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Domeless Nail for dab rigs - Titanium Male

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Top quality domeless male nail fits most dab rigs and works best with 14mm and 19mm female stems. This titanium nail is very durable and will last more dab sessions than you can handle.

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  • Product Details

    Domeless Nail Listing Includes

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    • 1 Male titanium domeless nail

    Domeless Nail Details

    • Male Nail - fits 14mm and 19mm female
    • Height - 1-7/8 inches tall
    • Dab plate diameter - 0.75 inches
    • Dab hole diameter - 6mm
    • Top Attribute - Dab plate can unscrew from the top of the nail for easy access and cleaning

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    • User Manual

      Am I choosing the right nail? If you are completely new to dabbing with domeless nails in general, just know that you can always reach out to us for help about any questions you may have. But for those novice dabbers and beyond you know what to do, but there are still choices to be made when shopping for a new piece to bless the dab rig with. We have highlighted some of those choices that have to be made and your answers will help determine which nail is best for you. Choice One - Choose the nail that will fit your dab rig Domeless nails come in different sizes, shapes and functionality so always make sure to pay attention to that detail. The nail in this listing is considered a male and it will fit best in a female stem size from 14mm to 19mm. Anything smaller than fourteen and it will not fit. This might be the most important choice because a nail that does not fit is as good as a paper weight. Choice Two - Pick between 3 different dab nail materials Titanium nails are the most popular and have been around the longest. They are the most durable and get the job done well. Ceramic is another choice that is less costly but not has durable. It can crack over time or if dropped, but it will retain the heat longer and naturally creates a more ideal temperature setting to vaporize wax. Quartz is most popular for the purity of taste when dabbing your concentrates. The quartz is also less costly than titanium but it is far more delicate. The answer to this choice is weighted towards a users preference.