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Male Titanium Domeless Nail

This 10mm domeless titanium nail can be used dab rigs and has a near indestructible design. Just heat, apply wax and dab away. Simply unscrew the male nail at the middle to separate it into two pieces for easy cleaning.

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  • Product Details

    Domeless Nail Listing Includes

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    • Titanium Domeless Nail

    Domeless Nail Details

    • Male Nail Fits - 10mm female stems
    • Height - 2.25 inches tall
    • Dab hole diameter - 6mm
    • Cool Attribute - Unscrews in the middle for easy cleaning

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    • User Manual

      Why buy this domeless nail

      The domeless nail became popular with the rise of wax concentrates. Wax cannot be smoked in a pipe or solely rolled in papers. It needs to be heated at a very high heat and will vaporize very quickly. Vape pens are a very popular way to consume concentrates but if you are a fan of true dabbing, then you need a domeless nail, and a dab rig of course. The nail is like the bowl piece that you will typically find on a water pipe or bong except herbs are packed before heating and wax is only applied after the nail has been scorched by high heat, typically with a butane torch. Once the nail gets super hot, a small ball of wax is dabbed on to the hot surface and vapor is immediately produced. If this is what you are looking for, then this male domeless nail is for you.