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Ceramic Carb Cap with Dabber

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The Carb Cap Dabber is a useful tool that allows you to easily handle wax then quickly cap a domeless nail. Enjoy an optimal temperature for dabbing plus thick, flavorful vapors.

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  • Product Details

    Ceramic Carb Cap Dabber Includes

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    • Ceramic Carb Cap

    Carb Cap Specifications

    • Designed and built with the carb cap and dabber in one, easy to use dab tool
    • Fits - any nail
    • Material - High Quality Ceramic
    • Length - 3 inches
    • Diameter -1 inch
    • To be used with domeless nails and dab rigs

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  • User Manual

    How to Use a Carb Cap

    The dabber tool is used to scoop and apply wax to the top of a domeless nail and the Carb Cap end is used to cover the top surface to maximize the vapor produced. Simply pick up a small ball of wax with the dabber and place it onto the hot surface of a nail, then quickly flip back to the carb cap side and cover the nail top. Continue taking hits and adjust the cab up and down to adjust the vapor flow until the wax is gone.

    Why use the Carb Cap

    In short, more vapor, tastier dab hits and optimal dabbing. The point of the carb cap is to create a lower, ideal temperature environment that allows you to get the most out of your dabs. Dabbing with domeless nails is usually done at a very high heat and sometimes too high to the point where the wax is combusting and the flavors are distorted. When applied, the cap will retain heat and vaporize the wax oils at a lower temperature to produce the best environment for true dabbing. In addition an airflow hole within the carb cab draws in a vortex of air that will help spread wax oils across the top of the domeless nail, which again helps optimize the whole experience.

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