What is a Vape Trick


A vape trick is performed with the vapors that have been created by a vaporizer of some sort. In general, the user takes a big hit from their device and as they exhale the vapors, they perform tricks as simple as the French Inhale to the more complicated Bull Rings. More often than not, vape tricks are performed with an e cig or box mod device, and the product being vaporized is likely some sort of e juice or e liquid. The more vapor you have the better the tricks can be which is why you'll see this within the ejuice community versus the dry herb and wax cannabis industries.

How to do Vape Tricks

If you're wondering how to do tricks with a vape, first thing, get a box mod vape and equip it with a large 510 thread atomizer for oils and e liquid. Don't expect to perform any great smoke tricks with your dry herb vape pen since its main purpose is to minimize vapor/smoke). So to do vape tricks, you'll need to know how to operate box mods in terms of the wattage and power output. Bod mods are not complicated, but like anything new, there are things to learn and adapt to. Remember, not all atomizers are the same and too much power from the box mod can burn out the atomizer or coil. So be careful when doing even the easy vape tricks!

Once you know what you are doing and have the mod vape in hand equipped with a full tank, it is time to start vaping and performing those cool vapor tricks! Every single trick has one thing in common which is where it starts - and that starting point would be the big inhale to gather as much vapor as possible. Some tricks like the ghost vape trick involve various levels of blowing and puffing. The really cool tricks involve hand motions to get the vapors to spin or move in certain ways. The basic level stuff, like how to blow os, can be learned very quickly, for most people at least. There are so many tricks to do with a vape, so get to learning!

Read our vape trick tutorial below. We offer easy to understand information and guidance on vape tricks for beginners and experts alike.

Vape Tricks for Beginners

Ghost Inhale

This may be one of the best vape tricks for beginners. Also known as the French Inhale Ghost, this cool vape trick is easy. Just take a big pull from your vape mod and instead of rapidly blowing out, open your mouth wide and very lightly blow the vapors until it creeps out a couple of inches into a small, thick ghost looking cloud. Once the 'ghost' has peaked outside enough, quickly pull it right back in. This trick is one you may already perform on a daily basis without even knowing it - like when you take a long, hard drag, intently staring off into the distance.

The Dragon

The point is to look like a dragon blowing smoke, but you are a human blowing thick vapor and do not forget that. To perfom this cool vape trick, take a big puff as usual, and as you blow the smoke out, your mouth should be more or less in the smile position, a smile without the teeth. The smile should be somewhat loose so that vapors can escape through the sides of the mouth - to make this work, the center of the top and bottom lips need to be making contact so that you can achieve to big streams of vapor. If executed properly, the vapors will shoot out the sides of your mouth in two separate paths, just like a dragon.

Modified Dragon

Vaping tricks are always evolving. The Modified Dragon vape trick is essentially an add on to an already existing trick. To perform this one, just smile like you would for the original Dragon, but as you blow out of your mouth, also blow out of the nose - if performed properly, there will be 4 separate smoke streams flowing at once - since there 4 streams the show will not last as long as the original Dragon, but it looks cool, and again, the more vapor the better and longer the show will last.

French Inhale

We can say this is one of the vape tricks for beginners. Just like french fries, the french inhale has been around for a long time, similar to the Ghost Inhale, but that name grew out of the vape industry and the French Inhale has been well known for a long time now. After taking a big rip from the mod, open wide and let the vapors slowly creep out of your mouth - you want a small, thick, concentrated smoke cloud similar to the Ghost, except do not re-inhale via the mouth but instead, as the vapors spill out of the mouth, inhale through the nostrils. If executed properly you will look pretty cool as the vapors billow out and re-enter.

Vape Bend

Like the modified dragon, this vapor trick is sort of an add-on to other tricks. The vape bend is most popularly seen with the blowing of 'Os'. After you puff out a fat, juicy O, follow up behind it with your hand to give it a little push. But do not push too fast and do not touch the O or it will break apart. The idea of the vape bend is to literally bend the vapor formations so that they change shape and move around through the air at your command. Blowing Os is great for vapor bending but you can essentially bend even the normal clouds of vapour. As you move your hand, the various motions will create wind and resistance which in turn impact the movement and appearance of the vapours.

Cool Tricks

Vapor Bubble

At the core of this vape trick, you are vaping and exhaling into a bubble. As the bubble forms, the vapor will float on the interior, resulting in fog-filled bubbles floating around. Clearly this takes planning because unless you have a child, you likely do not have bubbles laying around, but at least you do not have to wait for anything to freeze like the Waterfall trick. If you want to blow a big bubble you need a big wand, but you can also improvise and pull a McGyver with the cardboard roll that comes on the inside of paper towels or even toilet paper, but that can be a little gross. Anyways, just dipped the one end into the bubbles like you would with a wand, and after taking a huge hit from the box mod vape, exhale through the tube and out into the bubble which will form and appear milky white.

Tornado Vapor

With this cool vape trick you will need the cardboard roll that comes on the inside of a paper towel or tin foil roll. With the tube in hand, vape your favorite e-juice and slowly exhale the tasty vapors through the tube - make sure to have the opposite, open end of the tube just touching the surface of the table or desk, wherever the tornado will be based from. As the vapors are gently pushed through the tube and onto the table, they will slowly expand across the table top. Now that is the easier part - the next step will be the hand motion that creates the actual tornado funnel. Whether righty or lefty, just make sure to face the palm of your hand towards the vapours, as if you were about to give a hand shake, but keep your fingers together so that you can create wind with your hand. With your hand positioned properly, you can now make the motion to create a vapor funnel. Just move it in a way that is similar to brushing the dust off the cover of a book or when you tell your friend to keep backing up because there is about a mile between them and the other car. If you perfect this vape pen trick then as you wave your hand, a cylindrical funnel with form and rise from the pool of vapour sitting on the table top.

The Irish Waterfall

This is one of the really cool tricks to do with a vape, but to get it done there is some prep work that needs to go on. Before vaping can begin, fill a water bottle with about 1/4 inch of water or a little less, and then put it into the freezer to freeze. Once that freezes you can begin, and as usual, power up that box mod and start to take a big pull to gether a bunch of vapors. Once a solid hit has been taken, instead of blowing into the air randomly, gently exhale the cloud of smoke into the water bottle. As soon as the exhale has been completed, bring the bottle out in front and start to pour it out as if you were pouring water onto the table in front of you. As the vapor is blown into the bottle, it attaches to the water molecules at the bottom, and in turn creating a heavier, more concentrated vapor cloud that is water like, but it is not water. If done properly this looks really cool and the pour will resemble a mystical looking waterfall - we like this one a lot, imagine using a really huge bottle!

Vaping Tricks for the Experienced

The Bull Ring

If you're wondering how to do vape tricks for beginners, the Bull Ring is on the beginner tricks list. But, in order to complete this cool trick with a vape, you have to be capable of blowing Os. Once the e-liquids are vaporized and you can begin to blow Os, you can then become a bull - simply bring your nose to the surface of a recently blown O and inhale a little bit. If you are doing this correctly the O will resemble a ring that goes from one nostril to the next, just like a bull, but your ring will be a vapor ring that will dissipate quickly.

Blowing Os or Vape Rings

How to blow o's is one of the first things people usually learn. It's an easy vape trick for beginners. Blowing the O smoke rings is a core part of vaping and there are many things to do with blown rings. Many vape pen tricks start out with blowing an O smoke ring for the purpose of manipulating it in a way. So this is one of the basic, cool tricks with a vape you should get down pat. If you know how to do this easy vape trick well, you can advance to other tricks in the book.

Mushroom Cloud

Also known as ‘The Cloud’, this is a very popular trick and is certainly on the “easy” end of things as vaping tricks go. The idea of this easy vape trick is to release a ball of vapor and then snap it back in toward you. It has a very cool visual appeal and it is also easy to master. All you need to do here is take a deep drag of vapor and then let it linger a bit in your mouth. No more than a few seconds is needed, and then you can proceed to exhale that vapor in a ball, and subsequently inhale it again