SMOK Vapes - A Guide for all things SMOK

SMOK Tech Vaporizers

SMOK has been an integral brand in the vaping community for close to twenty years with their diverse line of charismatic, high-quality products. To date, the SMOK company has sold thousands of vaporizers to a wide range of customers, each with their own unique preferences. Since its inception, SMOK has aimed to bring cutting-edge vaporizer technology to customers at affordable price points. This aim is reflected in SMOK’s unique product line which features vape pens, box mods, and specially designed atomizers. Beginners and experienced users alike will be able to find value in SMOK’s vaporizers with their sleek design, portability, and customizable nature. If you are serious about your vaping experience, then SMOK is the perfect brand for you.

Rather than focus on one type of vaporizer, SMOK offers customers vaporizers in multiple sizes with an array of features. From incredibly sleek vape pens to technologically advanced box mods, SMOK has a vaporizer for just about anyone. A hallmark of SMOK’s product line is their emphasis on vapor cloud production with atomizers like the TFV8 Big Baby which are uniquely designed to hold larger quantities of e-liquid and produce voluminous clouds. Needless to say, SMOK has built a solid reputation with vapers who have cloud production as a top priority.

Vaporizers Offered by SMOK

SMOK vaporizers range of different vaporizers ranging from vape pens to box mods at an easily accessible price. You can expect the price of SMOK vapes to vary depending on the vaporizer’s features, design, and type.


The Nord by SMOK is easily one of the best entry-level vaporizers in their product line with its affordability ($30 or less), e-liquid pods, and button trigger. This vaporizer is both sleek and compact making it ideal for pretty much any scenario. Another huge plus with the Nord is its cloud production capabilities — this vaporizer is powered by a single 1100mAh battery and has improved capabilities for vaporizing e-liquids. Read more about improving e-liquid vape sessions here. Overall, the Nord is a fantastic starter vape that seasoned veterans can even get behind. 


Another pen vaporizer, the Novo features an incredibly sleek design with its ‘cobra plated materials’ and small size. The Novo is a fantastic vaporizer for taking on the go due to its compact size and ability to fit in a pocket. A key element of the Novo’s design is its 2ML e-liquid pod capacity reducing the number of refills you will need throughout the day. In comparison to the Nord, the Novo has a smaller battery capacity at 450mAh. That being said, the Novo still has plenty of power to vaporize all of your favorite e-liquids.

SMOK Infinix

SMOK’s Infinix is a pod-based vaporizer in the SMOK lineup that is highly portable and sleek — a common theme with all SMOK products. Compared to other pod-based vaporizers in the SMOK lineup, the Infinix has the weakest battery capacity at 250mAh but can get the job done regardless. The pods featured with this vape pen are easily replaceable and have an e-liquid capacity of 2ml. SMOK’s goal with this vaporizer was to create a super low profile vape that is also user friendly. Instead of a standard firing button this vaporizer instead utilizes an auto-draw system.


SMOK takes the notion of a compact vaporizer to the extreme with the MICO which is by far the smallest vaporizer in the entire SMOK product line. Designed to effortlessly sit in the palm of your hand, the MICO is the definition of a low-profile vape that can be stored virtually anywhere. The MICO is powered by a 750mAh lithium battery that is guaranteed to last you all day long. This vaporizer also uses interchangeable pods with a liquid capacity of 1.7ml. The large capacity is great for late nights when there isn't any vape juice to buy.  A vaporizer like the Mico is ideal for users who want maximum portability with vape juice. 

SMOK Rolo Badge

Equally as small as the MICO, the Rolo Badge appears in the unique shape of a badge that easily fits in the palm of your hand. This is a great vaporizer for people looking to have a little added style to an already incredibly compact unit. The Rolo Badge is powered by a 250mAh lithium battery that is capable of easily vaporizing your chosen e-liquids. You can see all sorts of vape batteries here.

SMOK Stick V8

The SMOK Stick V8 offers all of the convenience of a pen vaporizer but with the added capability of producing massive clouds. This is achieved with an incredibly powerful 3300mAh lithium battery that has all of the power you would ever need to vaporizer e-liquids. Although you can build custom coils with the Stick V8, it comes standard with the TFV8 Big Baby tank which boasts a 5ml liquid capacity. The Stick V8 is a great vaporizer for both newer and experienced users who enjoy larger clouds when they vape. If you want to perform these awesome vape tricks, the V8 is for you!

SMOK Stick Prince

SMOK’s Stick Prince is another incredibly powerful vape pen that is sure to impress cloud chasers specifically and most vapers in general. Backed by a 3300mAh battery, the Stick Prince utilizes the TFV12 Prince tank which has an insane 8ml liquid capacity which is sure to cut down on the number of refills you will need. This vape pen was built to impress with its high power and cloud producing capabilities.

SMOK Alien

An ideal box mod vape for beginners, the SMOK Alien is jam packed with all of the features we come to expect with box mod vaporizers today. Variable temperature control, OLED Display, and a custom build friendly deck are all present here. SMOK has aimed to make changing the Alien’s settings easy and not too overwhelming, especially for newer users. This box mod utilizes a standard 18650 battery and is capable of producing 220W of vaping power which is plenty if you are looking to produce those huge clouds.


SMOK’s Mag is another solid box mod in the company’s product line this is sure to impress all kinds of users. Capable of producing 225W, the Mag comes standard with TFV12 Prince tank with a massive 8ml liquid capacity. This vape mod has been designed with big clouds and big flavor in mind. If you are looking to add a custom atomizer to this mod then you are in luck because the Mag uses a standard 510 thread making it compatible with a A LOT of atomizers.


SMOK’s T-Priv is another essential for those in the market for a solid box mod vape that will not break the bank. Like most SMOK box mods the T-Priv comes standard with variable wattage control, OLED Display, and standard 510 threading making it compatible with most atomizers in case you already have one. Of course, you can easily build your own coils with this box mod as well. This vaporizer is powered with two 18650 batteries capable of producing 220W. An additional feature with the T-Priv is its trigger fire function, much like the SMOK Mag.

SMOK Vaporizer FAQ

Getting started with vaping can definitely be a bit overwhelming if not complicated. This is especially the case with SMOK vaporizers which range greatly in design and features. To make things a bit easier we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding SMOK vaporizers.

Which SMOK vape is best?

Finding the ‘best’ SMOK vaporizer will be entirely dependent on the preferences and budget of each person. SMOK products range in price but remain affordable nonetheless. The biggest factor to take into account is the type of vaporizer. If producing the biggest clouds and having full control over your vaporizer’s settings then a box mod like the T-Priv or Alien would be an ideal choice. For folks looking to avoid the complicated stuff and just want to get vaping then a SMOK vape pen like the Stick V8 or Infinix would be optimal.

How to adjust vape temperature/wattage?

The question of temperature adjustment is directly related to the temperature settings (if applicable) of your SMOK vaporizer. For example, the T-Priv, Mag, and Alien use two buttons to increase/decrease your wattage/temperature. The exact temperature is displayed on each vaporizer’s OLED display. Want help on choosing the right temperature? Read this detailed guide to finding the best temperature for your vaporizer.

How to fill a SMOK vape?

There a lot of different SMOK vaporizers out there, most utilize either a pod or tank. Firstly, the steps for filling up your SMOK vape will depend on the vaporizer you currently have. For the SMOK Mico and other pod-based vaporizers the re-fill process is super simple, just insert your juice into the filling compartment on the pod. SMOK’s larger vape tanks like the TFV8 are easy to re-fill. Simply slide the mouthpiece cap to the side and fill. Have a different vape tank that needs filling? Read this guide on filling your vape pen.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. SMOK’s vapes are high quality, well designed, and deliver when results matter most. Regardless of the vaping experience you are looking for you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product from SMOK. Most, if not all vapes in their catalogue are beginner friendly and relatively straightforward to use — including their box mods which come standard with SMOK tanks. Suffice it to say, SMOK is king when it comes to e-liquid vapes.

How to charge a SMOK vape battery

Read in depth about how to charge a vape pen here. But, The charging method for your SMOK vape will depend on the vaporizer you have. Practically all SMOK vaporizers include a USB charging cable and port. That being said, SMOK box mods that utilize separate 18650 batteries can be charged via USB and with a battery charging station.

How to use a SMOK vaporizer

Learn how to use a vape pen here. But all SMOK vaporizers are intuitively designed to be simple to use. Firstly, make sure your pod or tank is firmly attached to the battery base. Once attached go ahead and fill the pod/tank with your chosen e-liquid. Next, power on the device (the power on process may change depending on your mod). Now that the vaporizer is powered on either press the firing button or trigger and slowly inhale at a consistent rate (excluding auto draw systems).

How to maintain a SMOK vape

Maintaining your SMOK vaporizer will require a little work on the user’s part but not too much. Mainly, keeping the unit clean and free from any e-liquid residue is the best practice. Good maintenance will increase the longevity of your SMOK product.