via Micro USB. You will find the charging port on your vaporizer super easy to find — simply plug and charge.

How to use a KandyPens vape?

The exact steps on how to use your KandyPens vaporizer will be dependent on the exact unit you choose. For example, the method of powering the unit on, screwing on the atomizer, and etc. will be dependent on the vape itself. To ensure you follow the proper usage steps we recommend you consult the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

How to maintain a KandyPens vape?

No specials steps are required to keep your KandyPens vape clean. We recommend you follow standard cleaning practices for all of your KandyPens products — keep the vape clean from any gunk or grime and clean the components regularly. Isopropyl alcohol is one of the best cleaning solutions for your vaporizer.